Marvel Super Extraction ch 10

Chapter 10: Conference in Afganistan!!!
    When the blonde girl left, he followed Tony Stark. Tony looked at Jiang Yuan with great seriousness and dignity. “What happened to you, how can you have so much blood in your body.”
    “I killed someone.”
    Jiang Yuan sit down to the sofa opposite Tony Stark and replied to Tony Stark.
    “What, killed! Man, today is not April Fool’s Day, are sure you haven’t fooled me??” Tony Stark squinted at Jiangyuan.
    “Well, I didn’t lie to you, I did kill.” Jiang Yuan frowned, thinking of the situation just like Jiang Yuan, this will still be somewhat uncomfortable, although in the end he killed all the gangster. When he decided to go to Afghanistan with Tony Stark, he already had preparations for murder. But this murder was too abrupt for Jiang Yuan. He didn’t think of it at first.
    “How can this be the case? What is the matter? Tell me about the specific situation. In addition, where is the incident happen, how can you not call me at the first time after the accident? This must be the first time after the incident. This is to contact the Pepper, let her arrange for the aftermath.” Tony Stark said to Jiang Yuan, and then he said to the room, “Jarvis, contact Potts.”
    “Yes, sir.” Jarvis replied.
    “Things happened outside the scrap factory that she bought for me today. When I went outside the waste factory, I met a group of gangsters. They started to fight me, and then I killed them.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Hey man, Are you sure that you are not fooling me and not making a story? You say a group of gangster? You don’t blame me for doubting you, though, um, you often exercise but fighting ability is not worthy. If you meet a group of a gangster, how can you kill them unless… you take some of Stark Industries’ weapons.” Tony Stark stunned and have some suspicion on his face.
    “I have a good fighting ability, and your eyes are hurt me.” Jiang Yuan.
    “That is a sneak attack.” Tony Stark was speechless.
    “But that’s the way it is…” Jiang Yuan shrugged.
    “Well, If I knew you would kill people when you go out, I would have stopped you from going out. But, don’t worry about anything. You go to the building to take a shower and have a good sleep. Wait for Potts to come. I will let her handle this kind of thing properly in the first time, and will not let the FBI come to you for trouble.” Tony Stark said.
    “Yeah.” Jiang Yuan responded, then got up and left the hall. After Jiangyuan left. Potts came to the hall and asked Tony Stark what to order.
    Tony Stark told her everything and immediately let Potts send people to deal with what Jiang Yuan said.
    When Potts listened to Tony Stark’s words, she was quite surprised, but although she was surprised, Pott’s reaction was quite fast, and she followed the instructions of Tony Stark to go after the explanation.
    As an assistant to Tony Stark and a role as a secretary, Pott’s ability is unquestionable. She is very clear about how to deal with things like this.
    As Jiang Yuan thinks, although killing is a big thing for ordinary American citizens, it is not something that cannot be settled for the Stark family, let alone what Jiang Yuan said. Things are real, then this can be fully characterized as a legitimate defence.
    As for whether Jiangyuan will lie on such a thing, both Poz and Tony Stark believe that Jiangyuan will not lie.
    Ten minutes later.
    Tony Stark looked at the replies from Pott and looked at the second floor of the villa with a gaze.
    According to Pott’s reply, there was a group of a gangster who died in the place outside the abandoned factory purchased by Jiangyuan.
    In addition to the reply, Pott also sent a live photo to Tony Stark, seeing the flesh and blood on the scene, and the obvious traces of the explosion. Tony Stark was quite curious about how Jiangyuan do that.
    At this time, the younger brother who was always read books has changed the impression of Tony Stark suddenly he became mysterious.
    Judging from the traces of the scene, Jiang Yuan hid something but although some things were hidden, Tony Stark was not prepared to ask Jiang Yuan about this.
    Under the handling of the Pepper Pott, these things are naturally quite perfectly solved.
    No one come to Jiangyuan from start to finish.
    Let Jiang Yuan take a shower, and after eating, he suddenly fell asleep.
    The next day!
    Jiangyuan was still asleep, and he was suddenly woken up by Pott, not only was he was woken up, but also Tony Stark.
    The reason for this is because today they have to fly to Afghanistan to conduct a weapons presentation.
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