Marvel Super Extraction ch 11

Chapter 11: Armed Guards!!!
    “Tony, Master Jiangyuan, you should be a little faster, the plane is already waiting.”
     After seeing Jiangyuan and Tony Stark got up and washed their faces slowly, and the Pepper Potts couldn’t help it but to urged the two.
    According to the plan, she had to wake up Tony Stark and Jiangyuan more than an hour ago but they both slept very well, and she knew that if she didn’t wake them up, they wouldn’t wake up.
    But now the time is already tight, and the two are not going to be faster so they will have to miss the agreed time.
    “What is urgency, they ask us to buy our weapons, its not the other way around. Let’s go.” Jiang Yuan said while washing his face.
    “Hey, Jiangyuan, although you have never been to participate in our Stark industry activities but I have to say that you are not wrong at all.” Tony Stark came over from the side and said, while finishing his clothes, he smiled and said.
    “…” Pepper Pott was speechless.
    “Tony, this time we went to Afghanistan, did you get any bodyguards, and the private guards following you?” Jiang Yuan suddenly said to Tony Stark.
    “What kind of bodyguard, private guard, don’t you think that such a person will be very annoying? In addition, this time there is James, Colonel Rhodey will accompany us, and when we arrive, we will go to the military camp in Afghanistan. Together, there is no danger at all. Under such circumstances, there will nothing to fear.” Tony Stark looked at Jiangyuan silently.
    “The words are so but there is not always a terrorist in the place in Afghanistan. Who knows if we will be attacked by those people after we have passed, no matter what you say, we are all the largest One of the arms manufacturers in USA. If those people attack us, they will get a huge benefit right.” Jiang Yuandao.
    “You are right in this case, but don’t worry, there will be no problem. This is just a very ordinary press conference in daily work. The Afghan military will not let them harm us. “Tony Stark.
    “Of course we will not have an accident in the Afghan military, but if we trade the weapons with the Afghan military, we will have an accident in the process of leaving.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Jiangyuan, how could I not know that you are so afraid of death.” Tony Stark said.
    “Yes, I am afraid, you know that I was attacked last night, and now I am very sensitive to everything.” Therefore, I strongly urge that this trip to Afghanistan must bring professional bodyguards. The team must be good. In addition, we have a lot of portable attack weapons in Stark Industries. Let carry them also. If I don’t have any weapons, I don’t feel at ease, and apart from us, I strongly demand the bodyguards. Also, have to be fully armed.” Jiang Yuandao.
    “Ahhh… Jiangyuan, you were attacked yesterday.” I know, but this arrangement is too exaggerated.” Tony Stark looked at Jiangyuan with wide eyes.
    “What exaggeration is there, and some other arms dealers, rich people are not all arranged in this way, and as far as the Obadiah Stane guy is concerned, when that guy travels, he has many bodyguards. I am also a 10% shareholder in Stark Industries. I want to get some bodyguards. It doesn’t seem to be too much with my identity.” Jiang Yuandao.
    “This… well, I said but you, if you want it, then you have it but Jiang Yuan, don’t you think this is very shameful? I have participated in many conferences before, but I have never done it before, so my prestige will damage.” Tony Stark said.
    “Fuck you, Tony, I seriously doubt how you lived till now. Fortunately, I used to be very low-key. I don’t go out very much. People from outside are basically not concerned about me. Otherwise, I am as high-profile as you are, without a bodyguard. I already have been killed by people.” Jiang Yuan looked at Tony Stark.
    “Tony, I think Jiangyuan’s words are correct. You really have to get some bodyguards. The guards walk with you. I believe in James Rhodey but currently, you are going to another country. The native country, naturally, there are not many people who dare to attack to you, because the FBI has been closely watching your situation and doing various secret protections for you, but other countries you should take precautions.” Pepper Potts said.
    “Okay, okay, just follow what Jiang Yuan said.” Tony Stark shook his head and followed, let Pott arrange it, and also let Pott give him arrange some burgers to eat on the plane.
    Under such circumstances, Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark came to airport. There was already a private plane parked here. At the same time, James, wearing a military uniform, waiting for Jiang Yuan and others.
    Unlike the story, Tony Stark went with James and Colonel Roddy in the Jeep. Now, not only does Jiangyuan not say more but there are also 16 armed Guards.
    These sixteen black-shirted men look ordinary, but they have undergone rigorous training.
    It was also when Jiang Yuan and others arrived at the airport.
    Stark Industries, Obadiah Stane’s office.
    Obadiah Stane got the news that Jiangyuan and Tony Stark has gone to Afghanistan.
    “Very good, I was only prepared to take Tony alone. I didn’t expect this Jiangyuan to follow. Jiangyuan, although this guy doesn’t appear in the meeting but in any case, he is Howard’s old guy Son, with 10% of the shares, since he went together, even if he is just a useless waste guy, you don’t have to come back.” Obadiah Stane smiled coldly, then used the mail for an action command.
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