Marvel Super Extraction ch 12

Chapter 012 caught a spider
    “Oh, good morning, my dearest Air Force Colonel.” Seeing James Rhodey, Tony Stark greeted while eating a burger.
    “Tony, if you can come early, It will be better.” James Rhodey glanced at Tony Stark silently, although he was used to Tony Stark habit about being late, but this morning he is for more than two hours in the cabin, which is still quite rude.
    “Hey, next time I try to come early.” Tony Stark said with a smile.
    “James, you don’t care about Tony. He likes to come late. He can’t change it.” Jiang Yuan stepped forward and said to James Rodi, saying that he was going to the plane.
    “It’s not like I am the reason for late today. It is because you have to arrange for bodyguards and weapons, we are late?” Tony Stark retort to Jiangyuan.
    “Even if I don’t let the bodyguards arrange, you will still be late, and I let the arrangement of bodyguards is a very normal arrangement.” Jiang Yuan said with the smile.
    “You guy…” Tony Stark shook his head in silence and then stopped talking.
    “Tony, actually, I feel that Jiangyuan is right. It’s a very correct arrangement to get some bodyguards. I used to say about it before, but you haven’t listened to me. This time it’s normal, though most of time in all your meetings, I will go with you. But you also know that I only a single person, once you encounter any sudden danger, I can not absolutely protect you.” James Rhodey said.
    “I believe in you.” Tony Stark patted James Rhodey’s shoulder with his hand and then walked into the cabin with him. As for the Pepper Potts, she had to stay in the country for Tony Stark and to handle some things.
    The plane safely reached a military airport in Afghanistan.
    When they arrived here, there were already a lot of Afghan military personnel waiting for them.
    The big man with a lieutenant rank came.
    After seeing Jiang Yuan and others coming down from the plane, they immediately responded enthusiastically, shaking hands with Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan.
    As for the black men who came down with Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark, naturally they did not get such a privilege.
    After all, these people are bodyguards.
    Half an hour later, in a mountain range of arms test, Tony Stark was wearing a black suit, with sunglasses, facing away from the mountains, smiling and standing in the military uniforms standing in front of him. Introducing the weapons displayed this time.
    “It’s horrifying, it’s still powerful.”
    “When you can do both.”
    “With this conviction, I like you to present the top products of our Stark Industrial Freedom series.”
    “This is the first A set of missile systems that combines our exclusive impact technology.”
    “People say the best weapons don’t need to be fired.”
    “I don’t agree.”
    “I think the best weapon is a weapon that is enough to fire.
    “My father did this, the United States did, but it is not correct at the moment…
    “Let’s find a reason to launch one.” “I think the mice were shocked and no longer dare to come out.”
    Tony Star said as he hooked his hand to a missile device not far from him. As he did, he immediately saw the missile rocket device, was manipulated, and then aimed at the far behind Tony Stark. At the mountain.
    Immediately after push of a button, a missile was launched and went out. After the launch, it was seen that the missile quickly disintegrated and then turned into a large number of small missiles and slammed toward the mountains.
    The deafening sound came and with the sound of the explosion, the horrible waves swept up and swept toward Tony Stark.
    “For reference only to the Jericho missile…”
    When the turbulence swept through, Tony Stark stretched out the right hand and slowly lifted it upwards.
    It is more dazzling to install a forced gas field.
    The air wave soon ended. When it was over, Tony Stark smiled and walked to the position of an alloy box not far away, opened the box, and immediately saw the ice wine scent.
    Looking at it, I saw frozen wine in it, and a lot of wine glasses.
    “If the transaction reaches more than 500 million, send a bottle of wine, this cup, respect peace…” Tony Stark picked up two glasses from the box, gave a cup to Jiang Yuan around him, then raised his hand and drunk the wine.
    Although Jiang Yuan felt that Tony Stark’s introduction of weapons was very compelling, he had to admit that such Tony Stark was quite attractive.
    After the introduction of the weapons, Tony Stark was prepared to leave the shooting range with Jiang Yuan and others in a military vehicle.
    In the process of preparing to leave, Tony Stark proposed that he should sit alone in the military vehicle. Jiang Yuan was the first to negate the proposal of Tony Stark, and then sat in the car with Tony Stark.
    “Hey, how about buddy, come out and participate in the weapons introduction will be good, if not you are not willing to explain, just the scene of the armed force is carried out by you, how is the situation better than your home otaku? Too much.” After getting on the jeep with Jiang Yuan, Tony Stark smiled and said to Jiang Yuan.
    “I don’t think there is anything good.” Jiang Yuan glanced at Tony Stark. At this time, the spirit was highly hit, because he knew that the next time he went back, he would be attacked by terrorists. His body is obviously tight.
    “How do I think you are very nervous? I said Jiang Yuan. Since you just entered the military camp, I feel that you are weird. It seems that something is going to happen. Please don’t be nervous.
    This weapon introduction meeting It’s over and it’s not that you didn’t let me go up.
    Actually, this kind of scene is really trivial. As a Stark family, as a person who holds 10% of Stark’s industry, you should adapt to this. After all, you have to stand in front of the stage sooner or later.” Tony Stark saw Jiang Yuan’s body tight, and suddenly smiled and appease Jiang Yuan.
    “Okay, I am not nervous about the press conference. I really think that there are always some bad things to happen. Tony will wait for you to be careful, don’t run around.” Jiang Yuan took a look at Tony Stark. The gaze was to scan the surrounding situation through the window, while the left hand quietly held a small bottle inside the pocket.
    There is a spider inside.
    It was Jiang Yuan who get this when Tony Stark explained the weapon.
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