Marvel Super Extraction ch 13

Chapter 13: extracting spider ability, enhanced version of Spider-Man!
    According to 9527, there is a thousand bio-energy he have right now that can extract the genes of other creatures again. He spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a waste factory, and at the same time, under the money mammoth, it is still the shortest. Time has gotten a lot of cockroaches, and the number was over two million.
    So when he actually came out of the warehouse, the bio-energy had already exceeded one thousand, and there were more than 2,700. In addition, if he did not have to ask for the shortest time, he does not have to spend so much.
    Later, he killed ten gangster and gained another thousand bio-energy.
    So his total bio-energy has more than 3,700.
    9252 does not a lie to him. He can extract three other creatures genes.
    At that time, if it was not for killing people, he would not be able to adapt to a certain degree. He would have to extract the ability that night, instead of waiting until now.
    However, when he accidentally killed someone, he really didn’t feel like he didn’t do it.
    Of course, although he does not have the ability to extract, he also considers what kind of genetic ability to extract next.
    At that time, he fought with the ten gangster.
    But that war also made Jiang Yuan clearly feel his own shortcomings.
    His fighting ability is not good and he must be trained.
    In addition, his response is not fast enough.
    If he responded quickly enough, he would not have take a chain attack from gangster.
    Fortunately, those guys at that time have only the chain, the stick or something, otherwise if he was attacked at the time, it was not the chain but the gun.
    Then even if he is not dead, he will definitely be hit hard.
    In this case, it is naturally impossible for Jiang Yuan to consider whether to extract the genetic ability of life-saving.
    The well-known life is still quite long.
    Even if it is cut off, it is a few pieces of the body that can live, and can still be reproduced to some extent.
    However, although the body can be cut off and can be regenerated to a certain extent, the regeneration of cockroaches is extremely limited. It is not 100% successful. There is also a so-called ‘heart’, once the ‘heart’ smashed, it will not be able to regenerate.
    All in all, there is some regenerative capacity, but it is not strong enough.
    Or a lizard.
    The lizard’s tail can be reborn and have regenerative genes.
    And according to Dr. Lizard in Marvel known by Jiang Yuan, he specialized in this and successfully developed his own arm, but Dr. Lizard failed to deal with the drawbacks of genetic agents, thus making himself a beast and became mad.
    However, although these capabilities are needed by Jiang Yuan, he is still ready to extract the reaction capacity after certain considerations.
    Among the responsiveness, he naturally considered the spider for the first time.
    After all, there is an example of Spider-Man.
    After Spider-Man was bitten by a spider, it mutated, but the energy was quite good, and he can escape bullets easily.
    Since Peter Parker can be so powerful, Jiang Yuan naturally does not think that he can not be like him.
    So he catch the spider and prepare to extract the spider genes.
    “9527, randomly extract spider genes.” Jiang Yuan’s thoughts quickly turn around, and then he secretly commands the 9527.
    “Yes, the host.” The sound of the mechanical movement of system sang in Jiangyuan’s mind.
    “A thousand bio-energy starts to be deducted.”
    “Genes begin to be randomly extracted.”
    “Random extraction of spider bio-static genes, whether the host is fused.”
    The mechanical sound of the 9527 does not stop in Jiangyuan’s mind.
    “Hey, bio-static? Is the so-called climbing ability of Spider-Man?” Jiangyuan brows up, although this ability is good, but what he needs at this time is not to climb, but since it is extracted, naturally it is still to be fused but before the integration, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but say to the 9527: “I will not suffer again in this fusion.”
    “Reassure the host, this time there will be no pain, the reason why the host pain for the first time is to improve the body, in order to adapt to the subsequent gene fusion.”
    “That is to say, I don’t have any side effects with any other genes.” Jiang Yuan’s eyes are bright.
    “Yes, the host.”
    “Good, then give me integration.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Okay.” 9527 said, he followed Jiang Yuan and suddenly discovered that his body must have changed something. Then he obviously found that he could put the static electricity on the body. If he wanted to have a thought, he would be able to Carry out a variety of climbing or something.
    “Very good, continue to give me the spider gene.” Jiang Yuan secretly felt the genetic ability, followed by the 9527.
    “After deducting a thousand bio-energy.”
    “Genes begin to be randomly extracted.”
    “Random extraction of spiders agility, whether the host is fused, and friendly suggestion that these genes can increase host agility, and the response is exactly what the host wants. “
    The sound of a series of mechanical sounds of 9527 sounded again in Jiangyuan’s mind. It is a joy to follow Jiangyuan’s face.”
    It was finally extracted.
    “It immediately merged with me.” Jiang Yuan secretly ordered without hesitation.
    Then Jiang Yuan’s body trembled, and a strange energy rushed into his body, and his body transformed again. This transformation is not painful, not only without pain but also Let Jiang Yuan be very comfortable, from the bondage in the bones.
    He can clearly feel that his genetic level has improved.
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  1. doereh

    0.1 bio energy per ant and it said there was about 2 million insect and cockroach are bigger than ants so I assume it gives more bio energy, if he killed those he should have atleast more than 100K bio energy even if cockroach gives less, so how does he only have around 3,700


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