Marvel Super Extraction ch 14

Chapter 14: Terrorist attack.
    Even when he perceives that his own genes have improved, Jiang Yuan clearly has an ability. At this time, he can use the air vibration to acquire information like a spider, perceive everything around him, and avoid danger in advance.
    “Good, now if I make the cobweb launcher made by Peter Parker, I can definitely be an enhanced version of Spider-Man.” While silently feeling the changes in his body, Jiang Yuan have this idea.
    According to his knowledge of Spider-Man’s initial ability, it is spider-sensing, electrostatic climbing, and fifteen times the power of normal human.
    Now Jiangyuan has a spider-sensing, bio-static, and in terms of strength, even if he can’t play four hundred times more power now, but he is stronger than fifteen times, so if he gets a cobweb launcher. Whatever it is, naturally he can be regarded as an enhanced version of Spider-Man.
    In his memory, the Osborne Group has specialized in a special kind of spider silk. As long as the spider silk is synthesized in an special instruments, a spider web launcher can be made.
    As long as the spider silk is obtained, the transmitter can not be produced by Jiangyuan but it can also be made by his brother Tony Stark.
    But in addition to making a spider web launcher, there is actually another option, which is to extract the silking ability of the spider.
    Of course, Jiang Yuan is not interested in this, so he is not ready to extract temporarily or look at the situation in the future.
    “Three thousand seven hundred bio-energy, only one thousand seven hundred points of bio-energy is left, so that the last extraction can be done with the same energy points. However, for the time being, I am not interested in extracting other genes, so this one thousand energy is reserved first, and it will not be used in the battle.” After Jiang Yuan’s thoughts turned quickly, he continued to choose to extract genes, but used the ability to perceive the surrounding situation.
    Under such circumstances, after ten minutes, Jiang Yuan’s light suddenly slammed, followed by a quick escape from the pocket of a call headset placed on his ear, and then said: “Everyone pays attention and prepares to fight. ”
    Jiang Yuan’s order made the next Tony Stark slammed.
    “Battle, what battle?” Tony Stark is quite aggressive. He really doesn’t know what Jiangyuan is doing.
    As for the call headset, it was prepared by Jiang Yuan from the very beginning.
    Every black man has a headset on his ear.
    Although Tony Stark didn’t understand what it was, he was sitting in a military vehicle with Jiang Yuan, and the black man who was driving the car and the black man who was driving the first officer was the first time to concentrate on it. Even the black man who saw the co-pilot quickly took out a submachine gun from under the clothes. At the same time, the black man on the military vehicle in the front lane was even more quickly pulled out of the box and assembled at an extremely fast speed. Sniper rifle, rocket launcher or something.
    At the request of Jiang Yuan, the 16 black men were absolutely armed, and each of them wore bulletproof vests under the clothes, not even these people, even Jiangyuan had Wear, Tony Stark does not want to wear, but also has to waer the equipment at the request of Jiang Yuan.
    “At eleven o’clock, there was an attack, and the shell attacked.”
    Jiang Yuan did not answer Tony Stark at all, but after the car opened again, the pupil violently contracted, and then used the communicator to loudly warn. .
    “I said Jiang Yuan, what are you doing here?”
    Tony Stark heard such an order, again speechless, could not help but say it again, but when he said this, he subconscious look away from the window. Looked over, followed his pupil contraction, cursing and screaming: “Fuckkkk.”
    Because when he looked away from the window, he saw a shell bombarded at the position of the car.
    When Tony Stark saw the shell attack, the driver saw this under the warning of Jiang Yuan, slammed the steering wheel and evaded the attack of the shell.
    Then the deafening explosion sounded, and the shells were bombarded in a position that the car had just avoided.
    However, despite the attack of a shell, the attack did not stop, but a constant attack.
    “Use the mountain stone to cover, the car target is too big.”
    Jiang Yuan looked at the car constantly bombed, suddenly ordered, almost when his words fell, Tony Stark opened the door for the first time to going out, because he obviously saw that there were shells bombarded, and this time he would not jump, he would inevitably be hit.
    When Tony Stark jumped out, Jiang Yuan also jumped out with Tony Stark. In addition, the black men in the car did not hesitate and jumped.
    Just after a jump, they saw the car being blown up.
    After Tony Stark jumped from the car and hiding on a rocky side, he was quite speechless. First, he took a look at Jiangyuan with a complicated look. Then he took out his mobile phone and took a photo of himself than the scissors.
    Although the situation at this time is dangerous, but this situation is just taken, and he take a photo for social media.
    When Tony Stark took a photo, Tony Stark’s eyes followed it again, because he suddenly found that there was a bomb in the distance not far from the ground.
    He don’t want to think about it, Tony Stark is ready to go forward and throw the bomb away.
    However, when he was preparing for action, Jiang Yuan took a look at Tony Stark and went out to the side.
    Just as soon as he went out, the bomb exploded and suddenly, the stone fluttered and the dust flew.
    “Thank you Jiangyuan, you saved my life.” Tony Stark saw the explosion of the bomb, and thanked Jiang Yuan from his heart.
    “If you stupid brother is dead, who will give me money.” Jiang Yuan did not breathe a sigh of Tony Stark: “And, I really don’t know if you should say that you are big, or should you say other What is so dangerous, you still have to think about it, take it, you can shoot it, you are still better than the scissors, can you not be more than scissors? You don’t think the scissors are very poor.
    In addition, now you still Do you think that the layout I have made is more than one thing?”
    “Haha, then, the weather is really good today.” Tony Stark said.
    “Yes, you motherfucker.” Jiang Yuan took a look at Tony Stark.
    “He don’t know how the Howard’s old man was.” He gave birth to only me and you. There is no sister at all. Of course, it doesn’t rule out Howard’s man. There are illegitimate women outside our knowledge… “Tony Stark.
    “…” Jiang Yuan.
    Silently glanced at Tony Stark, Jiang Yuan followed the use of headset communication, stopped the action of some black people who rushed to the side, and ordered them: “Don’t worry about me and Tony, be careful that the enemy are close, ready to fight back .”
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