Marvel Super Extraction ch 15

Chapter 15: Saved once again!!
   He saw that from a distance, there are a lots of heavily armed terrorists who are coming to this place.
    Among them, a middle-aged man with a big beard is quite strong.
    At this time, these people are attacking very fast.
    All the way to the attack is to directly lock the car where the car was blown up.
    When these people were attacking, they all had sneers on their faces.
    Most people don’t think that under such a violent bombing, there are still a few who can live. Even if they can live, the fighting power they can exert is inevitably low.
    So they are quite relax on the way.
    Although it is not said that there is no tactical action at all, it is relatively relaxed.
    Seeing such a situation, there is no need for Jiang Yuan to tell what to do, the black-shirted bodyguards who have the combat experience did not immediately shoot but waited for those people to come until they reached a certain distance.
    I saw one of the black men with a sniper rifle and shot a middle-aged man on head.
    This bearded man is a high-ranking leader in the terrorist group.
    When he died, his eyes were as big as a bell and he couldn’t believe that he would die like this.
    And this person in the story, is the one who caught Tony Stark and first threatened Tony Stark to make missiles. And in any case, Tony Stark does not cooperate, Tony Stark head is pressed inside the bucket for torture.
    With the death of the bearded man, other black people suddenly shot.
    Submachine gun, rocket, grenades were all used by them.
    Although the terrorists are in the process of attacking, they are still ready to meet the resistance.
    But they just thought that it would be some scattered rebellion. They never thought that the attacks they would encounter were so fierce.
    Submachine gun, massive grenade attack.
    This is exactly like the premeditated preparation on the line of sight, deliberately waiting for them to come.
    “Hit, kill them!”
    A series of orders rang from the heads of some terrorists, followed by terrorists who ran away.
    I have to say that these black bodyguards arranged by Pepper are not just for show.
    Each one is definitely the elite of the elite.
    Although there are only 16 people but the 16 people face dozens of attacks without any downfall and they continue to kill the terrorists on the other side. The shooting method is obviously very good.
    “These guys look like they came especially for us. In addition, damn, some of the equipment used in their hands is actually the equipment of our Stark industry, I don’t remember when I sold my weapons to terrorists.” Tony Stark saw the attacking terrorists.
    “Please, Tony, can you not be so naive? Isn’t this a normal thing, even if you don’t sell things to terrorists but there are still others whether it’s the black market or some of our other person in Stark Industries?” Jiang Yuan sneered.
    “This…” Tony Stark’s face sank, followed by a gun from his pocket, slammed his head and shot at some of the terrorists who greeted him.
    Tony Stark fired three shots, three shots hit the terrorists and suddenly killed three people. This is the first time Tony Stark murdered but though it was his first time to kill but from the way he was shooting at this time, his shooting was obviously quite good.
    And in fact it is.
    As the largest arms manufacturer in country, no matter what kind of weapon, Tony Stark will try it out before designing and creating it, so as to make some modifications and adjustments.
    Therefore, his shooting ability is naturally not weak.
    At the time Jiang Yuan shot the gun from his arms and fired at some terrorists.
    As a result…
    the sound of the cymbal sounded but Jiangyuan failed to hit anyone.
    He had never used a gun before and the level of shooting is naturally not good.
    “Ha ha ha, man, your aim can be really bad, so that you have not practiced the shooting method before.” Tony Stark saw the gunshots of Jiang Yuan and suddenly turned his head and laughed at Jiangyuan.
    As he laughed, a bullet suddenly shot at his location.
    “If you don’t want to die, don’t be distracted.”
    In this flash of fire, Jiang Yuan used his spider sense to detect the danger and suddenly pulled Tony Stark to let him hide behind the rock again. He escaped the attack. If it is not Jiang Yuan’s shot, Tony Stark will be headshot.
    “Shit!” Tony Stark cursed and followed Jiang Yuan again. “Jiang Yuan, you saved me once again.”
    “As long as you don’t make silly mistake again.” Jiang Yuan glanced at Tony Stark.
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