Marvel Super Extraction ch 16

Chapter 016: attacking the enemy camp!!
    The gunshots and the sound of the bombs kept ringing. In a blink of an eye, Jiang Yuan and others fought with the terrorists who had rushed for 7-8 minutes.
    In these 7-8 minutes, there have been many terrorist deaths.
    Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark did not suffer any injuries from beginning to end.
    Taking advantage of the super spider’s sense, the super reaction speed, Jiang Yuan will dodge the other side’s attack before it happens.
    In addition, although Jiang Yuan is very stinky aim, he has killed two terrorists under constant shooting.
    “What happened? Why is it almost ten minutes? I haven’t killed anyone yet. Are you still fighting?” On the hill with a certain distance from the battle position, a bald middle-aged man sounded at this time. He is keep yelling at the people around him.
    While scolding, he took the telescope from the other’s terrorist and looked at the position of the battlefield.
    From this point of view, the face of the bald middle-aged person has become quite ugly.
    This bald middle-aged is obviously Asian. His name is Wang Qiu. He is a Chinese and a warlord.
    The reason why he attack Tony Stark this time is that he has cooperated with Obadiah Stane. Obadiah Stane gave him a lot of money to kill Tony Stark.
    Of course, he didn’t know that he was going to kill Tony Stark.
    Because Obadiah Stane, just tell him to let him ambush near the shooting range of this mountain.
    So they lie in the surroundings.
    Then, shortly after, he got Obadiah Stane’s command, let him kill all the passing team without a single surviver, so he did not ask anything before act.
    Originally he thought it was just a very simple transaction.
    Because he ambushed with a lot of people around him and also made a rocket attack.
    First, the rocket are used to attack and then kill the remaining survivers.
    Under normal circumstances, no matter who is suddenly attacked, it will definitely be caught off guard, even for the Afghan military.
    Once caught unprepared, they natural waiting for those people is the massacre.
    But now…
    they almost fought for ten minutes and it is still fighting and listening to the voice of this battle, obviously there is an extremely fierce weapon, the other party is not like a hasty battle, but rather like a prepared for there arrival.
    “Is it death?”
    Wang Qiu’s ugly curse screamed, and then he followed the human being: “Give me a gunfire attack and blow all of them to me.”
    He got the order of Wang Qiu. One of the terrorists quickly responded, and immediately ordered the artillery not far away to signal that they continued to fire.
    There were several remote cannons in that place.
    Almost at the first time of the command, the artillery fired and completely disregarding some of their own team members.
    Because Wang Qiu is their absolute leader.
    The usual means are extremely cruel.
    Anyone who dares not listen to him will die very badly.
    “Boom Boom Boom…”
    A series of rocket suddenly locked the position of Jiang Yuan and others and they slammed into it.
    When the rocket attacked, Jiang Yuan’s eyes narrowed and the spider sense make him obvious perception of danger, which was even dangerous in the distant mountains.
    “Be careful with the rocket attack.”
    Jiang Yuan’s quickly used communication to order the guards. Under his orders, Guards did not have the slightest doubt, and immediately found the object to hide again.
    Then they saw the artillery fire, and the rocket continued to attack. The people who couldn’t evade the rocket have died.
    Even with the cover of mountains and rocks, under the bombardment of artillery shells, their situation is becoming more and more dangerous. Among them, there are already guards who died under such intensive bombardment.
    “There is no end to this.” Jiang Yuan looked at the terrorists so bombarded. His complexion could not help but gloomy. The cover of the shelter suddenly slammed Tony Stark to the side and run out. When he was dodging, he repeatedly escaped several rocket attacks and then came to James Rhodey.
    “James, take care of Tony, I will kill the artillery camp.”
    “Hey …” Hearing what Jiang Yuan said, Tony Stark and James Rhodey’s eyes were sharply wide.
    “Jiang Yuan, although I don’t know how you have some changes that I don’t understand but we have been fighting for a few minutes and we have already notified the Afghan military. If we insist on it, there will be people from the military to rescue us. “You don’t have to take risks.” Tony Stark said to Jiang Yuan.
    “But we can only insist on the arrival of the military. Now, in this case, the other party is eager to kill us, so that the attack will be bombarded. If we don’t pay attention, we will all die here.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “This…” Tony Stark changed his face.
    “Well, things are fixed.” Jiang Yuan after the words fell, followed by one of the guard who had been killed and there was a black box not far from him. Jiang Yuan get the box and quickly open it. He saw a lot of grenades inside.
    Seeing Jiang Yuan’s hand grenade hangs quickly toward the body, and a large number of grenades are hung on his body two times. Then he collects the box and then slams the box out of the shelter. .
    After he went out, they saw Jiang Yuan’s ingenuity and quickness, and quickly rushed toward the position where the artillery camp was located.
    His speed is very fast. Under his attack, Wang Qiu, who was holding a telescope, saw this situation.
    “That guy what he want to do?”
    To see such a strange situation of Jiang Yuan, Wang Qiu ordered: “Give me a sniper gun.”
    “Yes, leader!”
    Someone quickly answered and found a sniper rifle.
    After he got the sniper rifle, he fell down and slammed the sniper rifle on the rock and aimed at Jiang Yuan.
    Two kilometers, one thousand eight hundred meters, one thousand six hundred meters, one thousand three hundred meters.
    That is, when Jiangyuan reached the position of 1,300 meters, Wang Qiu shot fiercely.
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