Marvel Super Extraction ch 17

Chapter 17 Super long-range bombing!
    “Go to hell, motherfucker.”
    When Wang Qiu pulled the trigger, the expression on his face was quite proud. He was very convinced of his own shooting technique. Under this gun, the guy who didn’t know where it came out was sure to die.
    However, when Wang Qiu thought that Jiang Yuan, who was running would die, he saw that Jiang Yuan’s figure suddenly flashed like the flash of electric light and he evade the bullet. .
    Then sniper bullets passed through the position that Jiang Yuan had escaped, hitting the ground and blowing a small pit on the ground.
    “This can not be possible”
    Wang Qiu eyes are wide open subconsciously and said aloud:. “Damn, is he a Mutant or else how could he have such a fast reaction speed”
    Wang Qui think like this, when he saw that Jiang Yuan had escaped the attack and continued to run towards them.
    One thousand two hundred meters, one kilometer, eight hundred meters.
    Under his rush, Wang Qiu continued to shoot at Jiang Yuan, but still could not hit Jiang Yuan and soon Jiang Yuan ran to the position of 600 meters.
    That is to say, when Jiang Yuan reached the position of 600 meters, Jiang Yuan suddenly took a grenade from his body, then pulled out the pin and threw the grenade.
    “Is this guy mad?”
    Seeing Jiang Yuan throwing grenade at their position from 600 meters away, Wang Qiu’s face subconsciously emerged with a ridiculous smile but under the change of facial expression for a second, he followed the body and rolled to the side, quickly leaving the place.
    Then the incredible sound blew in the hill where they were. Jiang Yuan, although standing at 600 meters away, he actually threw a grenade with his hand to the hill.
    It is not something that normal people can do at all.
    You must know that Wang Qiu knows that ordinary soldiers throwing grenade is also a few tens of meters. Even some super-powerful people can break a hundred meters, which is considered a super-human and can be regarded as a strong man.
    This six hundred meters in front of him … What is this concept?
    Jiang Yuan ignored the shock of Wang Qiu. After seeing that he threw a grenade obviously bombarded in the approximate position he wanted to throw, Jiang Yuan’s eyes flashed in a cold: “Let you feel how continous Bombing feels like, now let you also try the taste of bombing.”
    Then Jiang Yuan pick up another grenade, unplug the pin and continue to throw it up.
    One, two, three…
    Jiang Yuan is constantly throwing the grenade. Each shot hits the top of the mountain, under his attack, it quickly caused a chain of explosion reaction. One of the grenade was blown up on some of the rockets on the top of the mountain.
    The landslide broke, the deafening explosion sounded madly and the artillerymen on the artillery positions, many of them had no time to escape, they were killed.
    Even Wang Qiu, who had escaped Jiang Yuan’s attack at the beginning, was hit by a bomb.
    However, Wang Qiu’s life was so big that he was not killed after he was bombed. He was seriously injured but even so he would lie on the ground, unable to move anything at all, the injury was too serious and there were a lot of shrapnel on his body. If he can’t get timely treatment, he will die.
    “This guy is really my brother – Jiang Yuan? How can he became a Mutant.” When Jiang Yuan used the grenade to bomb the mountain artillery position, Tony Stark was looking from the camp. He took a telescope and paid attention to the situation at hand. On the other hand, it was an incredible exclamation. The expression on the face was eccentric, how strange it was.
    Before today, he really didn’t know that his brother had such weird power.
    And they also fighting yesterday.
    If Jiangyuan had such a strong force at that time, then he would not only have a simple panda eye.
    “Or Jiang Yuan, this guy was attacked by the violent attackers last night, was so irritated that he suddenly mutated? and awakened the superpower! Fuck, if so, why I didn’t get this chance. I am as good as Jiang Yuan. The same gene, he can mutate, I can reasonably change as well.
    If he really mutates, the ability in that area is not accurate. You can improve a lot at once, and then you can fly.” So, Tony Stark looked at Jiang Yuan with greedy eyes.
    For Tony Stark, he has three major preferences in his life.
    Design inventions, eat hamburgers and pick up girls.
    If you can make that aspect stronger.
    Of course he also wants to mutate.
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