Marvel Super Extraction ch 18

Chapter 18: Returns to US!!
    After Jiang Yuan slammed for a while, he found that the attack from the terrorist camp was completely stopped and there was no movement, as if everyone had died.
    When he saw that he hesitated a little, followed by throughing a few bombs on the other side and then he walked back to the position where Tony Stark and others were.
    He didn’t check if the people above were all dead.
    Because no matter whether they have completely died or not, the impact on him is not great.
    And Jiang Yuan deeply remembers such a plot.
    That is a special soldier story he had seen before.
    A special soldier named Fan Tianlei, after his teammates hit the enemy, he ran to check whether the other party died or not, saying that it was necessary to look at the other party is dead or not.
    The result…
    The man was not dead. He took chance of Fan Tianlei’s negligence, and he injured Fan Tianlei’s leg, and if it was only this, he also killed his comrade-in-arms because of Fan Tianlei.
    So even if Jiangyuan is very powerful at this time.
    But Jiangyuan does not think that he is invincible.
    He is very clear that his strength is nothing in the current world of Marvel.
    There are too many characters like him in the world of Marvel and there are too many high-tech weapons also.
    No one can say if these terrorists have hidden any cards for him.
    After all, Jiang Yuan knows that Wang Qiu is not only a trader who cooperates with Obadiah Stane to deal with Tony Stark, but he is also a big villain in Marvel.
    Under such circumstances, Jiang Yuan is not prepared to check their condition.
    The most important thing today is to leave with Tony Stark and others.
    “Hey, man, you are a monster.” After Jiang Yuan returned to the position of Tony Stark and others, he saw Tony Stark smashed his hand at the Jiang Yuan shoulder. He was proud and happy for him.
    “Hahahaha” Jiang Yuan said with a smile.
    “This is still okay?” Tony Stark was speechless.
    “You still don’t have to say this first. Although I have already killed a lot of terrorists, as far as I know, there are quite a lot of people in this gang. Let’s leave here first and then talk about something else.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “Afraid of anything, your strength is so great, you can throw your granede at such a long distance, with the ability to throw grenade like you, before our grenade is consumed, how much more you can kill.” Tony Stark said.
     “In addition, you just used those moves and I forgot to take pictures. If there are terrorists appearing again, just take a few pictures of you.”
    “Forget it, I do not want me to be so high-profile.” Jiang Yuan said and they person left the place.
    Not long after they left, there were large-scale terrorists who came to the battle position where they were.
    These people are also fully armed.
    When they came to the position of the battle, they saw Wang Qiu, who was badly wounded. They were quite shocked. Then they quickly saved Wang Qiu back and forgot to chase Jiang Yuan and others.
    On the other hand, the Afghan military also sent combat helicopters to find Jiang Yuan and others.
    When they found Jiang Yuan and others, they immediately took Jiang Yuan and others to safety.
    Then the military leaders of Afghanistan, especially the military representatives who had recently conducted arms deals with Jiang Yuan and others, expressed their deep regret to Jiang Yuan and others.
    After all, this time, it happened not long after Tony and their Afghan military trade.
    But this is, after all happened in Afghanistan.
    And not far from the shooting range.
    Under such circumstances, they naturally have to apologize.
    They didn’t want to offend Tony Stark at all and offended his country.
    For these people’s apologies, Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark did not blame them.
    After a slight enthusiasm, he returned to the military’s airport with the escort of the Afghan military, and then did not stop anything, and flew back to the country to US with a private jet.
    Although the Afghan military wants to entertain Tony Stark and others but also knows that such unpleasant things have happened, it is normal for Tony Stark to rush to return to his country.
    Back to US, with Jiang Yuan and James Rhodey and then intercepted by media interview and then straight back to the beach house.
    There are a lot of media guys who want interviews.
    That was the power of news search capability of the media. After Tony Stark and others were attacked, these things were quickly known to them.
    At that time, the large-scale bombing of that place caused the noise but could not hold some hearts.
    “Jiang Yuan, what is the situation with you, how come the power has become so big and the responsiveness has become so fast, honestly tell me, Jiang Yuan, are you mutant? Like you, Can I also become a mutant?!”
    As soon as he returned to the villa, Tony Stark ordered Jarvis to block anyone who came to visit, then took two bottles of beer from the refrigerator and handed it over to Jiang Yuan. Sitting on the sofa while drinking, he said to Jiang Yuan.
    At the same time, Obadiah Stane also learned the news of the return of Jiang Yuan and others. When he knew such a thing, his face became quite ugly. There was a terrible killing and anger in the eyes.
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