Marvel Super Extraction ch 19

Chapter 19: Suggest Iron Man.
    In this cooperation with Wang Qiu, Obadiah Stane is 100% believe that Tony Stark and others would have died, but now they both return to US, intact, it is frustrating.
    In anger, Obadiah Stane also sneer in his heart.
    Since they have already started to dealt with Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan once, then he has no possibility of returning from this way.
    Next Opportunity, it is best not to be seized by me. Once I seizes the opportunity, I will definitely deal with Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark. Of course, the most important thing is to deal with Tony Stark, Jiang Yuan is just waste wood is simply a target for him to deal with, not worth mentioning.
    But Obadiah Stane did not even think that this time his plan was failed because of Jiang Yuan, which he simply looked down on.
    “How do you think, you can treat me as a Mutant.” Listening to Tony Stark, Jiang Yuan shrugged.
    “Is it really mutant?! Go, go to the lab with me, I want to check your physical condition.” Tony Stark’s eyes lit up, followed by Jiang Yuan’s side, to drag Jiang Yuan to his private research room to conduct certain research checks.
    “Let’s go.”
    Jiang Yuan did not refrain from anything and followed Tony Stark to the laboratory of the seaside villa.
    The lab is blocked by Tony Stark as a strict place.
    The protection of this place is very strong, without his authorization, no one else can enter this place.
    After arriving at the laboratory, Tony Stark immediately took out some injections and extracted the blood samples of Jiang Yuan. At the same time ordered.
    “Jarvis conducted auxiliary observations and calculations.”
    Under the checkup of Tony Stark, Jiang Yuan is fully coordinating.
    After half an hour, everything checked. When all the test are over, Tony Stark has wide-eyed and looked at Jiang Yuan’s body data report on a virtual screen in front of him.
    It is written that Jiang Yuan’s physical fitness is dozens of times more than that of ordinary humans.
    There is a huge power in his body.
    In theory, it can exert a hundred times more or even hundreds of times more combat power than ordinary people.
    In addition, Jiangyuan’s nerve reaction, speed are quite fast.
    “How did you mutate and immediately told me about the situation at the time, no, so we are two brothers, you can mutate, no reason I can’t mutate.” Tony Stark observed the data of Jiang Yuan followed by the hot eyes, said to Jiang Yuan.
    “Although I don’t want to say this, but you can’t mutate it, of course, unless you are willing to use some genetic agents or something.” Jiang Yuan glanced at Tony Stark and said.
    “If I haven’t tried it, how can you be sure that I can’t mutate? As for the genetic agent, don’t think that I don’t know that thing. I know a lot of people who used the genetic agents privatly but only the Captain America is perfect. The power of absorbing genetic agents, the genetic agent was named super serum by the secret department and its complete super serum has no relevant data.
    Some disabled versions are easy to use once they are used, I don’t want to be like a lab rat.” Tony Stark glanced at Jiang Yuan.
    “Then I have nothing to do.” Jiang Yuan spread his hands.
    “There is always a way. Then you follow me for a few more test, I don’t believe it, I can’t crack this mystery.” Tony Stark’s eyes flashed.
    “Ok listen to me first, your main occupation is to design weapons, make high-tech equipment, not to study genetics. If you really want to have strength, I have a path that is very suitable for you.” Jiang Yuan interrupted Tony Stark.
    “Oh? What way?” Tony Stark asked curiously.
    “Ark reactor.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “What do you mean?” Tony Stark, who has not experienced the arrest of the terrorists, did not think about designing Iron Man.
    “With the Ark reactor as the energy core, manufacturing portable armor, with your ability, I believe that you will be able to come up with an extremely powerful super equipment.” Jiang Yuan said
    “Well?” Tony Stark touched his chin with his hand. “Portable armor? It seems to have some meaning.”
    Speed ??and flying ability, etc. are all can be integrated in the Armour. When it comes to flying ability, it is definitely a good feeling.
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