Marvel super extraction ch 2

Chapter 2: Extracting ant gene

When she explained to Jiangyuan, Jiangyuan at this time also figured out his current situation.

He remembered that he had become the younger brother of Tony Stark after he crossed this world.

He is a son of Howard Stark.

When Howard Stark is alive he has many affairs with lots of women. He is just like the current Tony Stark.

In Marvel story, Howard Stark private life is not shown in the movie.

But now Jiangyuan has passed through, he has become the younger brother of Tony Stark, the full name: Jiang Yuan Stark.

Occupy 10% of Stark Industries shares.

“How your mind works boy, I get you to the Bar to enjoy.” You didn’t thank me but even misunderstood your brother, I will do that kind of thing to you. Tony Stark is using an ice pack on his dark eye. From his voice, Jiang Yuan knows that he is angry right now.

“Who makes you playboy, who live only for sex. Who knows if you are interested in men but you are not allowed to peep at me, the body of this handsome young man is only for girls.” Jiang Yuan glanced at Tony and said with a guilty conscience.

“You… you filthy dog, you just look like a hungry little chicken, how can I interested in you.” Tony Stark glanced at Jiang yuan.

“So if I am physically strong, you are interested, Tony you really have problems.” Jiang Yuan said.

“…” Tony Stark almost squirt a blood from his mouth.

“Forget it, yes, tomorrow there is a weapons presentation in Afghanistan. The Afghan military wants to buy the equipment of our Stark industry. It was originally represented by me, but now my eyes are being smashed by you. It’s like this, tomorrow’s presentation will be up to you.

It’s just that you should go out and make a debut. Since you were an adult, you haven’t been responsible for everything in Stark’s industry. Stark Industries has your shares in it anyway, and you’re going to have a chance to do it all the time. ” Tony said.

” Afghanistan to introduce weapons!! “Jiang Yuan pupil suddenly shrunk, subconsciously asked:”?? Is that Jericho series of missile weapon presentation”

” ah, you are well informed” Tony Stark smiled and nodded.

“I don’t want to go.” After getting the answer from Tony Stark, Jiang Yuan directly refused by shaking his head. He remembered very clearly that Tony Stark was attacked by terrorists when he went to Afghanistan for a weapons presentation. And then kidnapped.

Although he came to this world just now But the plot will not change with that much faster speed.

Even if he is not as valuable as Tony Stark, but he is also the Stark family member. With the shares of Stark Industries, once you get caught, you will die.

“Why don’t you go? Jiang Yuan, you have to help me in this, Ok.” “Tony Stark didn’t take a good look at Jiangyuan.

“If I don’t want to go then I will not go.” “Yuan said.

“No, this time you have to go, big deal, we will go together tomorrow, things are fixed. If you don’t go, I will freeze your bank card.”

“Tony Stark.”

“Fuck, Now You are a threatening me!” Although Jiangyuan does not know how much money in his bank card, but the money in the bank card of Tony Stark’s brother must be quite a lot.

“You can think so, although you are an adult, you know my abilities.” Tony Stark smiled.

“Fuck you…” Jiang Yuan snorted and stood up, then went outside the door.

“Jiang yuan, where are you going.” Tony Stark asked subconsciously.

“Go out for a while.” Jiang Yuan said.

After walking out of the door, Jiang Yuan’s brow wrinkled, no matter whether he could go or not, now Tony became his brother. Once he was Kidnapped in Afghanistan, even if he came alive in the movie but it was a life-threatening situation, I must find a way to avoid this from happening.

But how can I help Tony? The best way is, of course, to stop Tony from going to Afghanistan.

But this is not necessarily successful.

Tony is a guy who looks very fancy. But once he decided on something, he will not change his mind.

Jiangyuan had no clue where he is walking for a long time. I have to say that Tony is very happy to enjoy this villa. The seaside villa that I live in is quite good.

It is simply the life of a rich man.


When Jiang Yuan looked around, suddenly a very strong impulse was generated in his body, letting him subconsciously look at the ground on the left side.

There is an ant in that place.

After the sight fell on the ant, the strong impulse actually drove him to swallow it, as if the ant had become super delicious, and his body was completely out of control.

“What is this situation?” Jiang Yuan was shocked.

He didn’t have any interest in eating ants or anything.

However, the strong urge to swallow was so powerful that he could not help but walk to the position of the ant, then caught the ants in his hands and then dropped it into his mouth.


“I found the ant gene, whether it is randomly to extract the ant ability.” When Jiang Yuan was thinking, a mechanical reminder sounded in his mind.

“Golden Finger!” Jiangyuan eyes slammed brightly, and then he did not hesitate to say: “Extract.”

“Extracted to the ant gene, whether to fuse!” The mechanical voice said again.

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