Marvel Super Extraction ch 20

Chapter 20: Starting of Iron Man
    “Of course it’s interesting. You think about this situation. If we had a portable armor at that time, why we will be suppressed by the terrorists, you can use Jarvis as a smart center to lock all the terrorists in the camp. And you will be able to strike them at a very long distance.”
    In addition, you can fly directly to the sky and deal with them at high altitude. If you have made such a thing, then you will meet terrorists later, even if you don’t have a bodyguard. You can also cope with it.
    And you don’t think that such things are very pretentious, quite in line with your high-profile character.” Jiang Yuan smiled Tony Stark.
    “Oh, then make a portable armor. In fact, I have never had some ideas in this regard before but if it is manufactured, it is super strategic equipment and it is easy for us to have a certain impact on Stark Industries.” Tony Stark.
    “Would you be afraid?” Jiang Yuan.
    “How is it possible, I just don’t want to bother but this time the terrorists are so arrogant and they are attacking me with my own company’s weapon. They are just looking for death.” Tony Stark retorted without hesitation, while retorting, there was an anger on his face.
    He is really angry.
    After saying this, Tony Stark suddenly looked at Jiang Yuan: “Jiang Yuan, you honestly explain, do you know the people behind the terrorists who attacked us, although in my capacity, It seems normal to be attacked by terrorists.
    But in fact, as long as those terrorists don’t have long-term backup, they are not going to provoke me. So, there must be someone behind it. Some very large terrorists, or a commercial opponent who competes with our Stark industry.”
    “You are right.” Jiang Yuan praised Tony Stark and followed: “You said right, I do know the behind-the-scenes black hand.”
    “Who is it?” Tony Stark asked awkwardly.
    “Obadiah Stane!” Jiang Yuan.
    “It’s him! How is this possible…” Tony Stark got a shock, then exclaimed, his face filled with unbelievable color.
    “What is impossible? In Stark Industries, besides you, he is the biggest shareholder of Stark Industries. If you and I die, Stark Industries is naturally under his control. In addition, Tony, you are still in his way.
    Who do you think is the one who sold the weapons you designed to the terrorists, except Opadiya. Perhaps in your eyes, you think that your designed weapons to save a lots of lives. You make the United States stronger and make terrorists even more afraid to attack.
    But in the eyes of others, you are the notorious killer, butcher, one of the most murderous executioners in history.
    People who died by the weapon you designed are counted will be millions or billions.
    But in the case of indirect killing of many people, you always not allowing Stark Industries to cooperate with terrorists and cooperate with people of unknown origin.
    This makes Obadiah Stane, to only secretly trade behind the scenes.
    Although they are still very profitable, they are still subject to certain restrictions.
    As an arms dealer, he has long since refused to be passive.
    After all, other arms dealers can sell equipment as long as they have money.
    “This…this…” Tony Stark was provoked by Jiang Yuan for a time. He was extremely powerful and shocked him so that he could not accept it for a while.
    He has always been a messenger of peace and he is also a peace ambassador.
    But now Jiang Yuan is telling him that he is one of the most powerful executioners in history.
    How can this be accepted by him?
    “Okay, Tony, don’t think about these things for a while, things have already happened, and it doesn’t matter if you think about it. Then you can quickly build a portable armor. In addition, before you build an portable armor. First, you will create some weight-bearing equipment for me. Although I have a strong power now, I have not been able to fully exert my potential. Jiang Yuan said with a hand on Tony Stark’s shoulder.
    Tony Stark sighed with a sigh, followed by nodding, and then did not say anything. He began to design weight-bearing equipment for Jiang Yuan and also painted some design drawings about the portable armor.
    Since it is called portable, Tony Stark’s positioning of the exoskeleton armor is naturally based on portability.
    However, this is also the hardest step in the design of the exoskeleton armor.
    Throughout the Marvel story, except for Tony Stark, it is difficult for others to create a portable exoskeleton armor.
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