Marvel Super Extraction ch 21

Chapter 21: Beat Iron man
    Although Tony couldn’t make any gravity room for Jiang Yuan but he also created a full-body weight-bearing armor for Jiang Yuan.
    In addition, Jiang Yuan also got a big sword.
    This is a big sword with a height of two meters. The blade is quite heavy. Tony Stark is doped with a lot of special alloys, such as the super alloy known in the world, adamantium alloy.
    Such a giant sword was given to Jiang Yuan, not only to train Jiang Yuan, but also to act as a weapon.
    If Jiang Yuan is holding this sword and waving with all his power, he can almost bullet proof glass.
    Unfortunately, Adamantium alloy, even if it is Stark industry wealth but the number of such alloys is very rare, can not be used to make a giant sword, Jiangyuan’s weapons are only a small amount of some.
    When Tony Stark made this thing, Jiang Yuan struggled to use it in the gym.
    At the same time, Tony Stark was also busy in the development of the portable armor.
    As for the outside news media, as well as Obadiah Stane or something, they temporarily ignored by Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark.
    Time is passing so quickly.
    In a blink of an eye, six days passed.
    I have to say that Tony is really a genius in weapons development and creation.
    In just six days, Tony Stark successfully developed the Exoskeleton Armor.
    And not only did it not be developed, but also based on the story of the first generation of exoskeleton armor, directly to an upgraded version.
    Whether it is the materials used or some of the core designs, it is many times better than the ones that Tony Stark created in the cave.
    After all, he has Jarvis to assisted in his own lab and he wants the many different materials to be mobilized in the first place.
    That is, with the completion of the exoskeleton armor.
    Tony Stark began to think about the coloring it. In the end, he chose the red and gold mix just like in the story.
    When the exoskeleton armor was built, Tony Stark began various tests, weapons attack, and flying at high altitude.
    After a certain test, he felt that exoskeleton armor had no problem temporarily. Tony Stark immediately ran to the gym where Jiang Yuan was located and found Jiang Yuan is still training.
    This time, Jiang Yuan is wearing a heavy armor and holding a huge sword in the room to make a variety of strick.
    At this time, the gym he was in was also reinforced by Tony Stark to ensure that it would not be broken or destroyed by Jiang Yuan.
    “Hey, man, look at this!”
    As soon as he entered the gym, he saw Tony Stark’s right hand stretched out, and then he saw on his palms appeared an electronic gun, which attacked him.
    When Tony Stark attacked, Jiang Yuan was doing a deep squat and it was too late to dodge the Tony Stark attack.
    However, in fact…
    When Tony Stark’s attack slammed up, he saw Jiang Yuan’s physique between the electric flint and violently flashed out to the side, and he escaped the attack.
    “Haha, come again!”
    To see Jiang Yuan escape the attack, Tony Stark is no exception. Since the last time he checked Jiang Yuan’s body, he knew that Jiangyuan’s reaction speed was very fast, so he attacked directly. After that, he immediately attacked Jiang Yuan again. This time, instead of using the palm of the hand to attack, he held his left hand into a fist. Then he saw a large number of muzzles in the left hand fist, and then a series of bullets attacked Jiang Yuan.
    The bullets fired quickly, and Jiang Yuan’s figure was also quickly evasive under the shooting of these bullets.
    “Jiang Yuan, be careful, I want to open Jarvis’s attack aid.” Seeing Jiang Yuan once again evading his attack, Tony Stark warned Jiang Yuan.
    Jiang Yuan did not hesitate.
    As soon as his words fell, he saw Tony Stark commanding Jarvis: “Jarvis opened the weapon locking system.”
    “Yes, Sir” The mechanical voice rang from Tony Stark’s armored headset. Then in the vision of Tony Stark’s helmet, it was a bit of a lock to Jiang Yuan.
    At the same time as locking, Tony Stark fired again.
    suddenly a series of bullets attacked Jiang Yuan again. The attack speed was very fast, many times faster than before, and each shot locked on Jiang Yuan and the scene became dangerous in an instant.
    Jiang Yuan’s body shape keeps evading.
    “Jarvis calculates the range of dodging of Jiang Yuan, predicts the lock attack and pays attention not to attack the naked and exposed parts of Jiang Yuan.” Tony Stark ordered again.
    Then, Jiang Yuan discovered that Tony Stark’s attack became more dangerous. In some cases, the direction of his own flashing was just the place where the next wave of bullets came and it was like he took the initiative to send the body to the attack position generally.
    Let Jiang Yuan have to make a secondary change between the electric and the flint.
    But even so, from the attack, he was not able to escape very quickly, and one of the bullets about to hit him.
    When he was about to hit him, Jiang Yuan’s giant sword in his hand stoped the bullet.
    At the same time as the bullets were fired, Jiang Yuan moved and attacked Tony Stark: “Tony, you also try my sword.”
    “Shit, quickly stop.” Tony Stark was shocked, and quickly evaded the sword, the jet-assisted opening under his feet, the shape of a lightning-like retreat, and he escaped Jiang Yuan’s attack, but as soon as he escaped, Jiang Yuan’s giant sword swept away and attacked Tony Stark again.
    After all, Tony Stark had just created the exoskeleton armor. It didn’t take long for him to control what was naturally unskilled. Where can he escape with this kind of attack, he was suddenly swept on his body, flew out suddenly and fell heavily. Land, when he fell to the ground, the exoskeleton armor had no small damage, almost torn by Jiang Yuan.
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