Marvel Super Extraction ch 22

chapter 22: Combination of Spiderman and Iron Man!
    “Motherfucker, Are you going to kill your brother? if I knew that I wouldn’t given you such a giant sword at that time.” After being shot on the ground, Tony Stark opened his mask and screamed.
    “You are not here to test the strength of your exoskeleton armor. It can bear my sword so you have a good exoskeleton armor, but there is still room for improvement.” Jiang Yuan is not embarrassed.
    “Improving is a must but this happen because of my control of skeleton armor. Otherwise, you will be beaten by me, especially in the open area outside, if I want to hit you at high altitude. Even if you have good strength and good response, it will certainly be sad reminder.” Tony Stark nodded, followed by some unwilling to accept defeat behaviour.
    “High altitude is indeed a weak side for me now, since you have made this exoskeleton armor, also give me a set.” Jiang Yuan.
    “You asked me to develop this thing for you, Not for me”.
    “You can Guess.” Jiang Yuan did not blush.
    “Asshole, it’s really…” Tony Stark fell.
    After playing for a while, the two men followed each other: “Tony, have you tried super high-altitude flight?”
    “Not yet, what happened, what’s the problem?” “Tony Stark shook his head and asked incomprehensible.”
    “That means that you have not solved the problem of iceing caused by your exoskeleton armor once it reach at high altitude flying.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Iceing! Damn, if you don’t mention that I really ignored such a thing.” Tony Stark suddenly changed his face.
    “In addition, Tony, I think that you are now attacking the weapon of this exoskeleton armor, and there are still some things that can’t be done, because it is more powerful.” Jiang Yuan.
    “I also think, but once you get some too powerful energy attacks, the energy consumption is too large, even if the energy of the Ark reactor is very strong, but it is not enough.” Tony Stark shook his head.
    “If it’s just this, then I advise you to go to your chairman’s office and take Dad’s urban model that you originally produced. If you remember correctly, there is Howard’s city model. The new element left to us is much more powerful than the energy of this palladium Ark reactor you are using now.
    Once researched, it will be powerful not only in terms of power but also in terms of attack power.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “How do you know that there are new elements? I don’t know anything about this.” Tony Stark widened his eyes.
    “It’s your choice, believe it or not.” Jiang Yuan shrugged.
    “How can I not believe it? You guys have become quite mysterious since you mutated. In addition, Dad is dead but still give me a lesson. I thought it is now. I have already surpassed him, I did not expect him to leave a hand.” Tony Stark should have a cry, followed by some unwillingness.
    “Don’t entangle this problem, get the Model back soon. In addition, today’s exoskeleton armor, it should be portable, how are you developing?” Jiang Yuan.
    “How can I develop? Everything should be step by step process.” Tony Stark said.
    “That can’t be done. You have to make him the easiest. You can try to get some neurons or something. No matter where you go, you can summon the external skeleton armor to dress at the fastest speed.
    If Yes, it is best to make out a dimension space and something, let the exoskeleton armor carry it with you, and you can immediately dress it whenever you want. Only when you encounter some sudden dangers can you maximize your life safety.” Jiang Yuan suggest.
    “What do you say about neurons? This is what gives me some ideas, but you can say that the dimensional space, but also you dare to think, as far as I know, many have studied it But no one succeeded at all.” Tony Stark was speechless.
    “No one succeeds, it does not mean that it will never succeed. There are some Mutants in the world. They are capable of direct space shuttle. The mutants can carry out space shuttles, so why can’t we make the dimensional space?” Jiang Yuan asked.
    “But this requires time. I have to let me have some contact with that aspect first. If I want to catch a Mutant with the space ability, as long as he cooperates with me to study, I promise to make the dimensional space.” Tony Stark’s eyes flashed.
    “For now, let’s wait, it’s hard for us to catch people like that.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Then I will continue to strengthen the exoskeleton armor, first solve the iceing problem and then try to make it more portable. Recently, I mainly developed its flight, combat, portable. On the other hand, I haven’t gone to the main R&D. As for the new elements, these things are done later, or you can take the model back to me from the company.
    I’ve said that I haven’t been to the company for a few days recently. You are not saying that Obadiah want to kill us not long ago and I don’t know if he has done anything in the company recently.” Tony Stark.
    “Yes! I will help you get it.” Jiang Yuan’s nodded.
    “That’s it, I went to improve the armor.” Tony Stark dropped a sentence, then left the gym and continued to go back to the lab.
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