Marvel Super Extraction ch 23

Chapter 23: sudden punch
    Seeing Tony Stark went so far, Jiang Yuan looked around the gym that had just been messed up by Tony Stark, and made a slightly messy grin. He didn’t pick up anything and directly took off his heavy weight. Then, Put his sword in my hand.
    This is because he has not taken off the heavy weight armor since Tony Stark gave him to familarize with the weights.
    He actually didn’t want to take it off.
    But after all, he have to go out after all.
    Even if there are a lot of cosplay in this world but it is too exaggerated to wear a heavy armor. It is easy for some people to pay attention.
    “When Tony gets the exoskeleton armor out, he must let him find a way to make a gravity ring.” Jiang Yuan felt the relaxed feeling on his body after he had removed the weight.
    Then Jiang Yuan ran to take shower quickly and then he put on a casual suit, went to the garage of the villa and drove a sports car directly to Stark Industries.
    One hour later, Jiang Yuan came to the Stark Building.
    When he came here, he pulled out an identity card and entered the Stark Building unimpeded. No one blocked him from start to finish.
    Everywhere in the Stark Building, you must have an identity card.
    The average person can’t even enter in it.
    And the more wealthy you are the more protection you to take. Like fingerprint recognition, eyes recognition or something like that.
    After all, it is the headquarters of the largest arms manufacturing industry in the country.
    If there is no strict protection in this place, then once the people who are interested in it sneak in, the harm to the industry is naturally quite large.
    No matter what weapon manufacturing map or some core technology, it must not be leaked.
    It was also when Jiangyuan entered the Stark Building.
    “Boss, came to office and is heading to the position of the chairman’s office.”
    Some people suddenly used mobile to report to Obadiah Stane.
    This time Obadiah Stane sits in his own chief executive’s office, biting a cigar.
    When he heard the men came to report, he smile coldly: “This waste at this time came to Stark office. What he wants???”
    Obadiah Stane is quite curious, after slightly turning his thoughts, he stood up from the boss’s chair, then slightly arranged his clothes and walked out of the office door.
    When he walked out of the gate, he saw the door of the office, with two black men guarding the place.
    When they saw Obadiah Stane came out of the office. They silently followed him.
    In the course of their advancement, they soon came to a corridor. When they arrived here, they saw Jiang Yuan standing and his hands in his pocket. He walked forward with a light face and looked at the surroundings from time to time. He was amazed but there was no change in his face.
    The surprise is of course the curiosity of some of the high-tech equipment inside Stark Industries.
    “Hey, Jiang Yuan, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How come you have time to come to the office today? You, finally think that this industry also has your shares…” When he saw Jiang Yuan, he was very surprised to see Jiang Yuan’s appearance. He smiled and said hello to Jiang Yuan. He said that he was also approaching Jiang Yuan and made a gesture to embrace Jiang Yuan.
    However, when he approached Jiang Yuan and was ready to hug Jiang Yuan, he saw Jiang Yuan suddenly punched Obadiah Stane abdomen. Obadiah Stane shrink just like a shrimp, he bent down and his face became pale.
    Jiang Yuan’s suddenly attack and completely let Obadiah Stane not to react at all.
    At the same time, it was not only that Obadiah Stane did not think that but even the two bodyguards behind him did not think of it. After the accident, they rushed forward and protect Obadiah Stane. At the same time, one of them stepped forward and was ready to attack Jiang Yuan.
    However, without waiting for the black man’s bodyguard to attack, Obadiah Stane resisted the pain and stopped the attack of the bodyguard.
    Hearing such an order, the bodyguard had to stop the attack but although they stopped the attack, they were extremely vigilant to watch Jiang Yuan and prevent Jiang Yuan from continuing to attack Obadiah Stane.
    “Hey, man, what are you doing? Why did you suddenly give me a punch and almost make me vomit my breakfast?” After Obadiah Stane stopped the bodyguard and he touched his belly. While straightening up, he was very confused and looked at Jiang Yuan. The corners of my eyes kept twitching, and the pain was obviously gone.
    “Oh, sorry, I have just been attacked by people, I am very sensitive now.” I hate people who are close to me. I am sorry for this. You suddenly rushed over, I thought you were attacking me…” Jiang Yuan said.
    “It turns out that, it doesn’t matter, it’s not your fault! It’s all the fault of those damn terrorists.” Obadiah Stane said.
    “Yeah.” Jiang Yuan responded.
    “You’re fine, Right?”
    “Nothing!” Obadiah Stane.
    “That’s good, then it’s okay, I have to go to Tony’s office first. I have something to take.” Jiang Yuan said and he went to Tony Stark’s office.
    Behind Obadiah Stane’s face is quite ugly at this time.
    Anyone who suddenly hits a punch like this will definitely be quite angry.
    If it wasn’t for the Stark Building, he wouldn’t mind teaching this kid.
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