Marvel Super Extraction ch 24

Chapter 024 killer strikes
    “Boss, are you all right?” When Jiang Yuan walks a certain distance, the black bodyguards who were ready to attack Jiang Yuan went to Obadiah Stane’s and asked. “Are we just letting him go just like that.”
    “Forget it now, there is still a way.” Obadiah Stane glanced at the black bodyguard.
    “Would you like to wait for the next…” The black bodyguard whispered openly, and when the words fell, he quietly reached out to Obadiah Stane and made a gesture of a dagger.
    “This…” Obadiah Stane’s pupils shrank and followed the thoughts and turned quickly.
    Under normal circumstances, he absolutely does not want to kill Jiang Yuan in the US country because it can easily cause unnecessary trouble. But Jiang Yuan is not Tony Stark after all.
    Even if Jiang Yuan has a 10% stake in Stark Industries, but the FBI does not protect him like Tony Stark.
    So in fact, if he want to kill Jiang Yuan, the opportunity is quite big.
    “I didn’t hear anything.” After the thought turned, Obadiah Stane’s meaningfully look at bodyguard and dropped a sentence. At that time, Obadiah’s face was a little white, and Jiang Yuan’s punch made him very uncomfortable.
    “I really want to kill that guy at once, but I can’t do it for the time being.” After Jiang Yuan left the position of Obadiah Stane and others, the dawn was obviously cold.
    After all, Obadiah Stane is the second largest shareholder of Stark Industries except Tony Stark.
    Many high-level leaders in the country have paid attention to him.
    Therefore, this person is on the bright side, Jiang Yuan can not kill him for no reason.
    Even if he knew that the last time he secretly trying to dealt with Tony Stark and him.
    He is not strong enough to ignore the laws of the country.
    However, although he can’t kill him at once, Jiang Yuan can alteast take some interest.
    He is very clear that the ambition of this guy Obadiah is quite big, and he will attack again if he has a chance.
    Although as far as the current situation is concerned, the chances that Obadiah Stane wants to re-attack Tony Stark is small.
    But without a chance, Jiang Yuan does not mind creating opportunities.
    It is because of this that he just gave a sudden punch to Obadiah.
    He deliberately caused Obadiah’s speculation and deliberately wanted to provoke him.
    Just as Obadiah Stane feels that Jiang Yuan is not very important in the name of the top of the US country, Jiang Yuan is also very clear that till he show his ability, the high-level country leader will not take his life seriously.
    Under such circumstances, he beat Obadiah Stane, and if he can provoke him, Obadiah Stane will definately attack him once more.
    Of course, even if Obadiah does not shoot, Jiang Yuan is not losing.
    This is like playing with the other side, but the other party is not afraid to backhand, it feels quite good.
    After the thought turned, Jiang Yuan soon came to the office where Tony Stark was. When he came here, he saw Pepper Potts sitting in the boss’s chair in the office and dealing with some things.
    “Knock Knock!”
    Seeing Jiang Yuan knocked on the door that had been pushed open to the side, has attracted the attention of Pepper.
    “Hey, Jiang Yuan, how come you came in office.” Seeing Jiang Yuan, Pepper was quite surprise.
    “I am here to get some thing.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “What?” Pepper quickly stood up from the position, and then curiously asked Jiang Yuan, saying that he did not wait for Jiang Yuan to answer, but also ask Jiang Yuan: “Do you need something to drink?”
    “No, I will leave soon, and what I want to take is this.” Jiang Yuan waved his hand and followed a large object covered with cloth.
    “Well? That’s… it’s a mistake to remember that it was a three-dimensional model that Mr. Howard left for Tony.” Pepper said.
    “Yes, that’s it.” Jiang Yuan.
    “How come you suddenly come to get this thing, I remember that you and Tony are not interested in this thing, or else will not throw it here for so long time.” Pepper is little curious.
    “Hahahaha, this is a secret.” Jiang Yuan looked mysteriously at Pepper.
    “Okay.” Pepper smiled.
    “Okay, I will not bother you Potts, you continue to work. I will take this thing back to the villa and see you at night.” Jiang Yuan turned his head and followed him to the position where the black cloth was, and pulled down the black cloth. He saw that there is an urban model with a high height.
    Seeing Jiangyuan’s left hand holding one of the corners, the model was lifted with a slight force, and then waved to the Pepper Potts, and took the model to the doorway, all the way, there is no desire to stay.
    After a while, He left the Stark Building.
    “Boss, I want to take a vacation, there are some things to do.” That is, when Jiang Yuan left, one of the bodyguards around Obadiah Stane, suddenly said to Obadiah.
    Obadiah Stane looked at the bodyguard meaningfully and then gave a leave of absence.
    As Obadiah Stane did this, Bodyguard and went outside the Stark Building.
    In this regard, Jiang Yuan did not know.
    After holding the model under the Stark Building, he placed the model in the back seat of the sports car, then drove off to the Stark Building and rushed back toward the villa.
    As Jiang Yuan left, bodyguards came outside the Stark Building, then took a look at the direction of Jiang Yuan’s departure, and then opened an inconspicuous car and left the Stark Building.
    After leaving, he did not follow the direction of Jiang Yuan’s departure, but proceeded in the opposite direction.
    After moving in a business district, the bodyguard entered a large shopping mall and then did not come out.
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