Marvel Super Extraction ch 25

Chapter 25: One Punch
    Jiang Yuan all the way to drive towards the seaside villa.
    Half an hour passed.
    At this time he was driving on a corner of a bay.
    Preparing to make a quick turn.
    This bay corner is built on the back of the mountain.
    When he came here, Jiang suddenly felt the danger, and his head slammed to the side.
    Just at the moment of his side, I saw that a bullet shoot. If it wasn’t for him to feel the danger, the first time he would dodge the side, then the hit would be headshot.
    “Well? He have escaped the attack, how is this possible!”
    Seeing Jiang Yuan escaped the attack, a middle-aged man with a camouflage in surrounding grasses got confused.
    If Obadiah Stane is in this place at this time, then he will be able to find out that this person is his bodyguard.
    Bodyguard who went to the big shopping mall and didn’t come out.
    This blow is a must-attack for bodyguards.
    He is very confident in his own shooting method. He thinks that 100% can make a headshot. Jiang Yuan suddenly escaped from the attack made him quite surprised.
    Let him completely wonder if this is a coincidence or something else.
    However, he was only slightly strange, and then he shot again and again, and the bullets quickly locked Jiang Yuan again.
    Then he saw Jiang Yuan bent over and he once again escaped his attack.
    “It’s not an accident, this guy is weird.” Seeing the situation, bodyguard looked heavy. He put down his sniper rifle, and then took out a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher from the side.
    That’s right, it’s a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher.
    The original bodyguard was not ready to use the rocket launcher, because he felt that there was no need to deal with Jiang Yuan with that.
    The reason for preparing such things is just to prevent accidents.
    He didn’t expect the accident to really happen now.
    After the shoulder-mounted rocket launcher was taken out, he did not hesitate to lock Jiang Yuan’s car, and then he saw the shells slamming out and attacked the sports car where Jiang Yuan was.
    Jiang Yuan suddenly fell from the driving position and landed in the back seat. Then he took the city model and jumped out of the car.
    Jiang Yuan’s reaction was quite fast, and it was almost impossible for that bodyguard to react.
    As Jiang Yuan jumped out of the car, he saw the car hit by a rocket, and violently exploded.
    In the midst of this raging fire, Jiang Yuan slammed the model toward the mountain next to it, and quickly climbed up the hill, then temporarily placed the model in one of the places that was not easily attacked.
    After putting down the model, Jiang Yuan rushed to the position where the bodyguard was, at a fastest speed.
    After two consecutive attacks, Jiang Yuan’s use of spider sense, that has already locked the specific position of attacker.
    When Jiang Yuan ran towards the bodyguards, the bodyguards would look quite ugly.
    Others don’t understand Jiang Yuan. Bodyguards believe that he still know Jiang Yuan better because he is the confidant of Obadiah Stane, and he has meet with Jiang Yuan before.
    And in the words of his own boss, Jiang Yuan has always been a waste, a garbage.
    Such a waste of garbage, now suddenly shows such ability.
    Bodyguards can’t help but have a feeling of being dreaming.
    Otherwise, how can you see something that is impossible in this scene?
    However, the things in front of him told him that this was not a dream, so he saw Jiang Yuan getting closer and closer to himself, and then took a shot at the position of Jiang Yuan with the rocket launcher.
    However, it still failed to hit Jiang Yuan, because Jiang Yuan’s figure was just a flash, and he escaped the attack.
    “How is this guy so fast, Shit.” Bodyguard cursed, and refused to continue to use the rocket launcher to attack, but took a pistol from his arms and pointed at Jiang Yuan and start shooting.
    “Boom Boom Boom…”
    A series of bullets attacked Jiang Yuan’s position, but they did not hit Jiang Yuan. They were all miised by Jiang Yuan.
    Just under this series of attacks, Jiang Yuan came to the position of the bodyguard.
    “Is Obadiah Stane letting you come?”
    After Jiang Yuan came to the position of the bodyguard, he did not immediately attack, but looked up and down to the bodyguard, and said. Although bodyguard was wearing a camouflage uniform, The face also painted camouflage, which made people unable to see his original face. However, Jiang Yuan recognized the other person at the first sight at this time, and he know he seen him in the Stark Building not long ago. One of the bodyguards who followed Obadiah Stane.
    Bodyguard listened to Jiang Yuan but did not answer.
    Jiang Yuan shrugged and approached the bodyguard.
    Bodyguard saw the shape, the left hand put in the bag on the body, and a dagger appeared in his hand and attack with it to Jiang Yuan.
    Jiang Yuan’s body escaped the attack of the bodyguard, followed by a hand chop to the bodyguard, and the black man quickly evaded the Jiang Yuan attack.
    When he had just escaped Jiang Yuan’s attack, Jiang Yuan followed with a punch on his abdomen.
    Bodyguard’s eyes suddenly widened, and then, as if he were hit by the car, then flew out. The blood in the mouth rushed out, and after falling on the ground, he couldn’t climb up for a long time. The bones were broken.
    Although Jiang Yuan does not have any fighting experiance before crossing, he is now quick to respond, quick-handed, and powerful.
    Even if the fight experiance is not strong but with the advantage of quick response, he can still beat someone.
    With the bodyguard being knocked down, Jiang Yuan walked to the side of the black man, then lifted the black man from the ground with his hand, and slapped it on the face of the bodyguard, and stunned the other person.
    Then Jiang Yuan took out his mobile phone and called Tony Stark.
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