Marvel Super Extraction ch 26

Chapter 26: lets him shut up forever.
    “Jiang Yuan, what’s the matter?” Tony Stark asked after answering the phone.
    “I was attacked by a guy, hurry up and come.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “Hey, have you been attacked? You wait, I will come right away!” Tony Stark was shocked, and then he did not wait for Jiang Yuan to tell him where he was. He just hung up the phone and immediately dressed Iron Man suit and fly out of the seaside villa.
    “Jarvis locate the position of Jiang Yuan’s mobile phone.” After flying out of the villa, Tony Stark immediately ordered Jarvis.
    “Yes, sir.”
    Since the last incident with the attack of terrorists in Afghanistan, Tony Stark has done some work on Jiang Yuan and his own mobile phone.
    Most need, whether he or Jiang Yuan, can quickly locate each other through Jarvis.
    With Jarvis positioning, Tony Stark quickly flew toward Jiang Yuan’s position.
    Soon Tony Stark came to Jiang Yuan.
    When he came to Jiang Yuan’s position and saw a faint camouflage man, Tony Stark looked at the ground eccentrically, followed by another look, then asked: “Just a guy?”
    “Yes, he is one.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “Anyone who told me to do something, isn’t it easy for you to fix it yourself? I thought that there is something to fight, and my Iron Man is finally going to have some action.” Tony Stark is quite speechless.
    “I don’t want to find you because of that reason. Who told this guy to smash my sports car with a rocket launcher. In order not to cause the FBI’s investigation, I naturally want to contact you for the first time. And if you don’t come, how can you get the model back, oh, the model is still on the ground there.” Jiang Yuan shrugged.
    Tony Stark shook his head in silence, followed to the position where the model was left, and then went back to Jiang Yuan’s position.
    Then Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan both of them flew back to the Bay Villa.
    Although the Ark reaction furnace used by Tony Stark is still works on palladium, there are still no problems with two people.
    After returning to the seaside villa, Tony Stark followed up and make a phone call to Pepper to let her arrange everything.
    There was no hesitation in Pepper, and she quickly acted.
    “Who is this guy?” After returning to his lab, Tony Stark opened the bodyguard mask and asked Jiang Yuan curiously.
    “He is one of the bodyguards around Obadiah Stane. I went to the company today to see him. He came to attack me because it was the order of Obadiah Stane.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “It’s Obadiah, how is Obadiah so crazy? After all, we are still inside US. How dare he do this to you? It’s not… When you just went to the company, what did you do to make him angry? Let’s say it.” Tony Stark looked suspiciously at Jiang Yuan.
    “Hey, I gave him a punch, and he almost spit out his breakfast.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “You are really bad guy…” Tony Stark was speechless.
    “No way, who wants to kill us and I really don’t mind violently angering his head.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “So, you deliberately provoke him, let him attack you, and then go through the vines and get his specific evidence of crime, so that he is expelled from the Stark Industries?” In the past, Tony Stark would not think that my own erotic brother will have any conspiracy, but now he has to think so.
    “Yes, I don’t want people like this to keep walking around me. So, we have to stop as soon as possible, so the time bomb is still clear early.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Well, man, it’s my brother, you are planned very well. Since you have such a calculation, then when we solve Obadiah, then his shares will be given to you.” Tony took a deep look at Jiang Yuan, and then said indifferently.
    “Then I am disrespectful.”
    This is the billion-dollar and the unit’s money, Jiang Yuan naturally will not push outside.
    Then Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark torture the guy, and the bodyguards naturally did not say anything.
    However, Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark were not discouraged.
    All kinds of torture are tried.
    As a person who was deeply inspected, Jiang Yuan knew a lot of ways to torture people.
    Let a person fear, not death, but let the other person want to die can not die.
    At the same time it is painful, it is not only pain, but itching.
    Itching is unbearable.
    Itchy itch.
    Jiang Yuan made a lot of wounds on this person, then got some sugar and found a lot of ants.
    It didn’t take long for the bodyguard to be in pain.
    In a blink of an eye, it is night.
    “Boss, Jerry has an accident, and he can’t be contacted.” Another bodyguard who was next to Obadiah Stane suddenly reported to Obadiah.
    “What??” Obadiah Stane body suddenly trembled. He ordered another bodyguard: “You find his specific location but If it is in the hands of Jiang Yuan or Tony. If so, immediately shut him up forever.”
    “Yes, boss!” Another bodyguard quickly responded, followed by quickly leaving Obadiah Stane’s side.
    When the man left, Obadiah Stane was heavily punch on the table, and his eyes were full of killings.
    These things are too unexpected for him, and they are unacceptable. In addition, there is still some anxiety. He is not sure if Jerry really falls into the hands of Stark and others, will he be interrogated about him.
    Although he is sure that Jerry will never talk about anything because he is smart but the world has always been full of surprises.
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