Marvel Super Extraction ch 27

Chapter 27: Iron man upgraded version!!
    “This guy’s bones are quite hard. He have already suffered quite a lot of pain. But he can still persist.”
    Inside a glass cabin, bodyguard that were caught was being locked in, and the whole body was covered with a large number of ants, and the face was distorted, and he struggled and twitched.
    “Through what he say or not, it didn’t have much influence on us.” Jiang Yuan said while holding an apple and talking to Tony Stark around him.
    As he said, he looked at Tony Stark, who was calculating some formula.
    “You still have to finish your formula early.”
    “Reassured, I will be fine soon, although I don’t know much about my Dad.” How does that old man created new elements, but it is just a matter of extracting new elements from his model, which is a minor problem.” Tony Stark.
    “Since it is a small problem, then you have to do it in a day.” Jiang Yuan.
    “Is this not delayed when I interrogate this person during the day? In addition, I also studied the portable way of Iron Man. Although the neuron is a portable, I only have some clues. After some time, I can think of it, but I thought of a box-like portable exoskeleton armor. Although it is still more than the kind of summoning method of neurons, it is better than nothing…” Tony Stark.
    “That you have to prepare as soon as possible, people who are attacking may come anytime.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “You really know that guy Obadiah Stane. After this person is missing for a long time, he will send someone to our villa to investigate? Even directly to grab this guy?” Tony Stark looked suspiciously at Jiang Yuan.
    “Is this is not obvious??”
    With the hot nature of the Obadiah, he is absolutely not allowed to make a little mistake, so he will definitely let people check if this person has been caught by us. Once this is determined, the percentage Hundreds of people will let the people under their hands to kill, how can it be difficult to get to this meeting, do you think he will be like this?” Jiang Yuan said.
    “I am only very emotional, after all, he is actually very rich, also very powerful, this Stark industry thing, most of the time, I did not manage anything, although I occupy the most shares, but in addition to selling weapons to terrorists, I did not stop him for anything. Besides, other things I have been quite acquainted with him most of the time. Tony Stark shook his head.”
    “Cut, that’s just what you think is tacit understanding. Well, let’s continue to research your company.” Jiang Yuan snorted.
    “No, it has been successful.” “Tony Stark suddenly flashed in the eyes, followed by a table that he saw in front of him quickly, and soon made a strange circuit, and then passed through a series of currents, he passed a launcher to made a new element
    And gave it to the Ark reactor in the first place.
    When the Ark reactor was built, Tony Stark did not test the energy inside. How powerful, he directly ordered Jarvis to quickly assemble it on the exoskeleton armor.
    In less than a moment, his body covered with a set of beautiful red and gold steel armor. After the steel armor was assembled successfully, he placed the new element synthesis on the Ark reaction furnace as the energy source, and then he saw his armor violently illuminated.
    “Wow, good strength, this feeling……” Tony Stark quickly looked at the large amount of data on the exoskeleton armor that appeared on his mask.
    The new element made the Ark reaction furnace stronger than the one that started. It is atleast 10 times more powerful.
    “Jiang Yuan, lets go out and experience the new energy!” Tony Stark was excited, followed by a sudden surge from the laboratory, only to see a broken ceiling in the laboratory. The position was directly converted into a flight path by Tony Stark. When he wanted to fly, he would flip over for the first time under the control of Jarvis.
    “This flight speed is indeed much stronger than the previous generation, although it still can’t be compared with the final version, but it is not bad, then look at Tony’s portable simplification, as long as he overcomes the problem of neurons, Then you can easily control the exoskeleton armor in the future.
    But even now, with this new energy, let Jarvis control, can also provide some help when needed.
    Jiang Yuan looked at the disappearance of Tony Stark, His heart also has a fire and want to fly.
    Such things can only be seen in movies before, but now he will be able to get for him from the Tony, and it is still a lifetime warranty, package with upgrade version.
    Who makes Tony Stark his brother.
    I think it’s quite a feeling.
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