Marvel Super Extraction ch 28

Chapter 28: Iron Man Armor
    After ten minutes, Tony Stark returned to the lab again.
    “Jiang, it’s so cool, it’s so cool. Compared with the Palladium Ark reaction furnace at the beginning, these new elements of the Ark reaction furnace are really too strong, I don’t know how my Old Man planned it. How did he get this new element, it was so advanced…” Tony Stark returned to the lab and said to Jiang Yuan’s with excitement.
    “Do you want to make me jealous? Hurry and give me one as well.” Jiang Yuan said.
    “Hey, is this your attitude towards asking favour?” Tony Stark looked at Jiang Yuan with a smile.
    “Be careful, I will really beat you.” Jiang Yuan waved his hand to Tony Stark.
    “Yes? Jiang Yuan now you want to fight with me again, but it is very difficult for you, especially if you have no sword in your hand.” Tony Stark looked at Jiang Yuan with a smile, followed by a sudden movement. Suddenly, he was close to Jiangyuan. At the same time, he slammed Jiang Yuan with a punch.
    Jiang Yuan relying on the powerful spider sense ability, he dodge the attack.
    As soon as he escaped the attack, he saw four guns suddenly appearing on the shoulders of Tony Stark Steel’s armor. Then a large number of bullets attacked Jiang Yuan. These bullets attacked like a drill, directly locked in The area where Jiang Yuan evaded with a flash, so that Jiang Yuan had to twist the body in a limit, and once again, safely escaped.
    However, this is only the beginning. Tony Stark is obviously preparing to take advantage of Jiang Yuan’s lack of weapons in his hands.
    A large number of bullets and energy blast start attacking non-stop, as if completely wanted to beat him.
    “Sure enough, as I have calculated, the responsiveness of Jiang Yuan’s mutated body is really amazing. I have tried my best to calculate his trajectory, and I have written it specifically into the attack algorithm of the program. Still can’t take him all at once.”
    Seeing that Jiang Yuan had repeatedly evaded his own attack, Tony Stark smiled at the corner of his mouth.
    For the strength of this younger brother, Tony Stark has some embarrassment, but more is still gratified.
    After all, he now has a strong fighting power.
    Although these forces come from high-tech armed forces, they are not his own skills.
    This armor is not made by ordinary people.
    After suppressing Jiang Yuan for a while, Tony Stark stopped.
    Upon seeing it, Jiang Yuan who is also trying to dodge, stopped.
    For Tony Stark’s abrupt attack he is not angry at all.
    Because this can be practiced suddenly to deal with dangerous reactions.
    “You have to wait for the armor a little, wait for me to write out the portable formula, just give me five minutes.” Tony Stark smiled at Jiang Yuan and followed without removing his own steel armor. He quickly commanded Jarvis to deduct a series of formulas.
    As with the extraction of new elements, the production of Tony Stark is the final step in the simplification of the portable.
    Then there was not much time and a lot of points with Tony Stark.
    It is said that in five minutes, Tony Stark completed the simplification of the portable Iron Man armor.
    Then, let Jarvis control the processing equipment in the laboratory and create a new Iron Man armor.
    Then half an hour later, Tony Stark handed a seemingly ordinary alley to Jiang Yuan.
    When he handed the box to Jiangyuan, he also got a box out.
    “How is this thing?”
    Jiang Yuan asked curiously.
    “Put it on the front of the box and you can press it,” Tony Stark said.
    Listening to this, Jiang Yuan immediately put the alley right, and then pressed on the front of the box, and then saw the box is suddenly like a deformation robot, changed.
    There was a position for the hand to reach.
    Jiang Yuan did not hesitate to put his hand in, and then he saw a mechanical sound: “Successfully recognized dna, in line with the user’s identity.”
    With such a sound, then I saw Jiangyuan hand in) The place of the box is centered and changed again. Jiangyuan’s hand is covered with a lot of metal objects. From the arm position, it spreads to the whole body. In less than a moment, it turns into a armor and completely wraps Jiangyuan.
    When he was wrapped, a mechanical sound rang in Jiang Yuan’s ear.
    “Master Jiang Yuan, Jarvis serves for you.”
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