Marvel super extraction ch 3

chapter 3: power increased!!
    “Strength gene! This gene is good, what are you waiting for, give me the rapid integration.” Jiang Yuan answered without hesitation. He was thinking how to help Tony, after all, Tony will go to Afghanistan tomorrow.
    With his ability before, if he tries to stop the kidnappers, he will be beaten like a dog and killed right away by the kidnappers.
    “Integration will make the body suffer a little bit. Please find a place that is not disturbed, relatively quiet and safe.” The sound of the system comes again.
    “Ok, wait a moment.” Jiang Yuan replied quickly, then he quickly walked toward the villa.
    “Jiang Yuan, You come back, what are you going to eat for breakfast?” Tony saw Jiang Yuan is coming back while he was sitting on the sofa and watching some morning news.
    “I won’t eat breakfast, I have some things, then if you hear some strange sounds, don’t come to my room.” Jiang Yuan shook his head at Tony, and then walked back to his room according to memory.
    During the walking process, there were some safety instructions are passed to Jarvis.
    Jarvis is the smart butler of the villa, and to open the room gate, it has to get its authorization first.
    “Jarvis, you enhance the sound insulation of this room.” Jiang Yuan said to Jarvis after arriving at the room.
    “Ok, young master Jiang Yuan.” Jarvis answered.
    Then Jiang Yuan did not see any changes in his room but Jarvis responded, so there must be changes happened.
    He lay on the ground and then asked: “Hey, system, can you hear me.”
    “Host, I can hear you.” The mechanical voice replied.
    “Very good, immediately give me a fusion.” Jiang Yuan’s eyes flashed.
    Almost at the moment of Jiang Yuan’s command, Jiang Yuan screamed and screamed. He only felt that his body was suddenly itching, and even if he had prepared in advance, he could not bear it, so that he could only wait to faint.
    Because this pain is just on the verge of his fainting.
    “System, can you faint me?” Jiang Yuan asked secretly.
    “The more you can withstand the pain, the more you can maximize the fusion of genetic power.” The mechanical voice said again.
    “Ok, I know.” Jiang Yuan’s weak voice followed, and then with the strong determination flashed in his eyes.
    Fortunately, although this pain is very terrible, it only lasted less than five minutes.
    Although it was only less than five minutes, Jiang Yuan felt that he had experienced the 18-layer torture in the hell. The whole body was collapsed and full of sweats.
    That feeling is really terrible.
    In particular, it is obvious that he can feel the pain because it can make him faint, but he is not able to faint.
    “Master Jiang Yuan, seeing your situation is very bad now, need me to inform Mr. Tony?” Jarvis’s voice suddenly sounded in the room again.
    “No, my situation is very good.” Jiang Yuan weakly responded.
    “Master Jiang Yuan, are you sure?” Jarvis asked again.
    “Well, I am sure.” Jiang Yuan responded, then forced to stand up from the ground, and then walks toward the bathing room.
    His body has a slimy layer on it, and it also gave off a stench like wet garbage.
    This smell is so bad that he wants to vomit.
    Ten minutes later, Jiang Yuan came out of the bathroom.
    Now I feel refreshed.
    At this time he stood in front of the mirror and looking at his own shadow in the mirror.
    He saw in the mirror a handsome face that blended between Westerners and Orientals, a knife-like face, a deep star, a good-looking nose, and if he goes to night bar or a nightclub or something, Jiang Source feels that it is easy to hook up with some girls.
    In addition, His body has a nice muscle structure with good biceps and 8 pack abs.
    With a little effort, Jiang Yuan can feel the power of his body.
    This strength is much stronger than when he just passed through, it is not known how many times stronger.
    However, at this time, this force is not well controlled. In the process of taking a bath, he broke the door handle and shower switch. Fortunately, Jarvis could carry out intelligent water cut.
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