Marvel Super Extraction ch 31

Chapter 31: Monster

Although in terms of firearms and weapon control, Jiang Yuan is simply not comparable to Tony Stark, but in terms of reaction speed and body speed, Jiang Yuan is definitely better than Tony Stark.

When Jiang Yuan rushed to the remaining three terrorists, although Jiang Yuan had some control over the portable armor, it was only a few minutes after he had just gotten his hand on this armor. He slammed directly into one of the terrorists.


The terrorist who was hit was flying straight out.

When the terrorists flew out, he has a bloody head. The ribs felt that they had been broken.

“What kind of monster is this, ah!”

“Tony’s villa has such a robot, Jerry caught by this guy is not what unexpected thing.”

The remaining two terrorists looked at each other with their pupils shrinking, and both legs subconsciously trembled.

In their eyes, the steel monster in front of him is monster, guns doesn’t work on him, he is also very fast, which makes them no way to fight.

“Withdrawal, retreat.”

Under the taboo, one of the terrorist suddenly said, he immediately turned and ran, and another one saw it, and he ran quickly as well. When he ran, this person was ignored by Jiang Yuan. Terrorist threw a grenade at Jiang Yuan.

When the grenade was thrown, he did not wait for it to explode, and he suddenly fell to the ground.

The next second…

A loud bang, the grenade exploded.

“Is it finished?”

Hearing the grenade explosion, Terrorist who fell to the ground turned his head to look at the explosion position. However, when he looked at it, he did not see Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan disappeared.

“Is it directly blown into powder? No, the steel monster can withstand the bullets, even if the grenade has an effect on him, it will not turn into powder.” Terrorist subconsciously thought.

“Are you looking for me?”

Suddenly a cold voice rang next to him. When he heard the sound, Terrorist face changed and he quickly wanted to roll over, but he was about to roll. At that time, he saw Jiang Yuan stepping on him.

“Cut, cut!”

The crisp bones shattered sound came. Jiang Yuan stepped on Terrorist’s body and directly broke his rib bones. He even pushed so much that it broke others heart and shattered it.

After smashing the Terrorist, Jiang Yuan followed and frowned at the corridor in the far corner. When he attacked terrorist, another terrorist had already run away.

Just a little frowning, Jiang Yuan followed up quickly.

These people are all bio-energy that are delivered to the door.

For those who are ready to send to his own doors to brush his experience, Jiang Yuan is not prepared to let them go.

Although he had 2,800 bio-energy before today, it is still not enough.

With the requirement of randomly extracting the capacity of other biological genes per thousand bio-energy, more than 2,800, it can only be extracted twice.

When Jiang Yuan followed, the man saw such a situation and suddenly threw a bomb at Jiang Yuan.

Jiang Yuan subconsciously retreats, when he retreats, his eyes are suddenly flashed.

Flash bomb!

It turned out that this Terrorist doesn’t have the ordinary high-explosive grenade, but the flash bomb, so that Jiang Yuan, who was unable to guard against it, was flashed in his eyes. When his eyes were flashed, Terrorist followed him. The grenade was again used on Jiang Yuan.

Although Jiang Yuan couldn’t see it, according to the spider’s induction, he found that something is coming near himself. It was very dangerous. So there was no hesitation. He retreat, and it flashed toward the back and flashed back. Jiang Yuan ordered Jarvis: “Jarvis opened the intelligent assistant and killed the Terrorist.”

“Yes, young master Jiang!”

Jarvis answered, then he opened the barrel on his shoulder, three consecutive bullets attacked the terrorist.


Terrorist’s eyes widened and fell to the ground, and when he fell to the ground, his eyebrows, heart, and throat were hit by bullets.

As the person died, Jiang Yuan suddenly felt that it was dangerous and slightly slowed down, his vision returned to normal, and then he saw the terrorist who had died on the ground.

“With equipment and no equipment, it really is two concepts. If there is no exoskeleton armor, although I will not be injured this time, but at most it is just dodge. Of Jarvis is not there, I really will be in some problem.” Jiang Yuan looked at the dead body on ground with no emotion. He went to the Gym and take out his sword.

Compared with the hot weapon attack, Jiang Yuan prefers this cold weapon attack.

Soon he came to the gym and then stepped into the gym to get the sword from inside. After getting the sword, Jiang Yuan quickly searched for some terrorists who invaded the villa.

Using Jarvis’s scan, he quickly locked one again.

After locking this person, the other party start attacking Jiang. Jiang’s body slightly escaped from the attack, and then ran up and then smashed the giant sword in his hand.

The other party smashed into two halves, the scene is quite bloody, so Jiang Yuan, who created this scene, almost could not help but spit.

After a slight glance, he followed to the other terrorists again.

Once met, he often use the sword.

“Monster, monster…”

“Help, save me…”

With Jiang’s action, the terrorists starts to feel the horror, and soon screams started to rang. Some terrorists invading the villa, after watching Jiang Yuan fight, they bloody killings. They scream and directly fled and went out to the outside of the villa.

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