Marvel Super Extraction ch 32

Chapter 32: Come to door!

“Hey, what’s the situation?”

Tony suddenly saw some terrorists running from the villa, these terrorists have a very frightened expression. They can’t wait to curse their parents that they are not provided with extra legs, and let him subconsciously feel a little worried.

Although he was wearing an exoskeleton armor, he was shocked by the terrorists who played against him, but he was not so terrified.

However, although Tony Stark was curious, when he saw someone running out, he immediately went and screamed at these people.

He did not kill these people.

Anyone who is attacked by him is basically just being knocked down, alive and broken their legs and hands, letting them temporarily lose their ability to move, or attack their ability.

After ten minutes, the battle is over.

Although Jiang Yuan shot hot, Tony Stark is also a variety of interceptors to stop terrorists, but there are still terrorists fleeing the location of the villa.

For those who fled, neither Tony Stark nor Jiang Yuan pursue it.


“Jiang Yuan, what are you doing? How do you do it… vomit, so bloody.” Tony Stark said to Jiang Yuan quite silently, but he saw the bodies of terrorists who were dismembered. At the time, his face also turned white.

The body was broken into two pieces, and the intestines and internal organs fell to the ground. This kind of scene is really not something that ordinary people can bear.

Today the villa is almost like Shura hell.

“I stopped the terrorists.” Jiang Yuan said.

“You can still call this stopping!” Tony Stark couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Yuan.

“Really.” Jiang Yuan said.

“You almost make them mines-meat.” Tony Stark rolled his eyes and followed the call quickly, making people feel good.


“What do you say, there is a robot in the villa of Tony Stark? Can let the elite warriors with more than 20 hand-held weapons contend?” Among the villas where Opadiah lived, at this time Opadiah is looking at the terrorist in front of him with his eyes wide open and bloody.

“Yes boss.” The black dress man replied bitterly.

“Are you joking? atleast make it a little better excuse?” Obadiah glanced at the black dress man.

“Boss, what I said is true. I have video footage…” The black dress man swears, and he pulled out a disk and handed it to Opadiah.

When Obadiah saw it, he immediately inserted the disk into a laptop on the coffee table and entered it, followed by the video in the disk.

While playing, he played it while picking up a glass of red wine and sipping it.

The next second…


Obadiah immediately squirted the wine out of his mouth, his eyes wide open, staring at the picture played in the laptop.

In the picture, Jiang Yuan waved a giant sword to cut some terrorists from their waist, or a picture that was split in half.

“This…this…is Tony, I thought I already know you very well. I didn’t expect you to have such a card! Exoskeleton armor! This is clearly a very good research material for the major countries, organizations, who are privately researching the exoskeleton armor.

As far as I know, although other countries also have exoskeleton armor, most of them are very disabled, and the mobility is not very strong, but in front of it, the lethality is obviously amazing!

“Both maneuverability and attacking power are quite strong.” Obadiah whispered, his face faintly distorted.

As the second largest shareholder of the Stark Group, he did not know that Tony Stark had created such a thing.

This is not a general concealment.

“I always thought that Tony Stark was stupid, but I didn’t think that he had been guarding against me all the time!” Obadiah’s eyes were cold, and he instructed the black dress man on the side: “Ready, I am going to take a look at Tony Stark’s home.”

“Ah…boss, this is not good!” the black dress man exclaimed.

“What’s wrong, he doesn’t know that the person who sent you is me, such an exoskeleton armor, I must get it. As long as I get such a thing, I will be able to sell arms more on a larger scale in the future.” Obadiah voice is cold.

“Yes… but this is too dangerous.” Black dress man said.

“Don’t tell me anything nonsense, just arrange it.” Obadiah is unwilling to speak something more.

Upon seeing it, the black dress man did not dare to have any scorn, and quickly arranged.

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