Marvel Super Extraction ch 33

Chapter 33: New Gene!

Under the arrangement of the black dress man, more than an hour later, Obadiah came to the seaside villa where Tony Stark and Jiang Yuan lived.

When he came here, although this place had been treated to some extent, it was obvious that some bullets had been fired and the grenade had exploded.

Slightly looked at the outside of the villa, followed by Obadiah to the door of the villa, and then rang the bell door of the newly installed villa door.

As he did, followed by a mechanical voice and rang from the gate.

“Good evening, Mr. Obadiah.” Jarvis mechanically greeted Obadiah.

“Hello Jarvis, Tony is at home, I have something to find him.” Obadiah responded with a smile.

“Mr. Tony is at home, but Mr. Tony has told me to refuse any visitors.” Jarvis said.

“But I am in a hurry, I really have to talk to Tony.” Obadiah said.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” Jarvis said.

When he said this to Obadiah, Jarvis was also in contact with Jiang Yuan and Tony Stark, who are continuing to toss the armor in the laboratory.

“Mr. Tony, Mr. Obadiah suddenly came and said that he was in a hurry to find you. Do you need him to come in?” Jarvis said.

“Obadiah? What did he come here? See if I am dead? Or…” Tony Stark glanced.

“Of course, it’s for the exoskeleton armor. Needless to say, with some people escaping back and then talking about our affairs, Obadiah is interested in the external armor. This person is really have a thick face…” Jiang Yuan snorted.

“Then you said we need to see him?” Tony Stark said.

“Of course, let’s see what he thinks who he is. Because of the game rules, I will not go out to kill him. It is already very good.” Jiang Yuan.

“Before there is no definitive evidence, it is best not to kill him. It is no problem to kill some small people, but after all, Obadiah is the second largest shareholder of the Stark Group. If we rush to kill him, once the FBI’s people found out, it will be troublesome. Some people definately try to use this opportunity to plunder the shares.

So, if you want to grab his shares a little bit, it is best not to kill him easily.” Tony Stark.

“Reassured, I just talked about it.” Jiang Yuan said.

“You continue to slowly get the exoskeleton armor, I go to the gym.” After Jiang Yuan dropped a sentence, he went to the gym.

At the time, Tony Stark thought about it, that if he did not let Obadiah enter the villa. Instead, let Jarvis refused the entry of Obadiah.

Obadiah got a reply, he smiled and said to Jarvis. “Tell Tony, I really have something to look for. Since he is busy, remind him when he is free.”

After talking about it, he calmly turned away and was not angry.

However, it seems that he is not angry.

In fact, he was quite angry. When he turned around, in the place that Jarvis’s camera could not capture, Obadiah’s face was quite ugly and obviously angry.

“You really thought that no one else can create an exoskeleton armor. Since there is a video of your battle, then I can let the team under me to create it.” Obadiah thought. He came to the villa, the purpose of which was to see if he could find any design drawings from Tony Stark’s villa.

If it is, it is natural to plagiarize it for the first time.

He is very clear, Tony Stark, a guy who makes weapons at home, when he is experimenting, often puts drawings and whatever, casually, regardless of whether it will be seen by others, he used to about the habits of Tony Stark. In the home, he have seen many times the weapons involved in the drawings.


Jiang Yuan dressed up heavy armor, and picked up the sword, while moving, but also counted up the bioenergy obtained this time.

He killed a total of fourteen people.

Get 1,400 bio-energy.

Plus the previous two thousand eight points, that is 4,200 points, enough for him to randomly draw four times.

“I extracted the genes of other organisms, can I extract the flight ability?” Jiang Yuan.

“Yes.” 9527 said.

“What are some special abilities? For example, electric shovel, electric shovel discharge capacity, can I extract?” Jiang Yuan eyes glimpse.

“Yeah.” 9527 said once again.

“So, it seems that electric discharge capacity is worth considering.” Jiang Yuan’s dawn is slightly moving.

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