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Marvel Super Extraction ch 35

Chapter 35: extraction!

“Randomly extracting the underwater survival gene, is it fusion?”

Under a series of prompts, 9527 suddenly informed Jiang Yuan.

“Hey, what is the underwater survival gene?” Jiang Yuan felt that he turned a little stupid.

“It is swimming, and a certain degree of diving ability, allowing the host to survive underwater like an electric eel.”


This ability, Jiang Yuan did not know what to say, say rubbish, whether he did not cross before, or after crossing, currently he can not swim, but you have to say it is good, this gene feels bit waste, It is not a general difference compared to the discharge and storage capacity he wants.


But although it is tasteless, it is extracted, and the creatures is already used. He didn’t want to waste points.

Accompanied by Jiang Yuan’s command, he joined with the unique source of energy with Jiang Yuan’s body, and Jiang Yuan discovered that he had more ability.


Although this has not been tried yet, Jiang Yuan clearly perceives that as long as he thinks, he can survive under the water, even if he encounters any huge waves, he would likely to survive in the water.

It looks like it is also good.

“Continue to spend a thousand points for random extraction.” After the integration of underwater survival, Jiang Yuan followed the command of 9527.

“After spending another thousand bio-energy, randomly extract the electric eel gene.”

“Random extraction of electric discharge gene, whether to carry out fusion.”

The reminder of the 9527 sounded again in Jiang Yuan’s mind, when this prompt falls, Jiang Yuan’s face flash with excitement.

“Fuse.” Jiang Yuan ordered.

Then a strange force was once again integrated into Jiang Yuan’s body, so that Jiang Yuan clearly discovered that his body has changed. The muscles of his body have been transformed to a certain extent. There is a faint current in the flow, let his muscles became ‘electric muscles’.

As long as he wants to use the electric muscle to discharge.

With such perception, Jiang Yuan subconsciously took out and tried to discharge.

As he did, he suddenly saw that his left hand had a current flowing, but the current was not strong.

Seeing this, Jiang Yuan’s brow wrinkled, he looked at the power socket not far from him.

It is obvious that the current that he is releasing is not strong because the current in his body is too small.

If you absorb some electricity into the body, then naturally he can send a strong current attack.

“Friendly reminder, although the host has the ability to discharge, but he does not have the ability to store electricity, rushing to contact the host to discharge other currents, you will likely to enter into coma or death, the host wants to absorb other currents, can only continue to extract the electric eel gene.” Suddenly, 9527 informed him.

“Well, continue to give me random extraction!” Jiang Yuan silently ordered 9527.

“Try again for a thousand points to perform random extraction!”

“Random extraction is in progress!”

“Extracting high-voltage pulse genes, Is it fuse? Friendly suggestion, high-voltage pulse gene and single discharge gene are different, high-voltage pulse gene is discharge an advanced version of the gene that allows the host to emit high-voltage pulse currents, making the current attack more powerful, and the high-voltage pulse includes not only attacks, but also the location of other objects that are attacked by high-voltage pulses, and the ability to track the target!” 9527 informed Jiang Yuan.

“Immediately merge!”

Jiang Yuan did not think much, and immediately continued to merge, and then he found that his body was further strengthened, and the attack on discharge from a single way, suddenly became more.

To put it bluntly, this high-voltage pulse gene is the difference between a master and a rookie compared with a normal discharge gene.

The discharge gene is simply a discharge, but it is a trick, and the high-voltage pulse is a technical discharge, and the current that is discharged by the electric shock is further enhanced.

“Continue to extract.” After the integration, Jiang Yuan did not wait until 9527 to inform him that he still could not store electricity, and immediately ordered again.

Because when the high-voltage pulse function was extracted, Jiang Yuan found that he still could not store electricity and could only discharge.

“Take another thousand bio-energy again, and randomly extract from the eel!”

“Random extraction is in progress.”

“Successfully extract the electric eel, electricity storage gene, is it fusion?”

“Merged immediately.”

When 9527 successfully extracting the gene again, Jiang Yuan did not hesitate to order it again. If he did not succeed, he would definately curse the system.

He has only 4,200 points of bioenergy in total.

Now, after four random picks, the bio-energy can only be 200 points, and even one more time will not work.

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