Marvel super extraction ch 4

chapter 4: Decision
    According to the science, an ant can lift more than 400 times its own weight and can carry objects that are more than 1,700 times its own weight. Harvard University entomologist Mark Morfeit oberseved an Asian ant. According to his observations, more than 10 united ants are able to carry more than 5,000 times their own weight. An average person can carry 1 ton per person, from this perspective of the relative strength of the ant is a well-deserved known as a powerhouse.
    Why do small ants have such power? Scientists have done a lot of research and analysis to prove that ants are a treasure trove of miniature animal nutrition. Every 100 grams of ants can produce 2929 kilojoules (700 kcal) of heat, scientists It was discovered that the ant’s leg muscles are a highly efficient “engine”. This “muscle engine” is composed of billions of subtle “small engines”, so ants can produce such extraordinary power.
    At this time, Jiang Yuan extracted the ant vital gene theory. He can also lift things that are four hundred times his own weight.
    However, the human body and the ants are different after all. Although Jiang Yuan can feel that his body has been transformed with the extraction of genes, and this body contains enormous power but Jiangyuan does not think that he can now handle such a strong force.
    As for how strong it is, he will try it out.
    “You have to find a partner to adept this sudden surge of strength. Now, if you don’t pay attention, you will kill someone by mistake.” Jiang Yuan shook his fist and felt his power. Follow the carefully dressed clothes.
    But even if he was very careful but the power of the skyrocketing was too difficult to control, it still let him tear his clothes into pieces.
    After destroying several sets of clothes in succession, Jiang Yuan successfully managed to wear a pair of sports shorts and sports vests, and then went to the gym in the villa.
    After entering the gym, Jiang Yuan aimed at the dumbbells on the ground.
    10 kg and 20 kg dumbells are directly ignored by him. He directly aimed at the 30 kg plus dumbbells, and then held the lever with one hand, lifted it up.
    Although Jiangyuan had already prepared for lifting the dumbbells, it was clear that his strength was soaring that he could easily pick up 40 kg of dumbbells, but Jiangyuan did not expect it to be so easy.
    30 kg of dumbbells were held in his hands and there was no feeling at all.
    Jiang Yuan suddenly throws his dumbbells towards the ceiling, and when it fell, he grabbed it with one hand.
    “The ability to extract this type of gene is simply a deadly weapon.” Jiang Yuan’s mouth has a smile, then he played throw and catch a few times. After that he looks towards the 40, 50 and 60 kg of dumbbells.
    The 60 kg of dumbbell was also bought by Tony.
    But it was not used at all.
    Under normal circumstances, how can someone use 60 kg of dumbbells for exercise?
    Generally, it is quite good to use 30 kg.
    Forty, fifty, sixty.
    Jiang Yuan picked them up from the ground.
    Easy and relaxed.
    Whether it is 40 kg or 50 kg, it is very easy for Jiang Yuan. Only the 60 kg let Jiang Yuan feel some strength to a certain extent.
    But even if it is 60 kg, Jiangyuan can also make all kinds of throws.
    Just as Jiang Yuan used to watch the martial arts masters in the martial arts films, the stone locks were thrown and practised. The 60 kilograms of dumbbells were still not the biggest limit of Jiangyuan’s strength, but the heaviest dumbbell in the gym is this one only.
    The left hand and the right hand respectively picked up a dumbbell and then exercised various kinds of throws. This is also the case that Tony Stark and pepper were not seen this or they definitely got shocked.
    He exercises for a long time.
    Because he is going to Afghanistan tomorrow, Jiang Yuan is not wasting time and trying hard to exercise.
    At the moment when he got the ability, Jiang Yuan decided to go to Afghanistan with Tony Stark tomorrow.
    As Tony Stark said, he is now one of the shareholders of Stark Industries, and it is natural for him to attend some meetings.
    If you don’t go, he will frize your bank account. That’s all money. You can’t let go of hundreds of millions of dollars.
    Not to mention that he still has to find a way to ensure that Tony, the cheaper brother, will not have accident in Afganistan.
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