Marvel Super Extraction ch 40

Chapter 40: Norman Osborn

Seeing Jiang Yuan, Peter Parker turned and left, because he suddenly remembered that he had just reported his real name to Jiang Yuan, but he just took the identity card to impersonate others.

At this time, his position is far from the front desk, and the front desk could not hear his dialogue with Jiang Yuan.

So where does he dare to stay, naturally it is the first time to go to the elevator.

In fact, the front desk reception naturally heard the conversation between Jiang Yuan and Peter Parker, but she was not prepared to call Peter Parker, because when Peter Parker arrived here, she had already recognized Peter Parker.

This is the person who is the young master of the family has called.

It is a close friend of Harry Osborn.

Such a person, where she dares to stop him, so Peter Parker just pretending to be an intern, she will not reveal anything.

Because in her mind, the interns will not come, so it is no wonder that their chances have been replaced.

After Peter Park left, Jiang Yuan soon approached the front desk. After coming here, she asked Jiang Yuan politely. “Hello, hello, do you want anything?”

“I am Jiang Stark, one of the shareholders of the Stark Group, I want to talk to someone about the Osborn Group. you can find someone who can be responsible for this type of thing.” Jiang Yuan said quietly.

Although the previous receptionist had heard Jiang Yuan and Peter Parker, know that Jiang Yuan, she did not link Jiang Yuan to the Stark Group.

Because of the name of Stark, the most famous now is Tony Stark.

As for what Jiang Yuan, she has never heard of before.

But now she has to pay attention to it.

If this is true, then she must not be slow.

“Mr. Stark, please wait a moment, I will contact the company’s top management.” Receptionist quickly greeted Jiang Yuan with friendliness and then called to contact the top management of the Osborn Group.

Under her contact, the top management was surprised after hearing such a thing, and then reported it at various levels.

Soon this was passed to the Osborn Group’s current chairman, Norman Osborn.

But when Norman Osborn heard such a thing, he was also surprised by the subconscious.

Unlike their employees, who have not heard of Jiang Yuan Stark, but Norman Osborn has heard of the name of Jiang Yuan Stark.

“Isn’t this the famous otaku brother of Tony Stark? How come this guy is interested in running to Osbourn today, and also said that there is business to talk about.” Norman Osbourn’s eyes flashed, and then he got up and walked outside the office.

He is going to personally contact Jiang Yuan.

Although in his capacity, a character like Jiang Yuan is not worthy of his contact with him, especially if he has not had much time, he does not need to contact Jiang Yuan, the legendary otaku.

But in any case, Jiang Yuan has a 10% stake in the Stark Group. It also has a very high voice in the Stark Group, so a certain reception is also a must.

In case he died someday, because of the offense of Jiang Yuan, which caused the Osborn Group to fight with the Stark Group, this is something he did not want to see at all.

Once in the war, the Osborn Group may not be able to fight the Stark Group.

Although both the Osborn Group and Stark Group are engaged in high-tech manufacturing, they have a great relationship with the military.

But Osborn is mainly engaged in biotechnology research, and Stark Group is more about weapons.

And according to Norman Osborn, Howard Stark has a very close cooperation with a secret department in the country. On the background, Osborn Group can no longer compare with the Stark Group unless they create the super soldier serum plan recently studied can be successful.

Once successful, then in terms of overall strength, Stark Group can be surpassed in an instant, but once it is not successful, they cannot compare with the current Stark Group.

Because Stark Group still have Tony Stark.

Tony’s design talent, manufacturing talent, is nothing worse than Howard, and even better than some extent.

And his Osborn Group, now he has not been much time, as for Harry…

Although Harry’s academic performance is not bad, it is much worse than Tony Stark.

This is true.

The only good news is that, according to his intelligence, the Stark Group is not as peaceful as it seems.

The guy Obadiah is very greedy.

All kinds of secretly selling arms, this conflicts with Tony Stark’s rules.

So sooner or later, they will break out of conflict because of these things.

In the mind, all the thoughts turned, Norman Osborn come out of the elevator, and then proceeded to the hall where Jiang Yuan was, and arrived in the hall in a short time.

After coming to the hall, he didn’t need to introduce anything. His sight fell on Jiang Yuan, who was sitting on the sofa in the reception area.

Seeing Jiang Yuan’s handsome face combined with the mixed blood of East and West, he recognized this as Jiang Yuan Stark for the first time.

He have heard that Howard and a Asian woman have a very handsome boy.

He didn’t expect this guy to be really handsome.

Unfortunately, although handsome, but in terms of design talent and management talent, it is much worse than Tony Stark.

This is a guy who has been rated as waste by the top executives of major group companies.

Most people comment that he is no threat to them.

Once Tony Stark died because of any unexpected situation, Jiang Yuan Stark can’t do anything. It will inevitably make the Stark Group change its dynasty and fall into the hands of Obadiah.

Of course, it is only speculation that not everyone knows that Obadiah has already started to attack on Tony Stark.

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