Marvel Super Extraction ch 41

Chapter 41: Super Soldier Plan

“Hey, Jiang Yuan.”

After seeing Jiang, Norman Osborn walked quickly to Jiang’s position and followed the casual sitting on the Jiang sofa to say hello to Jiang.

“Hello, Mr. Osborn.” With Norman Osborn’s greeting, Jiang recognize each other and responded to his greeting.

“I heard that you want to cooperate with my Osborn group. I don’t know what you want to cooperate with me?” Norman Osborn did not want to waste too much time and asked directly from Jiang Yuan.

“Hah, in fact, it is just an excuse for me to lie to the front desk reception.” Jiang Yuan smiled, there is no shackle on his face.

“Excuses?” Norman Osborn’s brows subconsciously wrinkled, although after hearing that Jiang came to his company, he did not have much hope for the so-called cooperation, but this will hear Jiang Yuan admit, he has the feeling that someone cheated him.

“Yes, in fact, I want to buy a little special spider silk from the Osborn Group, so I will let the people in charge come to see me, I don’t want to be alarmed Mr. Osborn.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Just because of this? Why do you want to buy biological spider silk?” Norman Osborn looked at Jiang strangely.

“It’s not that I heard that Osborn’s special spider silk has good toughness. It has some strength and stickiness that ordinary spider silk can’t match. So I am very curious about this spider silk and I am going to get some research back. Of course, if you are afraid that I will get the Osborn Group’s business when I get this spider silk. Than treat this as I have not said anything.” Jiang Yuan said.

“So, you can go back Mr. Jiang. I am really afraid that after you get the spider silk back, you will decipher the manufacture of the spider silk and steal the business of the Osborn Group.” Norman Osborn also directly said.

“Really an old fox.” Seeing Norman Osborn did not hesitate to follow his own words, makes Jiang slightly stunned.

“Well, then Osborn, I really have a cooperation talks with you. We need to find a safe place to talk again.” Jiang Yuan suddenly stood from the position.


Norman Osborn blinked his eye, then stood up and said, “Follow me.” Then he went to the lift.

Jiang Yuan is slow to keep up.

After entering the elevator, two went straight to the Osborn Group’s chairman’s office and soon arrived at the office.

“You sit down, what do you need to drink?”

After arriving at the office, Norman Osborn said to Jiang Yuan.

“Just take a glass of water.” Jiang Yuan.

Norman Osborn heard this and went to the water dispenser position, and poured a glass of water for Jiang.

“Now, what do you want to work with me?” Norman Osbourn stared at Jiang.

“I heard that your Osborn Group is currently carrying out a ‘super soldier plan’.” Jiang Yuan said.

“It’s no secret.” Norman Osborn said without a surprise. Although ordinary people don’t know about such things, some large groups in the country are well aware of this.

“I also heard that your Osborn Group is making a kind of biological armor and flying skateboards.” Jiang Yuan said.


Norman Osborn now started to get surprised.

Although the Super Soldiers program is not a secret, biological armor and flying skateboards are definitely not something that anyone can easily know.

“I also know that every member of your Osborn family has a family genetic disease. If I remember correctly, Norman, you shouldn’t have much time.” Jiang don’t wait for Norman Osborn to wonder, he gave him one more surprise.

“How do you know?” Norman Osborn suddenly stood up from the seat, and then looked very poorly at Jiang. If Jiang did not say a reason, he can’t let Jiang get out of this room.

While standing up, his hand knocked on the desk, and then he saw the surrounding area of ??the office. It turned out to be a lot of guns, completely locked in Jiang, as long as Jiang had the slightest change, it would made Jiang Yuan into a sieve.

Regarding the genetic diseases of the Osborn family, this has always been a secret matter. It has always been concealed by Norman Osborn, blocking news, even his son Harry Osborn does not know such a thing.

“You don’t need to know how I know it. You just need to know. I know exactly why you made the Super Soldier Plan. The main purpose of your Super Soldier Plan is to develop a genetic agent that will lift your Osborne family’s genetic disease.

“And your super soldier plan, is now almost successful.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Well, you are right, I don’t ask you how you know it. I want to know why you are saying about these things now. I thought that the Stark family only have Tony Stark. In addition, the remaining Jiang Stark is just a waste wood, otaku, who don’t want everyone to look at it.”

“But you are totally different.” Norman Osborn sat back in the position, indifferently looked at Jiang, the surrounding muzzle did not start firing, but still aimed at Jiang.

“Hah, that’s Osborn. You think too much. I was very simple. If you promise me to buy spider silk before, I wouldn’t tell you these things.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Is it really just for the spider silk?” Norman Osborn said with completely unbelievable behavior.


“What do you say, you said that Jiang Yuan’s guy went to Osborn Group and was personally received by Norman Osborn?”

When Norman Osborn and Jiang Yuan talked, Obadiah also got a report from his men. When he knew about these things, his face suddenly became serious and his brows wrinkled.

He did not understand what Jiang’s purpose was to go to the Osborn Group.

Is it difficult for Tony Stark to let Jiang go to the Osborn Group?

Could it be that Tony found behind the scenes attack plan? So is he ready to unite with Norman Osborn to deal with him?

So that why when he visited Tony not long ago, Tony didn’t see him?

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