Marvel Super Extraction ch 42

Chapter 42: Electric shock.

“No, absolutely can’t let Jiang Yuan and Tony meet again. Listen well, once Jiang Yuan walks out of Osborn Group, immediately find a chance to kidnap him.

If there is really nothing, even if there is, when others saw it, they would also pointed to me.” After listening to his report, Obadiah swiftly turned his mind and followed the order again.

For his order, his men naturally did not dare to have any hesitation, and immediately starts to act.

“Tony, I really underestimated you.” After the order, Obadiah smiles.


“I didn’t lie to you, it was just for Spider silk.”

Inside the Osborn Group’s chairman’s office, Jiang Yuan was shrugging at Norman Osborn.

Norman Osborn took a deep look at Jiang and then asked again: “What do you mean by cooperation?”

“You give me the spider silk, I told you something useful to you.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Just this?” Norman Osborn looked at Jiang suspiciously, and did not believe in Jiang’s words.

“It’s just this.” Jiang said.

“Well, I can sell the spider silk to you. You say, what is useful information for me.” Norman asked.

“Your genetic research laboratory bio-genetic medicine, although your research is right, but I would advise you not to use on your own, else you will regret.”

Bio-genetic agents in terms of efficacy is really good to be able to stop the genetic diseases of your Osborn family, but once you inject it, it will also generate animal nature inside your mind, thus losing humanity and reason.

If you are alive, you will just turn into a Monster.

So, if you really want to inject medicine, it is best to solve the drawbacks in this area.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Beast?” Norman Osborn frowned, followed by a deep glance at Jiang. He wants to confirm that Jiang is not aimless telling lies, but really has a certain understanding of their company’s genetic plan.

Because the main shortcomings of the current Super Soldiers plan are the last hidden dangers about animal nature, but no human experiments have been carried out yet, so it is not known what the effect is.

“I told you already. Now, take me to the laboratory of spider silk.” Jiangyuan stood up from the position, and he didn’t care about the many muzzles around him.

“Wait.” Norman Osborn screamed at Jiang.

“Uhhh?” Jiang Yuan looked at Norman Osborn.

“Since you know the drawbacks of genetic agents, do you have any way to solve the drawbacks? If you have, I can give you dividends and let you participate in the Super Soldiers program. And most importantly, I can also give you genetic agents, let you also strengthened.” Norman Osborn said.

“Sorry, I am not interested in your genetic agent.” Jiang Yuan shrugged.

“Why? Don’t you want to be a character like Captain America?” Norman Osborn said.

“Of course I don’t want to, I am me, he is him, how can I want to be him.” Jiang Yuan said, “Of course, if you can give me a set of biological armor and flying skateboards, then I can also give you some idea.”

“Well, biological armor and flying skateboards can give you, you say, how can we solve the drawbacks of animal nature?” Norman Osborn eyes turn red, follow by his sinking voice.

“Do you know Dr. Hank Pim?” Jiang Yuan said.

“How could I not know him?” Norman Osborn said.

“So, then I advise you to find him. In addition, by the way, look for Peter Parker. You should be familiar with Peter Park!” Jiang Yuan said.

“Of course, Peter is a good friend of Harry.” Norman Osborn’s pupil narrowed slightly, followed by a smile.

“Just a good friend?” Jiang Yuan looked at Norman Osborn with a smile, and then did not say anything, he went to the door.

Norman Osborn looks turn gloomy at the back of Jiang Yuan, and his left hand subconsciously squeezed into a fist.

He feels that Jiang knows a lot about the secrets of his Osborn group.

At the same time, he is afraid that he know some details about the deaths of Peter Parker’s parents.

Such Jiang made Norman Osborn feel very dangerous. He couldn’t help but want to kill Jiang, but he just got ready to get his hands on the desk and control the system program to attack Jiang, but he saw, Jiang Yuan, suddenly turned around, pointing to Norman Osborn.

As Jiang Yuan bombed, he immediately saw an electric arc bursting from Jiang’s fingers and slammed on Norman Osborn. The body of Norman Osborn was suddenly turn numb, stiff, and trembled. And his hair suddenly erected.

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