Marvel Super Extraction ch 43

Chapter 43: Green Goblin suit.

When Norman Osborn was paralyzed by the current, Jiang glanced at Norman Osborn and come close to him. After walking over, he grabbed Norman Osborn’s clothes.

Norman Osborn lifted from the ground.

As he did so, he saw that Norman Osborn recovered from the current paralysis.

The current that Jiang had just ignited was not trying to kill Norman Osborn, so he didn’t use much electricity, so Norman Osborn just enjoyed a ‘special’ version of the electrotherapy for free.

After Norman Osborn recovered, his eyes that looked at Jiang Yuan obviously became scared.

The power that Jiang Yuan showed was something he had never thought of before.

He really does not know that Jiang, a otaku who can only be regarded as a waste wood in the eyes of many large group organizations, has this special power.

Fingers shoot current!

This is not the so-called super power. He is so-called mutant.

There is also Jiang who easily lift himself up, not to mention the slightest effort, which is obviously not simple.

“Jiang, what do you want to do, let me go… Don’t be excited…” At the same time, Norman Osborn quickly said to Jiang Yuan so he can convinced that you attack me first. And he also couldn’t touch the alarm switch on his desk.

“Osborn, You are really a fool. I am kind enough to cooperate with you. You want to kill me. You seem to be too much.” Jiang Yuan smiled and looked at Norman Osborn.

Although Norman Osborn’s status is quite good in USA countries, and later injected with genetic agents, equipped with the biological battle suit of Green Goblin and skateboard, his combat power is not bad.

At this time, Norman Osborn has not injected genetic agents.

He is just a half-old man who doesn’t have much time.

“Misunderstanding, misunderstanding, it is a misunderstanding.” Norman Osborn quickly denied.

“Is it?” Jiang Yuan eyes glimpse.

“It’s a misunderstanding, how can I want to kill you. Killing people is illegal, and we have just reached a cooperation. How can I do this? I will say that you are a shareholder of the Stark Group. If you die. It’s not unreasonable for then to investigate me directly, and it will cause the Stark Group to fight with the Osborn Group…” Norman Osborn quickly explained, Originally this was just an excuse for Osborn, but as he explained, Osborn also found himself really impulsive.

“This explains is good, but I am sorry, I have just noticed your killing intent. So, if you want me to let go off this matter, you have to come up with sincerity.” Jiang said.

“Sincerity? What do you want? Is it the shares in my Osborn Group? Although my Osborn Group has strong financial resources, your Stark Group is now stronger and you don’t need to own shares in the Osborn Group. Norman Osborn, a sneak peek, looked at Jiang Yuan.

“Hah, shares? This proposal is good, no one dislike money.” Jiang Yuan squinted his eyes and said. As far as he knows, the biological research of Osborn Group is quite good. Many villains comes from the biological research of the Osborn Group.

If you have some shares, he will able to participate in some important things.

“That, I will give you one percent of the shares.” Norman Osborn smashed and followed without hesitation, although one percent of the shares were for the Osborn Group’s huge assets. It is already a lot of money, but it is worthwhile if you can save your life.

And Jiang is a shareholder of the Stark Group, and his brother is Tony Stark. If Jiang owns 1% of the Osborn Group, then Jiang can also pull the chariot of the Osborn Group.

In the future, if there is a problem with the Osborn Group, then Jiang will help.

In particular, Jiang now shows a special ability, not the real waste wood in the legend.

I have to say that the old fox is the old fox.

A capitalist like Norman Osborn,

“One percent? Your life is only worth one percent?” Jiang Yuan’s eyes widened and he was very dissatisfied.

“One percent has already been a lot. You have to know that Osborn Group belongs to me, but the shareholders are many. My shares have already been diluted a lot, unlike the shares of your Stark Group where Tony is the largest share holder.

In addition to give you 1% of the shares, because you threaten me with my life and intelligence.” Norman Osborn said bitterly.

His words are really correct, Osborn Group has long been no longer under his command, and the internal has been infiltrated by certain forces under certain circumstances.

Now that he is still alive, those people will not do anything. Once he dies, he can guarantee that the Osborn Group will definitely have some problems.

So his recent cards are all pressed on the Super Soldiers plan.

As long as the genetic agents are successfully developed and these drawbacks can be solved.

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