Marvel Super Extraction ch 45

Chapter 45: Jiang got kidnap!

For Dr. Lizard, Jiang Yuan has no small interest.

Although the regenerative medicine researched by this person has a problem, he has to acknowledge that this person has a high level knowledge in this area. If it is not for pressure, Dr. Lizard will not inject himself with a regenerative medicine without human experimentation. If we give him time, not necessarily not to find the perfect potion.

Of course, there is also Peter Park’s help.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan couldn’t help but look at Peter Parker not far away.

After looking at Peter Parker, Jiang Yuan looked at the surrounding ceiling, especially the position of Peter Park’s head.

Because he remembered correctly, the spider that bite Peter Park came to Peter Parker’s head.

Under the concern of Jiang Yuan, he really found a spider.

It is not a common spider.

Seeing Jiang did not stop Peter Parker’s chance, but paid attention to it.

After ten minutes of appearance.

Suddenly he saw that the spider slammed down from the sky, then fell to the back of Peter Parker’s head and felt the abnormal shape of the back of the head. Peter Parker subconscious backhand shot to the spider, and when he did, he saw that the spider bite under his head.

Almost as the spider bites Peter Parker, Jiang Yuan suddenly finds that Peter Parker’s body exudes a very special atmosphere.

The breath is very similar to the smell of his genes that extract other creatures.

Needless to say, Peter Parker is the official start of genetic variation.

These Peter Parker didn’t know. When the spider bit him, his hand came to the neck. He slapped it, and he felt that something was wrong. He immediately picked up the spider in the back of his head, when he saw the spider. At that time, he subconsciously throw away the spider.

“It hurts.”

After throwing away the spider, Peter Parker touched his bite position with his hand . On the other hand, he was quite depressed. Why didn’t he think that he was just watching these breeding spiders? and they bite.

“Hey, Peter.”

Just as Peter Parker was depressed, Jiang Yuan suddenly walked over to Peter Parker and then put his hand on Peter Parker’s shoulder.

When Jiang Yuan shot in the past, Peter Parker felt that something was wrong with his subconscious mind. He had to dodge, but he had just activated the gene, but he had not fully integrated, so he could not escape Jiang Yuan’s hand.


Jiang Yuan respond.

“Look at you being bitten by a spider, need me to take you to spray some medicine?” Jiang Yuan said.

“No, there should be nothing wrong with it, it is not very painful, and there is no bleeding.” Peter Parker said.

“It is best to check it a little. The spiders here are different from ordinary spiders. They are easy to make genetic mutations.” Jiang Yuan said to Peter with a meaningful look.

“Oh…” Peter Parker subconsciously groaned and said: “No, thank you for your kindness.”

“Ohhh, then forget it. This is my business card. If there is any sudden change in your body, something amazing happens. You can call me.” Jiang Yuan took a card and handed it to Peter Parker.


Peter Park took the business card subconsciously and then nodded to Jiang.

“So see you.”

Jiang Yuan patted again on Peter Parker’s shoulder and left the lab.

Seeing Jiang Yuan, Peter Parker is very puzzled to see the back of Jiang Yuan. He always feels that Jiang Yuan seems to have some kind of attempt.

After Jiang walked out of the lab, he again found Norman Osborn.

“Why, just don’t continue to watch the experiment for a while?” Seeing Jiang Yuan coming out of the lab so quickly, Norman Osborn asked curiously.

“I got bored.” Jiang Yuan said.

“So, then you wait a moment, I will let you get the spider silk.” Norman Osborn said.

“Yeah.” Jiang Yuan said.

Then Norman Osborn arranged a man to get the spider silk. In less than a moment, someone took a box and it was filled with the special spider silk of the Osborn group.

“Biological armor and flying skateboards are not very good to get out. This will not be given to you for the time being. After you go back, I will send you in the evening.” Jiang Yuan took over the spider silk, Norman Osborne explained.

“Ok!” Jiang Yuan nodded, then said: “I will leave if you have nothing to say. Right, you better believe in my advice, don’t inject genetic agents without solving the drawbacks, I don’t want my partner to have accident with whom I just signed a contract.”

“Reassured, I won’t.” Norman Osborn said.

“I hope so, and it is better to let Peter Parker help you earlier. In addition, Dr. Hank should be contacted as soon as possible.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Ok.” Norman Osborn said.

Upon seeing, Jiang Yuan did not care whether Norman Osborn believe his own words or not. He talked a little with Norman Osborn and took a special spider.

When Jiang was like this, Peter Parker, who was bitten by a spider, would find that his body had some discomfort, so he was not prepared to wait for it, but was prepared to go back and test whether he really had a problem.

Two went out almost in tandem.

Jiang Yuan did not go long before Peter Parker went out, so when Peter Park went out, he saw Jiang Yuan.

Jiang took things, and when he walked out of the door, he went straight to the sports car position at the door. However, he had not yet reached to the sports car position, and suddenly he saw a black car galloping. It stopped in front of Jiang. The side of the door suddenly opened, he saw two people get off, quickly approaching Jiang, trying to capture him.

During the process of picking up, someone grabbed Jiang’s mouth with his hand, and then dragged Jiang, who was unable to resist, into the commercial vehicle.

After Jiang was dragged into the car, the car quickly galloped away.

“This is…” Peter Parker just saw this situation. When he found out these things, his pupil slammed loudly, and then he subconsciously took out the skateboard from the backpack and chased it in the direction of the car galloping. Hurry up and take out the phone to call the police.

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