Marvel Super Extraction ch 46

Chapter 46: Spiderman is also kidnapped.

“Damn, there is a kid behind to follow up.”

As Peter Parker stepped on the skateboard to track the ‘kidnappers’ of Jiang. A man suddenly noticed such a situation, then said with a deep voice.

“Lets kill him or grab him.”

With the opening of the kidnapper in the co-pilot, driver whispered coldly.


The co-pilot kidnapper responded with a sudden command to a communicator on the clothes: “The second team, catch or kill the skateboard kid behind.”

The co-pilot kidnapper just commanded, when Peter Parker was chasing the vehicle to a junction, suddenly a black buggy slammed into him.

Its speed is very fast.

Peter Parker suddenly got spider sense, then slammed the skateboard and jumped to the roof with skateboard.

When Peter Parker jumped to the top of the car, his face was obviously panicked and shocked.

Panic is naturally because of the attack.

As for the shock…

He was shocked by his sudden bounce ability.

Under normal circumstances, it is absolutely impossible for him to jump to the top of the off-road vehicle.

However, at this time, he did not care much about what he was shocked. He immediately jumped to the ground with a skateboard.

“He have escaped!”

“Attack once more…”

The people on the off-road vehicle looked at this scene with great surprise, and then saw one of them violently screaming. With the violent voice, he immediately saw a tail of the off-road vehicle suddenly, facing up again to Peter Parker. The window was suddenly lowered, and then I saw the co-pilot took the hood, and headed out. Just as soon as he came out, he took AK-47 and shot at Peter Parker.


When Peter Parker experienced such a battle, he was instantly smashed by this wave of bullets, and he quickly subconsciously dodge, and when he subconsciously dodge, Peter Parker found his reaction ability suddenly reached to a very amazing point.

Even those bullets can be evaded.


“Genetic variation! Is this genetic variation?”

“Because it was bitten by the spider?”

Just as he escaped the bullet, Peter Parker’s heart was filled with stormy waves, followed by the ecstasy.

No one wants to be bullied all the time.

No one wants to not have powerful energy.

Although I am only the power of genetic variation, I have to say that this power is cool.


The bullet’s sweep did not stop because of Peter Parker’s distraction, but continued to attack. These attacks were automatically evaded by Peter Parker.

“Respond quickly, Shit, this guy has a problem! I can even dodge bullets. I don’t believe you can dodge from grenade.” Hooded guy suddenly took out one granade and throw it at Peter Parker.


Peter Parker felt the danger subconsciously, slamming toward the side, but in the end he doesn’t have enough experience. Only to see that the bomb exploded not far from him, causing his body to be affected by the explosion, and fell to the ground. When he fell to the ground, the off-road vehicle approached instantly, and then two hooded men came from the car and pointed the gun at Peter Parker.

“Don’t move!”

Under such circumstances, Peter Parker dared not to act, and quickly raised his hand to signal his surrender.

Then he was taken to the car.

When he was taken into the car, a hooded man took out handcuffs, and searched Peter Parker for his mobile phone. He found Peter Parker’s cell phone and threw the cell phone out to the ground to smash.

“My mobile phone!” Peter Parker screamed, and his mood was quite bad for a while, and he obviously regretted it.

He must not chase after these terrorists.

Obviously just call the police.


Half an hour later, Jiang Yuan and Peter Parker were brought to a waste facility.

When they were brought here, he saw that there was a lot of armament in this waste factory.

Many guys armed with Arms and guarded the place.

After two were brought here, they were handcuffed and pressed on two chairs.

Behind them, there were two big-eyed men, with their guns pointing at their heads. In addition, there were many terrorists around them.

“Fuck, I am caught because of you…”

Peter Parker had not seen such a squad before, and when he saw such a situation, he bitterly said to Jiang.

“When things are over, I will invite you to eat.” Jiang Yuan said.

“Can it end?” Peter Parker smiled bitterly.

“All shut up.” Seeing Jiang Yuan and Peter Parker talking, one of the terrorists yelled at the two.

“You just grabbed me, not killed me. Obviously there are some kind of attempt. Let’s say, what do you want to do.” Jiang Yuan looked at the roaring terrorist.

At the moment of being kidnapped, if Jiang Yuan wants to resist, he naturally able to solve the problem of being caught himself, but he wants to know who is behind the scenes, so he chooses to follow up.

Because there is only one person who is most likely to shoot him at the moment.

That is…


Since Tony Stark decided to resolve Obadiah in one time, then Jiang is not prepared to give up this opportunity.

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