Marvel Super Extraction ch 47

Chapter 47: Contact Tony

“Contact Tony Stark, let him hand over the design drawings of Armor and the technical drawings of the energy core.” One of the tall, horrible two-meter-terrorists looked at Jiang Yuan and followed the command.

“Armor, what is that?” Jiang Yuan said in an confused look.

“Don’t pretend to be stupid, you know what it is.” The burly terrorists glared at Jiang Yuan’s violent sigh.

When the burly terrorists said this, the gun-armed terrorist behind Jiang Yuan slammed the gun on Jiang Yuan’s head.


Jiang Yuan ‘screams’ out loud.

“You better cooperate. Do as I say, or we don’t mind breaking some of your bones.” The horrible terrorists saw Jiang Yuan screaming, and looked at Jiang Yuan with disdain and followed by a sneer.

“You dare, if you do that, I promise that you will not get the design of Armor.” Jiang Yuan said.

“It depends on whether you cooperate with us or not.” The burly terrorist said.

“Hey, I don’t know who you are, but since you know the existence of Armor, you should know the power of Armor. You kidnap me. Once Tony knows, he will definitely kill you.” Jiang Yuan roared.

“It doesn’t require you to worry about.” The burly terrorists said indifferently, then pulled out a satellite phone. After the phone came out, they called, and the phone was connected.


The voice of Tony Stark came from the phone.

When the voice of Tony Stark came out, the burly terrorists handed the mobile phone to Jiang Yuan and placed it in the ear of Jiang Yuan, signaling Jiang Yuan to speak.

Jiang Yuan glanced at the burly terrorists and followed the voice: “Tony is me, I was kidnapped.”

“Where are you?” Tony Stark’s awe-inspiring voice came.

“You don’t need to know where he is. You just need to know that Jiang Yuan is in our hands. Next, if you don’t want this boy to die, then you immediately give us the design of Armor within a minute. And send it to the mailbox I specified, and send the energy core structure map and material accessories to the designated mailbox.”

The burly terrorists waited for Jiang Yuan to continue to speak, then took back the satellite phone and then screamed to Tony Stark.

When he gave the full instruction, he directly provided the email account and then hang up the phone.

With the passage of time…

A minute to go.

However, the design drawings and the core structural drawings of Armor that the burly terrorists wanted to obtain were not sent to the designated mailbox by Tony Stark.

So terrorists called Tony Stark again: “Don’t you want this boy life, Stark?”

“How do I know if I gave you the design, you will not kill Jiang. I will give you the design personally after I see Jiang.” Tony Stark said.

“Impossible, you better not to force us to move rough, otherwise we don’t mind removing some parts from this boy’s body.” Terrorist gave threat.

“Don’t, don’t.” Tony Stark suddenly said.

“If you don’t want let this type of condition, just send the drawings honestly.” Terrorists said.

“This… It’s impossible to send it all to you. At most, I can give you the design of Armor. As for the design of the energy core, we have to have the face-to-face transactions.” Tony Stark’s voice sank, followed Undoubtedly.

“Hey?” The terrorists stunned and hanged up.

After hanging up the phone, he went to the side and called.

“Boss.” Terrorists respectfully said.

“Is things done?” Obadiah asked quietly.

“Tony Stark is only willing to give us the design of Armor first, and for the design of the energy core, he wants to trade in person.” Terrorists said.

“Let him give the design of the energy core first.” Obadiah’s eyes flashed, because as long as he can get the energy core design, he can copy Armor to a certain extent. Although it is also very important, at this time in the heart of Obadiah, it is not as important as the design of the core of energy. After all, he is a battle video of Armor.

As long as you get the design of the energy core, this time it is a big success.

“Yes, boss.” Terrorist responded, followed by hanging up the phone, then walked back to Jiang, and called Tony Stark again. “We agree that you must trade the same request first, but we want the drawings of the energy core first.”

Terrorist hung up again after they finished speaking.

When he hangs up, the location of the beach villa, Tony Stark frown, and there is obviously killing intent in his eyes.

“Obadiah!” Tony Stark muttered, and sen the design of the energy core to the designated mailbox. The nature he passed was not the design of the new element, but the earliest palladium elemental Ark Reactor, knowing that 90% of the opposite is likely to be Obadiah.

In an anonymous mailbox of the burly terrorists, they received the mail.

When he received the mail, he called Obadiah for the first time: “Boss, I have received the mail, do I need to send it to you?”

“Don’t send it, I will come directly.” Obadiah thought about a turn, followed by a command to the burly terrorist.

After the order was placed, he went to the old factory where the burly terrorists and others were located.

It’s just less than five minutes and he is here.

Because he came here by helicopter.

After coming here, he did not hide it in the slightest way, so he went in, so he naturally saw the controlled Jiang and Peter Park.

Seeing two people, he frowned slightly, because he did not know that there will be two people here.

“Boss!” After Obadiah entered the factory, the burly terrorists quickly greeted Obadiah.

“Things.” Obadiah asked quietly.

“It’s right in the computer next to it.” The burly terrorists said.

When Obadiah and the terrorists talked, they saw Jiang Yuan suddenly “shocked” while looking at Obadiah: “Obadiah! It turned out to be you, their so-called boss turned out to be you.”

“Yes, it’s me.” Obadiah glanced at Jiang, and indifferently said: “But what can you do, even if you know about it.”

“Right, when you hit me not long ago, you look like very cool. I will return back to you with the same punch?”

Obadiah looked at Jiang with a cigar, and said while approaching Jiang. He soon came to Jiang’s side. Followed by a slap in the face of Jiang. In his eyes, Jiang is completely the meat on the cutting board, let him slaughter anytime.

After all, this guy is just an otaku, waste wood.

If it weren’t for Tony Stark’s protection, the last time his own bodyguard would kill this guy.

When he was on the road, he did not see the sneer of Jiang Yuan’s eyes.

It’s time to play the show that has been playing for so long.

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