Marvel super extraction ch 5

Chapter 5: killing card?
    He works hard for most of the day, not to mention he has to control his own strength. After the exercise, Jiang Yuan also a certain degree of familiarity with his power, he is finally sure that he will not shatter the clothes like before.
    After reaching this level, Jiang Yuan started to explore the system in his mind, secretly asked in his heart: “System, are you still there?”
    “Host, I am.” The mechanical voice replied.
    “What kind of existence are you like? Are you a system written in some novels?” Jiang Yuan asked.
    “I am not a system.” Mechanical sound.
    “Not a system, then what are you?” Jiang Yuan said surprisingly.
    “I don’t know what I am, I only know that I have to serve you.” Mechanical sound.
    “what, you don’t know how you will come to my body? Isn’t it that you brought me to this world?” Jiang Yuan.
    “I am not helping the host to come to this world. When I wake up, the host already exists in this world.” The mechanical voice.
    “That, okay, it seems to be the hand of the big God who brought me over, since you are dedicated to serving me, then what can you do for me. Just like I got the strong genes of ants? What is the ability to extract genes?” Jiang Yuan licked his mouth and asked again.
    “Well, yes, I mainly help the host to extract genes from other organisms.” The mechanical voice replied.
    “How to extract? I don’t want to swallow the creature like I done that time. I don’t mind what I can eat, but some creatures are quite disgusting, just like This time, the ant yakkkk.” Jiang Yuanzheng asked.
    “You don’t need to eat the creature. You have to kill the creature or capture it and you can randomly extract the power of those creatures.” The mechanical voice said.
    “In this case, why did I have such a strong desire to swallow when I saw the ants this time and swallowed the ants uncontrollably.” Jiang Yuan asked.
    “That’s because I need bio-energy to awaken, so it was my desire at that time.” The mechanical voice replied.
    “Fucking hell, okay, this time, I won’t say anything but I don’t want to happen the same thing again. If it’s really urgent then first you have to get my consent. Don’t excite my body like this one, Ok.” He warns the mechanical sound in his mind.
    “Yes, host, there will be no such thing in the future without your consent, I will not do that again.” The mechanical voice said.
    “Very good, this is a satisfying service.” Since you are not a system but can talk to me, I will give you a name, right, are you male or female?” Jiang Yuan ordered. Just thinking about it, he suddenly asked the mechanical voice.
    “I don’t have sex. According to some memories in the host’s mind, if you want to compare me, I should be equated with some of the spirits that the host has seen before. I can perceive that I am a carrier.” Mechanical Said the voice.
    “Hah, what is your carrier?” Jiang Yuan was quite curious.
    “I don’t know, it’s just a faint perception, and the ability is not enough to fully sense it at the moment.” Mechanical voice.
    “Then how about this.” Jiang Yuan blinked and followed: “Since you don’t have sex, and you don’t feel your carrier exists, you can get a code name. Well, I think, 9527, um. In the future, your name will be called 9527!”
    “Ok sir.”
    “So 9527, then I want to extract some genes from other creatures. Do you have any good suggestions?” Jiang Yuan.
    “Host now has power, but there is no speed. It is recommended that the host fuses the speed of the biological gene. In addition, defence, life and the like can be fused, but the host, although 9527 can help you to extract biological genes, But the extraction of other biological genes requires bioenergy, and today the host’s bioenergy is not enough to support the host for the next extraction and fusion.”
    “Insufficient biological energy? There is such a thing, how to get bio-energy?” Jiang Yuan asked.
    “To kill other creatures, the higher the level of a biological individual, the stronger the strength, the higher the bio-energy that can be obtained. With the scan of 9527, the most advanced and easiest-to-find creature on the planet is human. Therefore, the best way for the host to continue to extract quickly is to kill. If the host kills ten people, it can extract the genes of other creatures again.”
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