Marvel super extraction ch 6

Chapter 6: Surrounded by Gangsters.
    “I know.” Listening to 9252 said that killing people can get the fastest bio-energy. Jiangyuan’s brows subconsciously wrinkled again. Although in Marvel’s world, killing is normal, it’s just going to kill people. Jiang Yuan subconscious mind has some incompatibility.
    However, although he did not adapt, Jiang Yuan knew that since he had obtained the current golden finger and was going to Afghanistan immediately, he had to overcome such a thing.
    If you don’t even dare to kill then going to Afghanistan is like a dog finding his own death and directly went to Tiger’s cave.
    When the terrorists try to kidnap Tony Stark, once he didn’t dare to kill them, it just like giving his own life to the terrorists.
    “In addition to killing people, how many other creatures need to meet the next bioenergy energy extraction, such as the kind of ants I have eaten recently.” Jiang Yuan.
    “According to the energy value an ant can provide is 0.1 energy to the host, and the energy consumption of the next gene extraction by the host requires one thousand energy.”
    “A thousand?” Jiang Yuan’s eyes flashed, although the ratio was a little small, but in fact it was not difficult to get a thousand.
    According to Jiang Yuan, ants are very fast in breeding. Some large ant nests can reach millions and tens of millions of ants.
    Even if there are some ordinary ones, there are not millions, so many.
    But there are still no problems with about 10,000 or even more than 10,000.
    With a few ants, you can naturally get a thousand energy.
    And in this world, there are more than just ants.
    He is now the younger brother of Tony Stark. He is filthy rich. After all, Stark Industries is one of the largest arms manufacturer company.
    In the Marvel World Arms, weapons are definitely quite profitable.
    Jiang Yuan found a Pepper and spent a lot of money to let her arrange for people to buy a lot of cockroaches, ants or something for him.
    Although the Pepper did not understand the reason why Jiang Yuan want these, it was the first time he asked something from her to implement.
    In the process of giving money to Pepper, Jiang Yuan also checked his bank card amount, and almost forgot to blink by looking at a series of zeros in his bank card. The money is definitely in billions.
    If it is not that the world is filled with danger and just an ordinary world, for example, the earth that he has crossed from, he will not get tensed to get powerful, He will just sit and enjoy this money.
    It is said that having money can make everything possible.
    Under the purchase of Jiangyuan, a lot of cockroaches, ants were sent to the waste factory he had bought for it.
    In the evening, Jiangyuan ended the training, followed by washing, and packed up a little, and he was ready to drive to the old factory where the Pepper kept those insects.
    “Hey, Buddy, what happened to you today, is it because you have a fight with your brother today and can’t beat him, So exercising in the gym? We are not allowed to go in and look.
    Also, Pepper said, you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, let her buy a scrap factory for you, and buy a lot of ants. What are you going to do with these ants, Are you planning some kind of prank for your brother.”
    Jiang Yuan met Tony Stark when he walked out of the room in the living room, then was stopped by Tony Stark, asked curiously.
    “I don’t know who’s eyes have been smashed into panda eyes.” Jiang Yuan unscrupulously glanced at Tony Stark.
    “…” Tony Stark.
    Jiang Yuan ignored the speechless Tony Stark, went straight out of the door, and then drove the car, according to the address provided by the Pepper Potts.
    Jiang Yuan drove to the location where the waste factory was located.
    After arriving here, he opened the door of the unused factory with the key that Potts given to him, and then turned on the power. He saw that there were several huge boxes that put on the central position of the unused factory.
    Seeing such a situation, Jiang Yuan hurried went forward and then remove the black cloth covered. He suddenly saw a large number of ants and a lot of cockroaches.
    Although they are all packed in some containers, they are gathered together and can be seen at a glance. Even if there is no intensive phobia in Jiangyuan, he still can’t help but feel that there is some worry.
    Ten minutes later, Jiang Yuan was satisfied with the waste factory.
    All the cockroaches and ants were burned to death by fire.
    Although the means are cruel, it is better than killing.
    After leaving the factory, Jiangyuan locked the door and was ready to leave with a sports car.
    When he was about to leave with the sports car, the sound of a screaming sound suddenly sounded. As the sound rang, he saw a group of guys are coming towards him who has colorful hair, wearing a leather jacket, holding a stick, and chains. Suddenly, suddenly From a distance riding a bike was actually started to surround Jiang Yuan.
    Seeing the source of the Jiangyuan brow subconscious wrinkles.
    He is not afraid right now but he just does not understand how these people find him.
    The waste factory he bought was relatively in a remote area.
    It is always a bad thing to kill a lot of ants and cockroaches if they are seen by some people, so he get this remote place.
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    Haha, poor Tony. Also yeah hes in the most dangerous world. He must know that he probably won’t stay on earth forever, also seems he will have his first kill


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