Marvel Super Extraction ch 7

Chapter 7: Fight
    “Kid, driving your sports car and having fun here!”
    “You kid drive your sports car to this remote factory, don’t you know that this is our site!”
    “Hdefinitelyately not ordinary guy. Look at his white skin and tender meat, but also very handsome, but I like handsome man like you, ah…”
    Gangster who just surrounded Jiangyuan started laughing at him. Every time they talk, they make fun of him, they are obviously just teasing him like a cat play with mouse before killing him.
    “Roll, I don’t have to waste on you street dogs.” Jiang Yuan frowned at these people, followed by his cold voice.
    “Oh man, his temper is quite high.” A young man with a red hat jumped from his bike. He is holding a baseball bat in his right hand and slamming against his left hand. Laughing and walk toward Jiangyuan.
    He came to Jiangyuan’s side. After coming to Jiangyuan, he did not wait for Jiangyuan to answer anything. He directly swung his baseball bat against the face of Jiangyuan.
    “Swishh…” The surrounding gangsters saw that and not only they did not stop it but also cheered loudly. They did not think that Jiangyuan could escape the attack of the jacket guy.
    However, their screaming cheers came to an abrupt end.
    They saw that the baseball bat that the jacket youth had swept out was actually caught in the hands of Jiang Yuan.
    The jacket youth face suddenly sinks, staring at Jiangyuan, his eyes have quite a angry.
    He thought that he would able to hit Jiangyuan, not only he did not hit him but also let him lose face in front of other people around him, he was simply hateful.
    “Fuck.” The jacket youth violently slammed and then wanted to take the baseball bat from Jiang Yuan’s hand. However, when he did, he found out… …
    It doesn’t move!
    He used 90% of the power, but he didn’t get the baseball bat back, which made him quite unbelievable.
    “Hahaha, Tom, Have you masterbate so much last night that you can’t even have the strength to beat such a small white face.”
    “Tom, you are embarrassing us!”
    “Tom, You are making me laugh till death.”
    The laughter of the companions make Tom’s face look even worse. Immediately, both hands grabbed the baseball bat and smashed back, but no matter how he resisted, it’s not Can smash baseball bats, baseball bats seem to have rooted in the hands of Jiang Yuan.
    “Oh…” The
    jacket youth did not stop using the ankles, but he could not get back to the baseball bat. With this situation, the other gangster next to him finally found that something is wrong.
    “Kid, hurry to let me go!”
    “I didn’t expect this guys is quite powerful but dare to resist against us, then he only has one way that is death!”
    “… …”
    Four gangster also came down from their bike, and then marching toward Jiangyuan’s position, while cursing Jiangyuan, they soon came to Jiangyuan’s side, and then they are ready to start beating Jiangyuan. .
    When they were ready to start, Jiang Yuan glanced at them, followed the hand that grabbed the baseball bat of the guy before, and took a bat to the hard-boned young man’s hand. Under such circumstances, the jacket youth could not help but rushed forward.
    When the jacket youth rushed up, Jiang Yuan slammed his right foot and suddenly flew out the jacket youth.
    The youth in the jacket’s mouth was bloody and squirting. It seemed to be hit by the bike. The body was bent into a shrimp shape. After flying out for five or six meters, it stopped. When he stopped, the body kept twitching. The blood of the mouth was kept coming from the mouth. Spit out, look carefully, you can clearly see that some of the internal organs have been spit out.
    “Shit, you dare resist!”
    “Fuck, kill him!”
    The Gangsters were shocked, and then waved their iron rod in their hands towards Jiangyuan.
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