Marvel Super Extraction ch 8

Chapter 8: Fight 2!
    “Looking for death!”
    Jiang Yuan’s eyes flashed with coldness while the baseball bat in his right hand swept out, although Jiangyuan does not have any fighting skills but he understands the common sense that why use your hands when you have a weapon.
    Now that he is strong and has a baseball bat in his hand, it is natural to use these advantages.
    Voice rang, and then he saw the iron rod in his hand was blocked by Jiang Yuan and the powerful force from baseball bat let him through away his Iron road from his hands. The other two gangsters also couldn’t grasp the iron rod in their hands. Once again Baseball bat comes in front of their eyes and almost all the tooth from their mouth came out by that attack and the blood was flowing.
    However, although Jiangyuan suddenly beat two of them but attacked him are four gangster, not two guys, when he hit the two iron rod, the other two attack also came to him, and he was only able to escape the attack of one person with a slight sway, and he was shackled on the back by the chain by the other guy.
    Suddenly painful.
    Fortunately, he extracted the ant gene, the body got a certain reinforcement, the defence ability is also good or else he will faint from that attack before. Of course, Jiang Yuan is quite angry.
    “Fucking hell!”
    Under the pain, Jiang Yuan reversed his body and violently hit a baseball bat on the other’s guy shoulder. He only heard the sound of broken bones and then saw the person who was hit by Jiang Yuan. He was twiching on the ground are screaming from his mouth because of pain.
    “Nice, I like this sound!”
    Seeing that the other side was shot dead, Jiangyuan did not deflate, but the right heel smashed out, and the man flew out like a ball, the blood in his mouth spurted and fell on Seven or eight meters away from the ground, keep twitching.
    After hitting this person, Jiang Yuan followed and turned his eyes to the other guys. They turned pale and pale, and the hairy stalker with a golden hair looked up.
    When his eyes fell, he saw that the person’s legs could not help but tremble. Looking at Jiang Yuan’s eyes, there was obviously fear.
    “Don’t, don’t come over…”
    Golden hair Gangster, try to control his fear and waved the chain to Jiangyuan, and screamed loudly.
    Jiang Yuan snorted and followed the bats in his hands, and soon approached the golden haired gangster.
    “You fight with me, give me to die…” See the golden color. Under the fear of the hairy violent people, when the heart is horizontal, they wave their chains and squat down toward Jiangyuan.
    Jiang Yuan’s baseball bat swept away, sweeping the chain and leaping up, the baseball bat in his hand smashed up against the man.
    “crack crack crack!”
    The sound of the broken bones sounded. The shoulder of this person was hit by Jiang Yuan. The body ‘?’ was shot on the ground, and the pain was so severe that he could not even scream and directly fainted.
    However, even if the other party fainted, Jiang Yuan did not let it go. It was also a trip to the other side to fly out, and then the line of sight went to the other two irons. The gangster who was shot and flew out looked up. At the same time, I ran straight to the other side.
    “Running…” The two gangster saw it and didn’t dare to stop. They ran quickly.
    “Fucking hell, give me a hand!”
    “crush him under you bike!”
    “Give me to die!” The red-haired youth drove up the locomotive to catch up with Jiangyuan, then screamed coldly. It is to stop the fear he was feeling inside because of Jiangyuan.
    Upon seeing it, Jiang Yuan stop pursueing the two gangster, and his body shape flashed quickly, avoiding the attack of this person, but he had just escaped, and then one more bike try to hit him, so he had to dodge again. .
    But the attack came from five bike, even if he escape two, but there are three more.
    “You are very powerful, but can you stop our bike……. fool…”
    Seeing Jiangyuan dodge, other gangster who trying to crash him by his bike suddenly called It’s up.
    They just yelled, and that followed the roaring sound. It turned out that Jiangyuan suddenly threw the baseball bat in his hand towards the face of the gangster. With a strong force, gangster was hit and fell from the motorcycle. As he fell, he slammed the locomotive and fell naturally. When the Bike fell, Jiangyuan rushed to the Bike.
    Then Jiangyuan snarled and grabbed the bike with one hand and lifted the bike. When he lifted the bike, Jiangyuan waved the bike like a baseball bat he waved before. Bring the other person of the bike make a flight.
    In this case, the scalp of the gangster became numb when they saw this seen.
    In particular, the other person who followed the rapid impact of the flying man was even more so, and quickly slammed on the brakes, but it was too late. Jiangyuan ran a bike and sprinted up against him.
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