Marvel Super Extraction ch 9

Chapter 9: By mistake, killed everyone!!
    The guy who was attacked by the motorcycle wheel by Jiang Yuan, could not escape Jiang Yuan’s attack, and immediately followed the previous man’s footsteps, and even the man with the motorcycle was flew out.
    Although Jiang Yuan determined that he was now genetically modified by the ants, he could not reach the powerful level of ants that could fight four hundred times more than himself.
    But the power has already far exceeded that of ordinary people.
    Lifting a motorcycle with one hand is nothing to Jiang Yuan.
    Not to mention the motorcycle, the car is by his side, he has the confidence to overturn it.
    It is impossible to put such power before he passes through, but in today’s Marvel, such strength is not too amazing.
    Because there are too many mutants in the world of Marvel, and many kinds of crazy scientists…
    “Withdraw, hurry to withdraw, this guy is a monster…”
    “Damn, this guy is definitely the kind of monster mutant in the news report… …”
    The rest of the gangster’s faces were obviously filled with fear and curses. Those who made a sound and then ignored the people who were hit hard by Jiang Yuan were ready to escape.
    He saw the gangster on the two bike. Using skill, they slammed into the motorcycle one by one, and the throttle was sensational. They rushed toward the two youths on the ground, ready to take the two away.
    “If you try to hit someone and now you want to run. Is there really is such an easy thing in life.” Jiang Yuan threw the bike in his hand and slammed it toward the gangster.
    The strong force belt moped suddenly flew more than ten meters away, and instantly hit one of the bike. Just hitting it on the top, suddenly the explosion sounded, and the strong air waves skyrocketed. The two youth on ground and the gangster on a nearby bike flew away at the same time.
    Jiang Yuan saw a sudden change and he shrink his eyes, while holding his face with his hand, while thinking that if he knew that this was going to happen when he threw the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle’s petrol tank to be in a sharp impact and explosion happend.
    Before throwing out the bike, he did not think that it would explode like this.
    After all, he just had the bike in his hand and he was safe.
    But it is also possible that when he was attack to the engine car, the gasoline started leaking.
    After the explosion completely stopped, Jiangyuan quickly walked to the scene, where bike exploded.
    When he came here, he saw four people who were near the explosion. They were bloody and obviously died.
    Seeing Jiangyuan subconsciously has a sense of vomiting that is not suitable.
    This is his first kill.
    Although he just beat the guys, he didn’t think about killing them all at once. Otherwise, when he just flicked the baseball bat, he didn’t hit them on their shoulders, but hit them on their heads.
    However, things happened. Jiangyuan couldn’t change anything any more. He forced to stop the vomiting sensation, and then he looked at the gangster who were on the ground but not dead.
    Although he didn’t want to kill at the beginning but now someone has already died in his hands, then the rest of them should also be killed.
    Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan took a glimpse, followed by a quick walk to the gangsters on the ground, picked up an iron rod on the ground, and then hit them on their heads and put them After killing, killing, stacking their bodies together, pressing the fallen bike on them, then carrying another bike, throwing the bike from a certain distance.
    The deafening explosion sounded again, followed by the fire. In this case, Jiangyuan took a deep breath and took the car key and drove away from that place.
    As for the crime scene, it will not be discovered. Jiangyuan is not very worried.
    Because he knew that it was impossible to get through the investigation of the investigation bureau.
    As for the consequences of killing, Jiang Yuan also thinks very clearly. He is a member of the Stark family and is a shareholder of Stark Industries. He has close cooperation with the military of the USA.
    These people are taking the initiative to attack him. Even if he kills these people, it is just a legitimate defense. Even if it is too much, it is not a problem to settle the situation with the power of the Stark family.
    Not to mention the fact that in the world of Marvel, the superhero kills someone is a normal thing. As long as he shows his ability, the existence of the Shield, CIA will automatically cover up everything for him.
    After a long time Jiangyuan returned to the seaside villa.
    When he got back here, Tony Stark was looking at a blonde girl in the lobby of the villa.
    “Hey, Jiangyuan, you are back.” Seeing Jiangyuan coming back, Tony Stark did not shun the slightest suspicion. He smiled at Jiangyuan with a smile, but after he greeted him, he saw Jiangyuan. When there is a certain amount of blood on the body, the brow is a wrinkle, and the pupil is slightly shrunk. “Man, what happened to you, how does it look so embarrassing, are you fighting with others?”
    When he said this, he let go of the blonde girl in his arms, and then whispered for a while, and then saw that the blonde girl with disappointed mood, holding the bag, very unwilling to walk out of the villa.
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