My fury will burn the heavens ch 13

Chapter 13 Twilight

It was still early, and Jiang Yi was preparing to cultivate two hours of for the blue Qi force and restore the energy consumed during alchemy. In fact, his body only can cultivate slowly, and if he has used too much of his Qi and does not add it in time, he has to cultivate for half a month just to make up for it.

“Elder Liu is really miser, I have consumed so much Qi and he didnot even given me one or two high-level Qi Dan to add my used Qi…”

Jiang Yi secretly complained and thought of it, Doesn’t he have black Qi? Can he increase the effectiveness of this Qi Dan? Can it also helps in train quickly?

He quickly took out a small green porcelain bottle from his arms, poured out a green Qi dan, swallowed it and immediately sat down to cultivate.

This Qi dan is the lowest level of auxiliary medicinal Dan. The potency is similar to that of Huangshen Dan. The speed of the volatility is slow like a snail. Jiang Yi practiced Jiangshui for half an hour and Qi dan’s potency spread has spread outside his Dantian, and all of Dantian was shrouded in and began to increase the speed of Dantian’s Qi refining.

The cultivation of the human body relies on the wonderful practice of cultivation and absorbs the aura in the heavens and the earth, and then merges into Dantian to transform into the Qi. Therefore, Dantian and the meridians are so important to the cultivators, especially if Dantian is destroyed, it is almost impossible to repair by the medicinal herbs, and then the powerful cultivator can only become a waste.

The human body’s Dantian is like an alchemy stove. The heaven and earth aura is like a herb. Can you quickly refine the medicinal herbs? If you only depends on the Dan furnace is not good, So the alchemy man’s technique is should also be high.

The stove is good or bad, and the qualifications of the human body are also mixed. The speed of Dantian’s refining is naturally slow and fast based on their body. Just like the skills of the alchemists are weak and strong, and the exercises of the cultivators are also have high and low grades. The speed of cultivation is also naturally different. Dantian is the most important. If Dantian is not good then cultivator’s talent is limited and the achievements in his life are naturally limited.

Jiang Yi does not know his Dantian whether it is good or bad!

Because his dantian was sealed, his cultivation rate has been slow as a snail. Although he has the black Qi to increase his cultivation through medicinal Dan. He can speed up the cultivation for a short period of time but the more he cultivates into the higher realm in the future, the more and more Qi is needed, unless there is lots of sacred medicinal Dan every day, Jiang Yi is destined to have limited achievements in this life!

“Who sealed my Dantian? How to crack this seal?”

When he thinks of the seal, Jiang Yi can only bite his teeth. According to the estimates of the elders, Jiang Yi’s talents are as good as the top geniuses of the whole continent. Although I don’t know why the elders is so confident about him.

“Well… the Dan efficacy has already wrapped around Dantian. I have to use the black Qi to increase its strength. Otherwise, the potion will soon dissipate.”

Inside his body, Dantian was surrounded by a touch of green medicine. Jiang Yi regained his thoughts and ran a black Qi out of Dantian, and went towards the green medicine outside the Dantian.


Black Qi just arrived outside Dantian, and Jiang Yi’s mind was attracted by a red dragon seal outside Dantian. His Dantian is like a walnut and the walnut shell is now engraved with a dragon-shaped print.

This fire dragon-shaped tattoo is very vivid just like a living fire dragon clinging to his dantian. The entire dragon-shaped seal is composed of small red fire. The elders have been unable to crack this for a long time, let alone Jiang Yi.

After a while, Jiang Yi was afraid that Qi dan’s potency will wasted too much, so he didn’t dare to waste more time and the Black Qi combined with green medicine wrapped the whole Dantian.

Then he regained his mind and worked hard to refine the Qi through Jiang Shui.

“Sure enough!”

Without the expectation of Jiang Yi, after the black Qi merged with Qi dan’s potency, his speed of refining Jiangshui was several times faster. Feel the blue Qi in this Dantian is constantly generating, Jiang Yi secretly excited. If he has a large amount of medicinal Dan, relying on this black Qi, even if there is this damn seal, he can still practice quickly. Although his future achievements are still limited, it is not difficult to at least cultivate the 4-5 Qi condensation stage.


The black Qi consumption is too fast, just in a moment, the remaining two black Qi of Jiang Yi are consumed, and the cultivation speed slows down.

After practicing for a while, Jiang Yi felt that it was too slow. he was ready to cultivate some more Black Qi to increase his Cultivation speed some more. He just check that the blue Qi extracted which he have to extract for two hours has already cultivated….


When he spent more than half of his time extracting two black Qi strands and preparing to increase his Qi, he found that the green potion enveloped outside Dantian had been consumed.

“This Qi dan’s potency is too weak? Hehe…” Jiang Yi was speechless. When he was preparing to withdraw the black Qi, he found that something was wrong.

After waiting for him to look inside for a while, the whole body suddenly trembled, his eyes got wide open like he just saw a ghost.

“Impossible, this… how is it possible?”

He snorted in disbelief, closed his eyes again and again and again, his body trembled more and more, tears began to sneak out from his eyes and slipped through his delicate face. Wet his clothes…

The man has tears is really a big thing!

Jiang Yi rarely shed tears from small age. Only on the night when the elder disappeared, he cried. Even though he was beaten to vomit blood, he was interrupted by bones and was beaten and bruised. Even when he passed out, he didn’t shed tears, but at this moment, the tears were like the rivers that broke the from the dam.

“Mother, grandfather, Ai, child finally has hopes to break open this seal…” He opened his eyes and whispered softly, his face full of ecstasy and desoluteness!

The ecstasy is that when he just looked inside the seal of Dantian, he found that there was one less rune in the dragon seal!

He is familiar with this seal more than anything. Since he reached the 1st level of Qi Condensation, he has seen the dragon-shaped seal for tens of thousands of times. He clearly remembers that this dragon-shaped seal has a total of 18,000 but one less at the moment…

This dragon-shaped seal is unusually weird. The elders have such a strong strength has been studied this seal for two years but he has not been able to do anything. He thought a lot of ways still the seal did not have a trace of looseness and change, but at this moment there is obviously one less rune. What does this mean? Explains that he is very likely to completely crack this seal.

“Black Qi, it must be black Qi!”

The cause of this seal change is definitely black Qi! He swallowed this type of Qi dan a lot before, but there has never been such a change. The only explanation is that the black Qi can make the seal’s runes less and help him crack the seal.

He strongly suppressed the inner excitement, and the black Qi outside the dantian field was wrapped around the dragon seal. What made him ecstatic that the black Qi began to slowly disappear, and a rune on the dragon seal was slowly melted. After the black Qi was completely consumed, the rune was once again lost. !

“Once more!”

There is also a black Qi that he has just extracted from Dantian. Jiang Yi immediately mobilized it and continued to attack the seal. As a result, he succeeded in melting a rune on the seal…

“Hahaha, God, you finally opened your eyes!”

He opened his eyes and laughed, smiled and began to shed tears, and the whole person was completely like a madman. Years of repression, years of depression, seems to be completely vented at this moment.

After 2-3 minute, Jiang Yi calmed down. He wiped the tears from the corner of his eye. He spit out two breaths and he settled again. The seal outside of Dantian was carefully looked and confirmed that the rune on the dragon seal was indeed three less. After this confirmation, he completely relaxed.

“Cultivate! Cultivate, I have to constantly develop the black Qi and completely break this seal!”

The sky is near dusk, but Jiang Yi has completely forgotten the time. He concentrates on refining the black Qi. At this moment, he can’t wait to directly cultivate 18,000 black Qi and break this damn seal. Is the speed of my cultivation increased?

When he think of it, he wants to stop the nameless exercise and run the jiangshui exercise. He wants to confirm one thing. Since this seal has begun to crack slowly, can his cultivation speed increase?

Just a moment, Jiang Yi’s body was once again shocked, his eyes slammed open. This time he stood up without tears, and shouted towards the sky, the shouting sounds loud and exciting, and the inside was full of pleasure and excitement!

The seal has only just begun to crack. The speed of cultivation of Jiangshui has been doubled. Although it is still very slow, he has already seen a light, a door of hope…

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