My fury will burn the heavens ch 14

Chapter 14: Jiang Hanshui

“Young Master, where are you?”

An anxious voice made Jiang Yi awakened from the cultivation. He looked up and found that the darkness around him was completely dark. He secretly blamed himself for forgetting the time in his cultivation. He quickly opened the door of the alchemy room and walked quickly toward the source of the sound.

“Ai, I am here!”

In the dim night, Jiang Yi saw a thin figure in front of him screaming and his heart was suddenly feel guilty and distressed.

Jiang Xiaonu wore a white maid’s gown, which looks of her body more thin. When she heard Jiang Yi’s voice, she saw his figure, she burst into tears. She suddenly said: “Young master, I finally found you.” I am worried about you.”

“What are you worried about? Stupid girl, the young master is practicing and forget about the time!”

Jiang Yi came and took the hand of Jiang Xiaonu’s face, and then he remembered something and grinned. “Ai, lets go home, I will show you some good things, and there is a big good thing to tell you.”

“Ok!” Ai never doubted Jiang Yi’s words, and suddenly laughed and kept following Jiang Yi to walk towards his own small courtyard.


“Young master, is this really purple gold? I am not dreaming? And… Master, can your seal really break open?”

In a dilapidated small courtyard in the West Courtyard, Jiang Xiaonu was screaming at his mouth, but Jiang Yi was sitting next to her face with a smirk, holding a sparkling purple gold coins in his hand, feeling that everything was so unreal.

Jiang Yi finished his dinner and comfortably sat down. He turned and squeezed the nose of Jiang Xiaonu’s and smiled: “Stupid girl, we will have more money in the future, and the young master will be strong, let never again someone bullied us.”

“Well, the young master is the best, I will be cheering for the young master!”

Jiang Xiaonu said with the sweet smile, her face is full of worship. she paused and return the money to Jiang Yi: “Young master, this purple gold you take it, I am afraid that I will not be able to sleep with them because of fear about the theft, right… How did you break your seal?”

“You don’t have to care about these things, and these things don’t talk to anyone, you just have to wait for a good news.”

Jiang Yi’s take back the gold and did not explain much. Jiang Xiaonu did not understand these things. He touched the head of Jiang Xiaonu, who was confused. He got up and walked into the room and took a seat. .

He now wants to practice every moment, and can’t wait to unlock the seal as soon as possible. See if his cultivation speed can be as fast as the elder estimate, and even faster than the young master Jiang Hanshui? even if he is slower than him, Jiang Yi also has the confidence to rely on the black Qi to make his strength soar.

“Three months, just give me three months, I must make the whole Jiang family tremble! Unfortunately… Grandpa can’t see this!”

Jiang Yi long sighed, no longer think about it, concentrating on refining the black Qi.

In the middle of the night, when he refining the 10 black Qi strands, he immediately send them to Dantian and easily started melting the red runes on the dragon-shaped seals. What surprised him was that when the rune disappeared, his speed of cultivation of Jiangshui increased again, reaching three times the original.

He didn’t sleep all night, and he rushed to eat the breakfast and ran to the alchemy room. Yesterday he forgot to read the “Prescription of Herbs”. In case the elder Liu today want to refine other medicinal herbs, he need other herbs. The speed of collecting herb is still so slow, he will definitely be beaten.

Although he didn’t sleep all night, Jiang Yi was still mentally awakened. After spending half an hour, he look all the “Herbs of Medicine” at the portrait inside.

I recognized the herbs in the pharmacy.

Elder Liu did came to pharmacy till now, and Jiang Yi did not care. He excitedly began to refine the black Qi and crack the runes on the seal.

He cultivated throughout the day, and the elder Liu still did not appear. Jiang Yi was puzzled. According to the common behaviour, the elder Liu should continue to experiment. Why didn’t he appear today? However, the elders Liu is not here, Jiang Yi has been free throughout day, and today he cracked 20 runes on the seal, and the speed of cultivation of Jiangshui has continued to increase.

The next day, Jiang Yi was still practicing alone for a whole day. The elders Liu still didnot come. Jiang Yi’s heart had a faint ominous premonition, but he didn’t dare to look for him alone in the courtyard where Liu’s elders lived. He could only be depressed and Go home.

The elder Liu didn’t experimented on the alchemy. He didn’t waste Dan, so Jiang Yi couldn’t refine the medicine to sell for the money. It would be impossible for him to refine the medicine from the start.

On the third day, the elder Liu did not appear but someone else came to the alchemy room.

A boy who wore a white dress like snow, the face is like a sharp knife, the back is like a sword, the corner of the mouth has faint smile, and his style is graceful. This is a beautiful teenager who can make all the crazy girls scream!

“Jiang Hanshui!”

Jiang Yi glanced toward this guy, and there was a different emotions in his mind. This man was like a God’s favourite child and he was the leader of the younger generation of Jiang Clan and he has become one of the genius boy in whole Tianyu City. He has been highly regarded but he has fallen into this alchemy room to do chores…

The young handsome man felt the eyes of Jiang Yi and looked towards Jiang Yi’s face. He hesitated and asked: “You are…Jiang Yi?”

Jiang Yi bitterly smiled, remembering the situation when the two of them studied martial arts together when they were young. At that time, Jiang Wei was always compete with him. The relationship between the two was not bad. However, because Jiang Yi was found to have been sealed by Dantian and the disappearance of the elder, we have became more and more alienated. It has been 2-3 years since the last meeting. It was normal that Jiang Hanshui not able to recognize him for a while.

In the past, when he encountered Jiang Hanshui, he would avoid it as much as possible to avoid awkward embarrassment. Since he encountered him today, he could only barely smile: “Hanshui, I haven’t seen you for a long time.”


A cold noise that smashed the atmosphere sounded: “Jiang Yi, who are you? The name of the young master is also what you can call? If you encounter the young master, you are not polite to him and still dare to call his name? Do you have this qualification? Waste!”

Jiang Yi’s eyes were attracted by Jiang Hanshui at the beginning, so he did not pay attention to the people behind him. At this moment, he heard the sound but didn’t have to look at it. Who was behind him?

Jiang Ruhu!

His mind turned around and he had already guessed a few things in his heart. It is estimated that he did not leave the Jiang family compound in these days, so Jiang Ruhu couldn’t fight with him. This is why Jiang Jiang hated water to make alchemy room. If there is Jiang Hanshui when he beat Jiang Yi, the punishment court will give Jiang Hanshui a face…

Since I guessed Jiang Ruhu’s wishful thinking, how can Jiang Yi let him succeed? Although he has been practicing in these days, he spends most of his time refining the runes on the seal with the black Qi, and there is not much time to cultivate Jiangshui exercise. His strength is still on the 1st level of Qi Condensation. At this moment, Jiang Ruhu didnot see Jiang Hanshui face.


He saw that Jiang Hanshui face has changed slightly, but he did not say anything, let alone reprimanded. Originally, when he was a child, he had some glimpse of friendship with Jiang’s Hanshui. He smiled and laughed and turned his hand and said: “Jiang Yi meets the young master.”


Jiang Hanshui did not expect Jiang Yi’s attitude to change so fast? He did not adapt for some time but after looking at Jiang Ruhu, he did not say anything. He waved his hand: “Jiang Yi, are you doing things in the alchemy room now? Then give me 100 pieces of Qi Dan, I have to return fast for cultivation. Retreat for practice in Wu Dian.

“Wu Dian?”

Jiang Yi once again bitterly smiled, Jiang Hanshui is really a talented guy. He is only three months older than me but he is going to Wu Dian to practice.

Wu Dian is not the martial arts place of Jiang Clan, it is a very mysterious place in Tianyu City. It is said that the speed of cultivation can be doubled, and there are gravity room, practice room, professional sparring, etc. A paradise for cultivator. Jiang Yi had heard of this Wi Dian very early, but he could only take a long look. Because if you want to enter for the martial arts practice, you need one or two purple gold for the entry fee…

“What are you still doing? Delaying the young master to go to Wu Dian to practice, can you afford this waste?”

Jiang Yi stunned, but Jiang Ruhu behind him screamed again. Today, he followed Jiang Hanshui is to find a chance to beat up Jiang Yi. Just now, Jiang Yi was so shameless that he couldn’t make a fuss. At this moment, he naturally wanted to anger Jiang Yi again.

Jiang Yi smiled faintly, faintly glaring at Jiang Ruhu, looking at his fat face, his heart was disgusted. He smiled and said: “The elder Lui is not present here the previous two days, and no one came to take the medicine. Jiang Ruhu, you want to take the medicine, take it yourself, I can’t help you.”

He is almost the same age as Jiang Yi, but his body is a little more fatter than Jiang Yi’s and his face is bright. He is very clear about the temper of Liu elder. If he dares to take the medicinal herbs in private, Liu elder will break his legs and his father can’t stand it for him…

Jiang Hanshui glanced at Jiang Ruhu and said indifferently: “I will take it, Jiang Yi, you go back and told the Elder Lui, I am rushing to Wu Dian!”

After that, Jiang Hanshui walked straight into Dan Storage Room to take a few bottles of medicinal herbs and left the alchemy room. After leaving Dan room, he never looked at Jiang Yi again, let alone say goodbye, like two strangers.

Jiang Ruhu’s face was covered with a slap in the face, and he lowered his voice and sneered: “Hey, Jiang Yi! You have always been a tortoise in this alchemy room forever. You dare to go out of the Jiang Family Courtyard. I promise you, you will not able to climb and Come back.”

Jiang Yi smiled lightly and said something down: “After ten days, at three o’clock in the afternoon, I will go out to the west gate of Jiang Clan. There is an alley nearby. I am waiting for you there. I hope you will not be late.”


Looking at his face with ease, and leisurely turned to Jiang Yi, who walked in the Dan Room, Jiang Ruhu was full of confusion. Is this the same waste that was often beaten like a dog by them? How did he feel that moment just now, Jiang Yi’s temperament is even worse than Jiang’s Hanshui?

“This is a illusion, it must be the illusion, this waste must be acting.”

Jiang Ruhu quickly sneered and yelled towards Dan room: “Well, this is promise then. After ten days, whoever is not going there is a motherfucker.” After rushing out to the outside, chasing the Jiang Hanshui.

“Ten days!”

After Jiang Ruhu left, Jiang Yi came out of Dan room, his face was very light, and his voice was full of confidence. In ten days, he can easily cultivate to the 2nd level of Qi condensation, and when Jiang Ruhu dares to come, whoever climbs back to the Jiang family is not necessarily fixed…

I counted the medicinal herbs in Dan room, and determined that Jiang Hanshui only took a hundred Qi Dan. Jiang Yi did nothing and continued to practice.


Only half an hour later, his cultivation was interrupted. There was a dull bell in the Jiang family compound, which was the death alert of the Clan’s elder.

Soon a message spread throughout the Jiang family compound, one of the family’s top ten elders and Jiang’s clan only alchemy master elder Liu was suddenly killed in his own yard for some reason.


Hearing this news, Jiang Yi was stunned and his face was flustered and guilty.

Only he can understand why Liu’s elders may be dead. This elder is a typical a alchemy madman! It must be because the exploration did not reveal the inexplicable ingredients in the medicinal Dan. These days, no days and nights of research, he went to death and died…


Soon Jiang Yi remembered one more thing, and the heart was even more upset. Liu Elder died, and there was no more waste dan in the future. What alchemy did he take? How to make money and pay debts?

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