My fury will burn the heavens ch 15

Chapter 15 Wu Dian sparring

The reason for the death of Liu’s elders was quickly detected. What makes Jiang Yi not so guilty is that the elder Liu have always had serious disease. He have been sick three times before a few years ago, and he died in the past few days because of the day and night research….

For Liu Elder, Jiang Yi has no feelings. He didnot kill him directly but he died because of him. He has been very upset and guilty for a few days. In the middle of the night, he went to the tomb of Elder Liu and smashed a few heads and sprinkled two glasses of rice wine.

Because of the death of Elder Liu, Jiang Yi had no chance to alchemy, and the entire alchemy room was sealed. The only alchemy division of the family is gone. The medicinal herbs can only be purchased outside. The medicinal herbs stored in the Dan room will naturally be sealed.

The elders of Liu have been dead for three days. Jiang Yi is hiding in his backyard every day, and Jiang Xiaonu is guarded in the front yard. There is a deep concern in his heart. Now he is not doing things in the alchemy room. The family is likely to arrange new chores for him, and Rongrong is also likely to come to the door and retrieve the token.

“Time, just give me some time, I will solve every problem!”

Jiang Yi sat in the backyard and secretly gritted his teeth. In the past few days, the runes on his seal have cracked dozens of pieces, and the speed of cultivation is gradually increasing. It has reached 7-8 times.

Although this speed is far worse than the outstanding children of the clan. His original cultivation speed was 30 times worse than that of Jiang’s clan outstanding children. But he firmly believes that as long as he constantly cracks the runes on the seal, his cultivation speed will catch up with most of the family’s children sooner or later, even… far beyond.

Black Wi only has a limit of ten strands per refining, but it has the ability to increase his metamorphosis. As long as his cultivation speed can be raised to the level of the family’s outstanding children, his strength is not impossible to catch up with them in a short time.

In fact, he also thought about the cracking of his seal, and the fact that the nameless exercises were told to the family, which caused the family to pay attention, so that all problems could be solved. But I thought that in the past few years, no one in Jiang family was waiting to see him, so he decided to wait for the strength to make a sudden leap forward.

“Jiang Yi, get out!”

The front yard sang aloud sound and pulled Jiang Yi’s back to himself from his thoughts. When he heard the sound, Rongrong finally came to his door. As soon as he heard, he immediately hid in the thatched pile in the backyard, and he did not dare to breath it out.

In the vagueness, he heard the voice of Jiang Xiaonu’s whispering voice, and the anger of the arrogant reprimand, until a moment later Jiang Xiaonui ran into the backyard: “Young master, Rong Guan went away, but he explained that from tomarrow onwards you have to go and work in the medicine field.”


Jiang Yi’s face sank, and his throat turned dry, sinking his teeth for a moment: “Ai, you stay at home, I will go out first.”

He walked into the house and took out the black robe he bought last time. He hurried out of the yard and just went out for dozens of feet. He suddenly turned back and saw a figure in a corner in the distance and immediately sneered.

“Jiang Ruhu really sent people to stalk him!”

His legs were filled with strength and he ran to the west gate and listened at the same time that the man behind him quickly followed. Jiang Yi rushed for a while and suddenly turned into a small alley to hide. When the man behind him rushed forward like a gust of wind, he quickly turned towards the Jiang clan South gate.

After coming out of the south gate of Jiang Clan Courtyard, Jiang Yi determined that no one was behind him, and put on the cloak and went straight to the square in the city. After half an hour, he came to a large medicinal store in the east of the square.

He walked in and swayed and took out the only piece of purple gold leaves on his body.

Take a shot on the counter and sip it up: “The store, give me ten Qi Dan!”

“Well, come and take ten Qi Dan.”

The shop owner is a fat middle-aged man. When he looks at Purple Gold, his face immediately filled with smile. While smiling, he reaches for the golden leaf on the counter and grabs it: “Hey… this guest, a spirit god.” It will cost you for two purple gold.”


Jiang Yi snorted, but his hands did not loosen. The fat shopkeeper changed his face and quickly laughed and said: “It seems that the guest is a regular customer. It will cost you 92 silver coin.”

Jiang Yi was only depressed and he gritted his teeth: Purple Gold coin only stays with him for 3 days and now they are in other purse.

He is also helpless. There is no high-level medicinal medicine for him to rely on his cultivation speed. In a short time, it is impossible to cultivate to the 2nd level of Qi Condensation and dare to go back to medicine field to work. On the same day, he and Jiang Ruhu agreed that after ten days. After the appearance of Rongrong, he make up his mind to prepare for the rapid cultivation with the help of high-level medicinal Dan and black Qi…

After buying Qi Dan, he hurriedly left with only the remaining twelve silver, but walked straight towards the Juzhen Pavilion on the south side of the square.

Receiving him was the Liu Guan who he met before. Liu Guanshi politely brought Jiang Yi into the room. After recruiting the maid to serve him with the fragrant tea, he smiled and asked: “Zongzi, are you ready to sell the medicinal herbs this time? Is it? Is there a good product?”

Jiang Yi smiled, he had ten Qi Dan that he just bought it… Fortunately, the whole face was covered in the cloak. Liu Guanwu couldn’t see his look. He got up and shook head: “Liu Guanshi, I want to see your Miss, I have something to ask for!”

Liu Guan’s face was difficult. He shook his head and said: “I’m sorry sir! Miss went to Wu Dian to practice the day before yesterday. If you have something important, or else… you can ask the general manager?”

“Wu Dian?”

Jiang Yi was stunned by his word and his heart was a little bit suspicious. What happened to Tianyu City recently? How did these young ladies go to the Wu Dian to practice?

He wants to see Ji Tingyu but it is not particularly important. On that day, he felt that Ji Tingyu seemed to value him. So come forward. He want to see if I can find her to borrow 20 purple gold to go to Fengyue building to redem his token! When he came here he thought that young lady of the Ji Clan will definately have the money but he did not expect her to be absent.

“Ok, I will come back later.”

Jiang Yi’s stood up, if the master is not there, how can these people dare to lend him money?

Walking out of the Juzhen Pavilion, Jiang Yi stood in the square and looked at the peoples who are walking everywhere and his heart was distressed. With Qi Dan, he is not afraid of Jiang Ruhu and others But the problem is that the alchemy room has been sealed. He does not have scrapped Dan. How can he make money quickly?

His eyes swept over the square and was suddenly attracted by a grand hall in the north of the square. The main reason was that the hall was full of people at the moment. It was very lively and made him curious.

Wu Dian!

This magnificent hall, Jiang Yi, knows that there are actually people who don’t know the martial arts in the entire Tianxing continent. Because all the center of the city has such a black and quaint hall, and the history of the martial arts is too long, it seems that human beings At the beginning of the epoch, this martial temple already exists.

Wu Dian is not a force, and has never participated in mainland disputes. Strictly speaking, it should be the largest trade name in the Continent! However, it serves the senior cultivators and the young master of the wealthy family. Without the strength of Zifujing, if you want to enter the martial arts hall, you must pay 2 Purple Gold.

When Jiang Yi was very young, he heard that this martial art temple is a paradise for cultivation. There is a powerful gathering of Qi. The cultivation in this place can speed up to be doubled. There are also various good things to help them cultivate. The strength of the cultivator will advanced by leaps and bounds. However, this martial hall is too far away for him who is having difficulty eating. He did not deliberately inquire.

When He saw that the outer hall of the Wu Dian was full of people, he thought that Jiang Hanshui and Ji Tingyu had gone into practice. Jiang Yi was curious at the moment and walked quickly outside the Wu Dian.

The door of the Wu Dian Temple was closed, and the side door was opened. However, there were two black armored guards. Jiang Yi looked at the people and looked towards the notice on the outside of the Wu Dian.

After glanced at it, Jiang Yi soon was stunned. This martial temple is recruiting fellow cultivators. The treatment is very attractive. The bronze medals are accompanied by 2 silver coins a day, and the silver medals will work for a day of training period. The gold medals even reach 2 purple gold one day.

The so-called sparring is naturally to accompany others to practice martial arts and help each other to improve their actual combat experience. In other words, others can hit you casually, you can also fight back, but you can’t hurt each other. This is the active work.

Jiang Yi’s strength is not high, even if he wants to go in, he is afraid that it is also the bronze medal training. One or two silver is very costly for him who owes a huge debt and he is only 12-year-old boy. He naturally is too lazy to waste time.

Hearing the audience is talking about something, he dispelled all the doubt in Jiang Yi’s heart. After a few months, it can be said that a Sect would come to Tianyu City to enroll students, so the top ladies in the city all went to the Wu Dian to cultivate. They want to get a good place in the admissions competition to enter that college. So many top ladies have entered the Wu Dian is naturally for the sparring experience…

“Go back to practice!”

The well-known Sect is of no interest for Jiang Yi at all, because it is far from him. As for the gossip of the top young lady of the city, he was not curious at all. He turned towards the Jiang Clan Courtyard.


he just turned around, he was attracted by the conversation of two young Cultivators.

“2 purple gold for one day! 2 silver coin for one day, but I can play in the Fengyue Building for ten days and ten nights with that much money but unfortunately I can’t cultivate otherwise I must go in and mix a gold medal to play.”

“You got it, although the two sides sealed their Qi during the battle, but how will you beat someone who on the 5th or 6th level of Qi condensation stage? Even if you don’t use Qi, they can easily beat you with the speed of reaction and martial arts, Pig head. Yesterday, my cousin who had the 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage went to practice for a day, but finally beaten out by them.”

“Seal Qi to practice?”

Jiang Yi’s heart treambles, if the two sides do not use Qi and only rely on the speed of reaction and martial skills. He can increase his vision with black Qi, which can increase the reaction speed several times. Maybe he can win a gold medal in the game of competition?

“One or two purple gold one day? Fight, try it!”

Jiang Yi wants to be more and more heart-felt, but he also put a slap in his face to wake up. After a while, he bite his teeth and walk toward the side door of Wu Dian. He is facing the two black armor guards: “I am signing up for training!”

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