My fury will burn the heavens ch 16

Chapter 16: Gold Medal Trainer

When the words were out, Jiang Yi had some regrets. He forgot one thing. Jiang Hanshui seems to be in the Wu Dian? If Hanshui identify himself, should not be he immediately exposed. Jiang’s clan children are training in the Wu Dian, this is not a glorious thing…

Just waiting for him to hesitate, a black armor guard at the door immediately grabbed his arm and walked with him enthusiastically. While walking, he said with relief: “Don’t worry, Wu Dian is absolutely not allowed to kill people. Even if you are accidentally injured while you are training, there will be healing medicines in the Wu Dian…”

Jiang Yi’s mood is not good. At the moment he doesnot knows that how many boys have already retreated from Wu Dian? How much lack of training? So hungry and eager to eat, he was a sparring partner, and the other party was still afraid that he would not do it.

Walking into the Wu Dian, Jiang Yi obviously feels a little wrong. The atmosphere here is much better than the outside. He does not need to sit and meditate. He knows that the heaven and earth aura is really high here, and the speed of cultivation here is definitely much faster than the outside.

What made him feel a little peace of mind was that after he came in with this guard, he saw an empty hall with no one inside. He lowered the cloak and secretly prayed not to encounter Jiang Hanshui.

There are several corridors on the sides of the main hall. The black armor guard took Jiang Yi to the corridor on the left and said: “You walked down to the corridor and went inside. Go to Yang Guan, he will arrange yours.”

Jiang Yi paused and asked later: “Can I leave at any time?”

“of course!”

The black armor guard definitely replied: “You have to go anywhere, but if you don’t became an sparring partner, you won’t have money.”


Jiang Yi nodded. When he never came to a place like this before, he did not have the opportunity to enter the high-end place where the rich children spar. It is also good to see the world now.

Waiting for Jiang Yi to step into the corridor, the black armor guard was relieved. If he relieved, he sighed: “I finally recruited one, oh… this is a benevolent mountain Sect makes the young lady of Tianyu City totally crazy. Cultivating and training for regular 2-3 days. This is the more than 100 sparring partner, they are not enough to beaten, this kid has good body, I do not know how long it can last? I think he will only last for half an hour…”


Through the corridor, Jiang Yi quickly arrived in a large hall. There were seven or eight people sitting in the center of the main hall. They all had masks of bronze beasts. Many people had obvious injuries on their arms, and their robes were also broken. There are many small rooms around the main hall, and the sound of fighting can be heard in a dozen rooms.

“It seems that this is the place for sparring. Is this small room a practice room? Is there at least 20 rooms? No wonder the sparring partners are not enough.”

Jiang Yi secretly indulged, a black robe old man came over, swept him, handed him a bronze-made wolf head mask, and said indifferently: “Take a mask, your code name is a wolf, wait for me. Will call you to fight. You are a bronze medal, and sparring for the day to count, 2 silver coins, halfway out, no money will be paid.”

Jiang Yi took the mask curiously. He quickly put the bronze mask on the rope and tied it with a rope. He didn’t think that this sparring should be after wearing a beast mask. It would not be to inspire the fighting spirit of the group of ladies, so that they would able to beat him like a beast?

When he just wanted to ask a few rules of sparring, a footstep came from behind the corridor, and the manager immediately squatted and smiled and greeted her.

The coming person is a girl wearing a fire red warrior gown. Her face is medium type. She is not much worse than Ji Tingyu. However, because she wears a tight samurai gown, she reveals her bumpy body completely. It is tempting.

The girl’s gaze swept over Jiang Yi and others.

Some dissatisfied said: “Yang Guanshi, how can there be no silver medals? Are all bronze medals?”

The old man manages to pay a smile and laughs: “Miss Yan, do you select between them for sparring, or do you want to wait?”

“Don’t wait, just play a few sparring matchs. You already taken 2 purple gold from me for one day practice in this martial temple. I am not here to play.” The girl snorted twice and turned into a practice room. Yang Guanshi shouted: “Wild pig! it’s your turn.”

A boy with a wild boar mask immediately got up and walked into the practice room. Soon the door closed, and there was a slamming sound in the room, and the girl’s scream.


The result was only a moment, the door of the exercise room was opened, and the fellow warriors stumbled out and wore wild boar masks hanging around his neck and revealing his bloody face. The figure of Miss Yan appeared at the door, coldly screaming at Yang Guan: “Yang Guanshi, how is this bronze medal training strength so bad? Change one.”


Jiang Yi looked at the man who was beaten into a pig’s head with a pitiful look. This man is only a 2nd Level Qi Condensation. The strength of Miss Yan is obviously at least four times than his. Even if the Qi is sealed, it is not a fight at all.

“Red bear, your turn!” Yang Guanshi helplessly sigh, can only provide another sparring partner to play, at this moment all the silver training partners are in the rest room of the practice room, he only first look for bronze to accompany the top.


After a while, the room opened again, and the man with the red bear head mask was flung by a kick, and then Miss Yan’s voice was cold and indifferent: “Change!”

“Oh… this training is really not a human being can handle. It is no wonder that such a high price is paid and still lacking the sparring partner. This group of young ladies does not look at the sparring.”

Jiang Yi sighed secretly, but suddenly heard a snoring sound behind him. He looked back and found that all the remaining sparrings trainee had retired a few feet back, obviously not wanting to go to the field to being beaten…

Yang Guantou looked at a group of guys who are all the scarred of sparring with her, and swept the rest of the practice room. He saw that there was no silver sparring partner to go out and he could only feel helpless but point to Jiang Yi: “Wolf, your turn.”


Jiang Yi immediately wake up, he seems to be wearing a wolf mask? Quickly got up and walked toward the practice room, but at the door, he subconsciously swept back, but saw all the gaze in the eyes of the trainer…


When Jiang Yi came in, the door was automatically closed. He looked up and saw that the exercise room was fairly spacious. The night pearl was hung around, but it was a good place to practice.


Suddenly, the whole practice room flashed with a flash of light on the wall of the practice room. Jiang Yi’s inexplicable felt like a force banned his Qi. He hurriedly moved his body and found that there was no influence. The subconscious urging Qi discovered that he could no longer mobilize a blue Qi.

“Sure enough, it can seal the Qi, so amazing!”

Jiang Yi secretly marveled. It seems that there is some strange array of methods in this practice room, which can imprison the Qi of all the warriors inside.

In the absence of Qi, the fighter can only rely entirely on combat instinct and reaction speed, as well as martial arts. This will greatly enhance the speed of the cultivator’s reaction and the proficiency of martial arts.


Jiang Yi suddenly remembered one thing, the dark passage is not good, his black power seems to be Qi? Also in Dantian? Since Qi was sealed, this black power will naturally be sealed? Without the black power, his end can only be like the two people just now, being beaten alive and flying out…

“Hey! fool, have you looked enough!”

Miss Yan, who stood opposite, couldn’t care much about him, her legs rushed toward Jiang Yi, and the two fists came like a storm.


Although there is no power infusion in this young lady’s fist, the strength inside is full. Jiang Yi is more certain that this person is definitely a 4th Level Qi Condensation stage. The warming and moisturizing of Qi has brought her physical strength to a different level.

“Black Qi, come out!”

He sighed in his heart and subconsciously mobilized the black Qi. What shocked him was that a black Qi instantly ran out of Dantian and flowed to his meridians.

Jiang Yi is overjoyed, no matter how much, and quickly retreats while controlling the black power to his eyes. Soon, a black light flashed away in his eyes, and the fists that came across like the torrential rain suddenly became clear and slow.

“Well… all are imaginary tricks!”

Just now, Jiang Yi saw the shadow of the fist. At this moment, it was easy to lock two real fists. He slipped with his footsteps and moved back to the side with Jiang Clan skill.


Miss Yan’s missed the attack. Her delicate little face was confused and then she became angry and shouted again to display the shadow of the sky to beat Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi’s eyes are locked in the two real fist shadows with the brain’s rapid calculatins based on the attack trajectory and speed of the opponent. Judging in advance, the first step is to avoid the attack to retreat and let the other party missed again.

“fucking hell, then look at this move…”

Miss Yan was mad, and she quickly came to Jiang Yi to deceive himself. She changed a few martial arts and chased Jiang Yi. But no matter how she attacks, Jiang Yi can avoid it in advance, and the pace is relaxed, like a leisurely walk in his backyard.

“Call, call… don’t fight!”

After 2 minutes, Miss Yan panted and stopped, sweating, the tight red warrior gown is completely attached to her exquisite body, her perfect The curve is fully exposed.

Without the blessing of Qi, she had just fighted with two guys before. At this moment, she has been attacking for so long. It is already more than enough. Every punch and every move she has made all efforts, and the physical exertion is too great.

She walked toward the gate with enthusiasm and reached for a prominent stone brick on the edge of the door. The light in the practice room suddenly flashed and the door opened.

Jiang Yi quietly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and found that he could mobilize the blue Qi in Dantian, and he could not help but secretly surprise. Isn’t black power not a force? Why can’t the blue Qi force be mobilized just now, but this black power can be mobilized?

He found out that only a single strand of black power stored in Dantian. Jiang Yi shook his head and sighed. It seems that this training is not suitable for him. If Miss Yan insisted on it for a while, and waited for his black power to be wasted, he would be beaten by her like a dog…

He walked out of the practice room but saw that all the escorts looked at him like a monster. It seemed that he was able to come out unscathed.

And Miss Yan is full of discomfort, is teaching Yang Guan: “Yang Guan, you are a very bad guy! Is it not good to see me Ling Xue? you arranged a gold medal to accompany me to the practice by posing him as a bronze medal… Are you really interesting to play with this lady?”

“Gold medal training?”

Yang Guan was dumbfounded, and looked at Jiang Yi’s as if he saw a ghost. How can this Qi condensation stage warrior be a gold medal? If everyone is a gold medal, the Wu Dian does not have to use such an urgent recruitment…

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