My fury will burn the heavens ch 17

Chapter 17: 2nd Level Qi Condensation stage

Miss Yan is mad, and at this moment her warrior gown is soaked, the curve is fully viewed, naturally it is impossible her to stay here, otherwise it will be cheaper for others.

Jiang Yi is also ready to go because the black power is only left a little bit. He will not go to the stage to fight some more or else he will be beaten like a dog. He was still naively thinking about coming in and get some purple gold to make money and paying debts. At this moment, it seems that this money is really not profitable…

“Wolf, where are you going?”

Jiang Yi just wanted to go, and Yang’s management immediately stopped him. Jiang Yi quickly explained the mask and said: “I’m going to do it, I’m not doing it, I don’t want money, this mask is for you. .”


Yang Guan is in a hurry. It is hard to get a good sparring partner. How can he watch Jiang Yi go? In the past few days, he was harassed by the group of young ladies. He quickly come over to Jiang Yi smiled and said: “Wolf, do you want to abandon the money? This way … you continue to stay here, I will give you the money of the silver medal training? 2 silver days, how?”

Jiang Yi put on the cloak and smiled bitterly: “I have to attend some matter of urgency, and I will come back later.”

After saying that Jiang Yi disregarded the retention of this Yang Guan thing, he went straight out of the Wu Dian Temple. In the eyes of the black armor guard who has the strange eyes, the Jiang Family Courtyard in the east of the city walked quickly.

“Yang Guan, Yang Guan!”

After Jiang Yi left the place, a red figure in the corridor of the practice room rushed over. As soon as she walked to the hall, she immediately swept a mask of all the training faces. He asked urgently: “Yang Guan, where is the gold medal sparring partner that practiced with me?”


Yang managed to blink and wondered, “What’s wrong? Miss Yan, is there a problem with the sparring?”

“Gone? shit!”

Miss Yan said with a pity: “The next time he come again, you must let me know urgently. The sparring is very good. My storm rain has been cultivated for eight years. I have been stuck in the proficient stage for three years. After practicing a sparring with him, I break through…”


Yang Guan’s face suddenly changed, and he was full of remorse. The main purpose of this practice room is to train the reaction speed, the fighting instinct, and the martial skills. These three items are difficult to upgrade, and it takes a long time to fight and hone. This is also the reason for the seal in the practice room.

According to the mastery degree, martial arts is divided into three levels: entry, proficiency, and Dacheng. This is not a big success for Miss Rainstorm’s three years. Now it’s a Dacheng with Jiang Yi.

Is it coincidence? Or is this kid playing pigs and eating tigers? Is he actually a powerful cultivator? Come here to pretend to be sparring? Inadvertently guiding and helping Miss Wu’s martial arts to become a Dacheng level?

Yang Guan couldn’t figure it out, but he knew that if Jiang Yi came to the next time, he must find ways to keep him. If he can really help the martial arts ladies in the martial arts to quickly become martial art proficient, then his value is immeasurable…


After Jiang Yi returned to his own small courtyard, it was already noon. He thought that he would go to medicine field early tomorrow. He hurriedly took a meal and went into the room to practice and prepare to hit next level of Qi Condensation.

“Qi Dan!”

He took out a white Dan and was excited all over the body. This Qi Dan is on the human level, which can help people to quickly cultivate strength. And his black power can increase the strength of the drug, and after the fusion of the drug power, this Lingshen Dan is absolutely comparable to the drug, and the ten Lingshen Dan are all refining, enough for him to cultivate to the 2nd level.

“Refining black power!”

He put down the Qi Dan bottle and settled down.

After more than three hours, He woke up on time and swallowed a Lingshen Dan and began to Jiangshui exercise.

“Good Dan!”

He felt a heat flow from his chest and quickly rushed towards his Dantian. Jiang Yi secretly felt that it was good to have medicinal medicinal cultivation. Jiang Ruhu’s talent is so poor that he can cultivate to the 4th Qi condensation level. He eats Dan as food to cultivate upto that level.

“Black power, fusion!”

When the spirit of Lingshen Dan enveloped Dan Tian, Jiang Yi immediately mobilized a trace of black power to merge with the potency, and then fully operated Jiangshui.

“This speed…”

Feeling that the blue power in Dantian is like a blowout, Jiang Yi is very excited. This medicinal herb with black Qi strength at least makes his practice dozens of times faster than the original…

After ten minutes of interest, the black power was exhausted, and Jiang Yi could only stop running Jiangshui, and mobilized a trace of black power to continue to increase the force. After so many tryouts, he stopped training after the black power was consumed.

Jiang Yi looked inside again, for fear that the drug consumption was too fast, and did not dare to stay too much, and began to refine the black power. He felt different in this refinement. Under the increase of Lingshen Dan, his speed of refining the black power also increased by three times. Just half of the time, he extracted six gongs.


After practicing for so many years, Jiang Yi has never been so happy. He was absorbed in the cultivation. He did not even eat dinner. He had been meditation and practiced.

Until the dawn of the next day, Jiang Yi stopped practicing!

Only one Lingshen Dan left now, and he… finally cultivated to the 2nd level of Qi Condensation! After he saw inside his Dantian Qi size has been doubled, the color is also a deeper blue Qi, Jiang Yi can not wait to scream and shout, release the inner pleasure.

At the age of seven, he began to cultivate Jiangshui. He cultivated himself until he was fifteen years old. It only took less than ten days to break through to the two level. Even though he was assisted by medicinal herbs, it was enough to make Jiang Yi excited. No more. The most important thing is that his seal can be continually cracked, and the speed of cultivation can be increased. This makes him see hope, and hopeful life can make people full of fighting spirit.


After a while, when he calmed down the turbulent mood and once again looked at Dantian, he suddenly found out that something was wrong! The blue color has become slightly darker? And this black color seems to be lighter?

With the improvement of the realm of the Cultivation, Qi will be more concise and more powerful! This is the common sense that everyone in the mainland knows. His strength is two times now. It is normal for the blue power to change. Why is this black element also slightly discolored, or is the color lighter?

“Is this ability of black power to increase again with the rise of the realm?”

Jiang Yi pondered for a while, and mobilized a piece of black power in Dantian to run into the meridian of the corner of his eye, but found that it was not different from the original. Although his vision became terrible, there was no further increase.

“How can the black power become lighter?”

Jiang Yi was bored, closed his eyes and looked at Dantian, and observed the only remaining black power, but he observed nothing for a long time.

After half a column of incense, he opened his eyes helplessly, but he quickly became surprised. Because he found that the world is still so clear, it is half a column of incense time, this black power has not been exhausted?

“It seems that when I have reached the 2nd level of Qi Condensation, the blue Qi has been condensed. This black power has also been condensed, so the speed of consumption has slowed down a lot.”

Jiang Yi closed his eyes and found that there was still a trace of black power near the eyes, which was not completely consumed. After a while, the black light in Jiang Yi’s eyes flashed, his vision gradually blurred, and the black power was completely consumed.

“try again!”

Jiang Yi will transfer the remaining black power to the eyes. The time for this vision has been growing for a long time, and it can almost last for most of the time.

“the Ten strands can almost hold on for an hour!”

Jiang Yi calculated the time. Although the master has made a move, he will soon be able to win or lose. However, if he encounters a group battle, his vision will increase in length and it will be very useful.

Seeing that the sky is already bright outside, Jiang Yi did not dare to study more, but later to go to Rongrong to report the incident, go to medicine field to check the herbs, he has to refine some black Qi for spare uses, avoid having accident because of lack of black Qi.

After practicing two hours, He refined the six black Qi strands, and the time was already three times. He quickly climbed up and walked toward the Jiang Clan Dongyuan management room.

In the management room was honoured by a dog blood sprinkler, Jiang Yi quickly walked in to check the herbs, but this time in the West Hill medicine field to do the sundries, Rong Guan did not mention the token. And when he went to Medicine field, the family guards at the foot of the mountain knew him so they did not ask him to show the token.

After spending most of the time, Jiang Yi counted the herbs of the No. 7 medicinal field. When he was preparing to go down to the mountain to practice, he heard a squeaking noise in the grove on the left.


His eyes were cold and he swept away in the woods on the left. Was the secret channel that Jiang Ruhu and others came to block him?

At first glance, Jiang Yi was dumbfounded. The fat boy is filled with smile, and his face was full of fierce light. Who is Jiang Ruhu? And behind him, there constantly emerged from the crowd, and there are at least 20 people!

So many?

Jiang Yi swallowed, his strength rose so much, he has black power, but how many people he can beat? Moreover, in addition to Jiang Ruhu’s 4th level Qi Condensation situation, there will definately be some 5th and 6th level castings in this group…

Seeing Jiang Yi’s face change, Jiang Ruhu smiled and said: “Haha, Jiang Yi, aren’t you crazy before? If I don’t break your legs today, I will write my name from backwards from now on!”

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