My fury will burn the heavens ch 18

Chapter 18: can dare to fight?
  Jiang Yi has always been clear that he and Jiang Ruhu must have a battle one day. For so many years of grievances, he must find Jiang Ruhu to pay for it. As long as there is an opportunity, Jiang Ruhu will take the initiative to find him and maintain his authority as the second generation of Jiang Clan.
  After breaking through the 2nd level of Qi condensation last night, Jiang Yi was not only not afraid of Jiang Ruhu but also hoping that Jiang Ruhu would come to block him and he can take his revenge.
  But at this moment, Jiang Ruhu came, but there was no excitement in his heart rather his face was bitter.
   20 guy!
  The lowest strength is the 2nd level of Qi condensation, the Jiang bao Jiang song and others are in this list, so many people even if he has the strength of 4th level of Qi condensation, it is difficult to safely run from here. Not to mention that he has just broken through the 2nd Level of Qi condensation, and the black Qi in Dantian is only six strands…
  What can the six strands black Qi do? Maybe he can beat a few people, but once the black Qi is gone, he will be hurt by the angry people. If his luck is good then only few bones will be broken. It is not impossible to be killed in this chaos. He knows too much about this group of foolish children. Once they are impulsive, they will never care about the consequences.
  But… Does I have to retreat?
  20 people already surrounded him in the middle, the Qi of all people quietly running, he will have to fight no matter where he fled, and then into an endless cat and mouse game.
  calm! calm!
  Jiang Yi’s back bowed slightly, staring at Jiang Ruhu like a beast. Yu Guang glanced around, and both ears listened to all the sounds around him, and his mind turned wildly, looking for a broken way.
  He must not die nor can he allowed to be hurt, otherwise he will lie on the bed for half a month, and Fengyue will come to the clan and Ai will be in danger. So today he must win, at least run away without being beaten.
  “What? Are you afraid?”
  Jiang Ruhu saw that Jiang Yi was nervous and tightened all over his body. He felt inexplicable excitment in his heart, just like a group of tigers playing with a monkey. The force in his dantian quietly worked, and the flesh of his face shook, and the momentum slowly slid toward Jiang Yi. He burst into tears: “You know now that you don’t have to touch my friends, now… it’s too late to regreat! But I am giving you a chance because I am in a good mood today. As long as you pass between our legs of all of us, we will let you go today, how?”
  “Tiger brother!”
  Jiang Bao and Jiang Song were anxious, but they saw Jiang Ruhu faintly sweeping over the inexplicable meaning. The two immediately understood and smiled. When Jiang Yi climbed over from them, wasn’t it the best chance to attack? Jiang Ruhu did not intend to let Jiang Yi go, just want to humiliate him more…
  Jiang Yi did not speak, continued to silence, and when Jiang Ruhu was impatient and prepared to wave a hand to attack, he suddenly said: “Good! I climbed, I only hope… Tiger brother, you can true to his word.”
  Many people have looked at each other and exposed their confusion. Most of the 20 people come here to bully Jiang Yi till he vomited blood several times but they never saw Jiang Yi will beg for mercy, let alone… he took the initiative to climb from them.
  Jiang Ruhu is not an idiot, otherwise, he will not become the boss of this group of people. He has a meaningful smile on his lips, and he quickly glances at Jiang Ruying, a child of the 3rd Level of Qi condensation and gives him a single. Only turned around and nodded towards Jiang Yi: “That is natural. I will be true to my words. You just have to climb down one by one from our knees to ensure that you are sorry for your behaviour and not repeat this in the future. I will let you go!”
  Jiang Ruying, the child of the 3rd Level of Qi condensation, immediately stepped forward and open his two legs and said: “Come on! Drill between my legs like a worm.”
  “Ha ha ha!”
  “Worm! drill like a worm!”
  Immediately around, a laughter sounded, and all excitedly looked at Jiang Yi, waiting to see Jiang Yi’s insults.
  “Good! I am drilling…”
  Jiang Yi gritted his teeth. His face was full of anger and humiliation, and his body was constantly trembling. However, he did not have any signs of running Qi, and he did not seem to have a slight desire to resist.
  “Ha ha -“
  Some guys started relaxing their alert heart and laughed. In their opinion, how can Jiang Yi’s waste dare to resist, even if he resisted, With his strength 1st Level of Qi condensation? For Jiang Bao and Jiang Song who were injured by Jiang Yi, everyone did not believe it that he has beaten them.
  One step, two steps, three steps!
  Jiang Yi lowered his head and walked step by step toward Jiang Ruying, and slowly bent down, ready to kneel down on the ground and climb down the river like a worm…
  At this moment, the change suddenly occurred!
  Jiang Yi, who was originally trying to kneel, his legs slammed forward and leaped forward. The right leg was surrounded by a yellow Qi like a sharp axe.
  The martial arts skill of the human level, Mountain leg.
  Some Jiang Clan children become scared. Do they need such advanced martial arts to beat Jiang Yi? Jiang Ruying, the 3rd Level of Qi condensation warrior take a full blow of his attack. they don’t know that he is alive or dead after this attack? There are two cowered boys who even close their eyes and avoid seeing the flesh and blood of the internal organs.
  A heavy cold snoring sounded. At this moment, Jiang Yi, who had bent down, seemed to have expected it. He suddenly raised his head and kept the blue force flowing in the sleeve of his sleeve. He proudly opposed Jiang Ruying. The heavy leg that came from the sky went.
  “Crack crack crack!”
  Along with the sound of a broken bone, a dull explosion of Qi slammed, and Qi collided with the surrounding air, which blew the smoke of the ground and fascinated everyone’s eyes. But at this moment, everyone forgot to close their eyes, all the eyes were rounded, and they couldn’t believe that Jiang Ruying would fly away like a broken kite…
  Jiang Ruying’s body fell heavily on the ground, and cloth on his right leg was burst open and his calf is full of blood. even the bones were faintly visible. His entire face was distorted, and a heartbreaking pain made him hold his right leg and scream.
  “what’s the hell?”
  Everyone was paralyzed. Only Jiang Bao’s eyes showed a trace of horror. His situation on that day was exactly the same as that of Jiang Ruying, and he was also a punch by Jiang Yi…
  “Jiang Ruhu, I know that you will not let me go, but fortunately… I never expected you to exalt your hands.”
  An icy voice awoke everyone, and Jiang Yi’s body shot from the ground like a sharp arrow and rushed straight towards Jiang Ruhu like a tiger.
  First, beat the king!
  The purpose of Jiang Yi is actually very clear. Since there is no escape, he can only fight! And if you want to get out of it today, then you have to beat Jiang Ruhu.
  So in the beginning, he pretended to compromise and let most people relax their vigilance. Then, with the powerful strength of the black Qi, Jiang Ruying flew out only in a fist. At this moment, they were shocked and in this confusion, he prepared to beat Jiang Ruhu.
  “Hey! What are you doing? attack together!”
  Jiang Yi’s plan was good, but he was wrong. Jiang Ruhu saw Jiang Yi come to him but he did not rush to attack, but his body quickly exploded. At the same time, he urged everyone to attack Jiang Yi.
  The three people around Jiang Ruhu immediately woke up. They have been used to obeying Jiang Ruhu’s orders. At this moment, they did not hesitate too much. They run their Qi madly and rushed toward Jiang Yi.
  “Well, this Jiang Ruhu actually inherited the essence of his father’s battle experience. He is cautious like a rat and venomous like a snake, hehe… can only fight now, black Qi!”
  Jiang Yi secretly complained that he never imagined Jiang Ruhu’s with 4th level of Qi Condensation strengths was still so cautious? When he thought that his father Jiang Yunzi had the nickname “Bamboo Ye Qing” when he was young, the insidious blackmail was famous in Tianyu City, and he was secretly relieved. There is no other way at the moment, running a black Qi in the eyes, biting your teeth and attack.
  “Psychedelic step!”
  His eyes are fast like electricity, and he is locked into the three guys who are rushing toward him. According to the action of the other party, he will counter attack the opponent’s moves in advance, the trajectory and speed of the attack, and step on the strange footsteps to the left. Go around.
  On the left side who have a 3rd level of Qi Condensation has never imagined that Jiang Yi did not attack the other two guys, and actually took the initiative to rush toward him. Think of Jiang Ruying just being kicked by him, he also has some fear in his heart.
  Who knows that Jiang Yi’s body flashed, and he turned to the right side in the middle of the road, while the two on the right looked at Jiang Yi’s left side and the body had already turned. Now Jiang Yi is straight toward the two? At the moment, they can only swing their fists in a panic and go to Jiang Yi.
  “Wrapped silk hand!”
  Jiang Yi’s hands were wrapped around the two like two seaweeds. They easily wrapped the arms of the two men in a panic, and turned their bodies to the side. The hands pulled the two men toward the front, and the one leg was like a snake. The two legs swept away.
  There was no accident, the two of them fell to the ground, and Jiang Yi’s body exploded again and he directly rushed in the front of Jiang Ruhu.  “Jiang Ruhu, can you dare to fight me?”
  “Meteor fist!”
  Jiang Yi has passed two people easily, but seems to forget that there is still one person? The 3rd level of Qi Condensation warrior who shot at Jiang Yi. At this moment, he suddenly became angry. He strode forward toward Jiang Yi and raised his fist and squatted at his back.
  At this moment, Jiang Yi was incomparably surprised and did not evade. The body still rushed toward the front. The three-armed martial artsman who hit the earth was easily hit by his back. A giant force came from the back and he flew up in an instant.
  “Haha! Jiang Yi you only has this much strength, but still want to fight with me?”
  Jiang Ruhu in front of Jiang Yi wants to avoid, continue to invite people to besiege him and find out the real strength of Jiang Yi and then make plans. At this moment, he paused and laughed. The fierce light in his eyes skyrocketed, his body poured out, two fists like a hammer attack towards Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi was in the air, but his face was not half-conflicted. Instead, his eyes were inexplicably smiling. When he left Jiang Ruhu two feet away, he suddenly opened his mouth and squirted blood….on Jiang Ruhu’s face.
  Soon, Jiang Yi was so cold that Jiang Ruhu’s voice trembled: “Jiang Ruhu, you asshole! I don’t interrupt your four legs today, I will start my writing my name backwards…”
  Jiang Ruhu was sprayed with blood, his eyes suddenly could not be opened. He sank inside, did not attack his hands and crossed his head, and hurriedly quit, while hysterically shouting: “Are you all dead? Why not attack him? Kill him now!”
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