My fury will burn the heavens ch 19

Chapter 19: Fierce attack!!
  The human eye is one of the most important organs. The nerves in the eyes are extremely dense. Once the eye is injured, the warrior’s combat power is greatly reduced, and even the combat power is completely lost.
  The blood is hot and generally alkaline. Once inside the eye, it will corrode the nerves in the eyes, causing the other person to temporarily become blind and even suffer from eye damage.
  Jiang Yi was got the punch from 3rd level of Qi Condensation, actually make him reach Jiang Ruhu faster. He accept this attack just to spray blood on his face. It is a gamble. After all, the strength of the 3rd level of Qi Condensation warrior has reached the strength equal to the three horse. His fist is not the key to speed up a point, offset some of the power, at this moment, Jiang Yi’s back bones are broken. There are others in the air, if Jiang Ruhu does not rush to come up, or continue to avoid, he has lost all his efforts.
  “good chance!”
  Jiang Yi spit out a trace of congestion in his mouth, forcibly controlling his body shape in midair, and his single boxing force flowed, and the head towards Jiang Ruhu like a tiger. To create such a good opportunity, if he still does not use this opportunity then he is just an idiot.
  “Phantom Boxing!”
   His fists turned into three fists. They went to Jiang Ruhu’s head, left shoulder and lower abdomen.
  Jiang Ruhu’s eyes were temporarily blind, and there was still a burning fire in his eyes. When he heard the phantom fists sound, his face sink completely, he still wanted to resist it. At this moment, he could only wave his arms and smash it at the top, and protect his head.
  In the eyes of Jiang Yi, the black light flashed, and Jiang Ruhu’s movements were all clearly visible. He easily judged the trajectory of his attack. He merged a black Qi to his fist and drove straight into the left shoulder of Jiang Ruhu.
  Jiang Ruhu’s swollen body slammed out and slammed into a small tree outside the three or four feet. He was bounced back and rolled a few laps on the ground.
  Jiang Yi’s body also fell to the ground, but he immediately ejected from the ground like a cheetah, rushing toward Jiang Ruhu again.
  He is very clear that today if he wants to return to his house safely then he has to win Jiang Ruhu. His black Qi has already been used for three times. Once it is completely consumed, he can only sit still.
  The people around us also reacted. Everyone rushed to the side, and the eyes were fierce. The boss was attacked. They dared to sit back and ignore it? and if it was known to Jiang Ruhu afterwards, there would be no good fruit to eat.
  “Snake whip legs!”
  Jiang Yi’s legs are attack to the body of Jiang Ruhu like a snake. They are continuously kicked down like a storm, and the places where they are kicked are all the limbs of Jiang Ruhu. Although each foot does not run black Qi, it is also full of strength. A burst of bones, Jiang Ruhu’s two hands and one leg were kicked off instantly, and the pain was tumbling on the ground.
  “Jiang Yi, you dare!”
  “Jiang Yi, how dare you break the Jiang Ruhu hands and feet today? You are dead!”
  “Small wild species…”
   They start attacking Jiang Yan from three sides.
  Jiang Yi sneered and sneaked away. He grabbed the remaining leg of Jiang Ruhu and took his bloated body and smashed it up and swept away.
  “Retreat… don’t hurt the Jiang Ruhu brother!”
  “Small wild species, you, dare you use the Ruhu brother as a weapon?”
  Seeing that Jiang Yi had set off a rush of Jiang Ruhu, everyone was scared to look pale, and quickly recovered the attack and hurriedly retreated. If they don’t recover their attack then Jiang Ruhu had already been smashed into meat.
  “Jiang Yi, You are finished, you are dead! You will kill me today otherwise I vow to tear you into pieces! ”
  Jiang Ruhu’s eyes were blind, his hands and one leg were broken. At this moment, the whole person flew up. He was picked up by Jiang Yi as a wooden stick, and his head was twice mad at the ground. How can he be the boss when he get embarrassed in front of so many younger brothers?
  Jiang Yi looked cold and had no change in her face. When he heard Jiang Ruhu’s words, he put Jiang’s hands in a circle and then slammed on the ground…
  “You all don’t want your brother to die right, retreat back little bit!”
  Jiang Ruhu, who disregarded and screamed, and Jiang Yi’s eyes locked the people around him. His mouth was still bloody at the moment, and with his indifferent look, he seemed to have a fascinating look.
  “Jiang Yi, let the Ruhu brother go, we will forgive you!”
  “Yes! Jiang Yi immediately put the Ruhu brother, otherwise if the Ruhu brother get injured more, you are absolutely dead!”
  “Jiang Yi has let go of the Ruhu brother, otherwise it will be a big event…”
  How can everyone retreat? Who dares to retreat after being known by Jiang Ruhu, can’t they beaten to death by him? Moreover, all of them saw that Jiang Ruhu looked terrible and a little scared. They all persuaded them to be afraid of major events.
  The answer to everyone is that Jiang Ruhu’s body was picked up again, and then he slammed down to the ground. Jiang Yi’s mouth was full of laughter. He seemed to be arrogant, and he said coldly: “Retreat?”
  Everyone hesitated, and it was difficult to advance and retreat. Jiang Yi’s hands were another move. Jiang Ruhu’s body slid through a beautiful arc in the air and fell to the ground.
  He kept asking questions incessantly. Every time he asked, he picked up Jiang Ruhu’s body and slammed it toward the ground. Under these rounds of chaos, Jiang Ruhu suddenly sprayed his blood and his head was stunned. No, the nose and mouth are only venting and not venting…
  “Retreat, retreat! Retreat!”
  Everyone was scared by Jiang Yi’s fierceness, and he was afraid that Jiang Yi would go crazy and really kill Jiang Ruhu alive. Then Jiang Yi can’t escape death, they will also be severely punished by the family. One person began to retreat, and the rest of the people hurriedly followed, and all looked at the stunned Jiang Yi, and there was a thought in his heart. Is this person still the honest waste of Jiang Yi? How do you feel he became so terrible?
  When the crowd retreated, Jiang Yi was relieved. Today, everyone is shocked, and he is safe. Otherwise, he will not escape from the crowd.
  Looking at Jiang Ruhu who looked like a reptile on the ground, Jiang Yi flashed with a hint of pleasure in the eyes. He was insulted by this group for so many years, and finally got some interest back today.
  He indulged for a moment, put down Jiang Ruhu’s legs, lifted his legs and stepped on Jiang’s bloody head, and leaned over and said, “Jiang Ruhu, you know what kind of realm I am now? You know why.” Can I punch a you like an chicken? You know why I dare to do this to you? Tell you the truth, I just want to make things big, let the whole Jiang Clan know that… I am not a waste! You are the waste!”
  After saying that Jiang Yi once again lifted his leg and stepped on the remaining leg of Jiang Ruhu, and one leg slammed his body heavy, and his eyes swept over the crowd, sinking: “If you don’t treat Jiang Ruhu in half an hour, he will die! Undoubtedly, all of you can come to fight me when he in hospital but I tell you, your condition will be much worse than Jiang Ruhu, Jiang Ruhu will be your role model in this condition.”
  After saying that Jiang Yi’s body run towards the Clan, all Jiang’s children took a look of Jiang Yi’s power. No one dared to intercept him. Instead, many people looked at Jiang Yi’s back and showed fear.
  “What are you still doing? If you still don’t carry Ruhu brother down the mountain. If Ruhu brother is dead then we are going to die as well! Hey, Jiang Yi, I want to smash him as a corpse…”
  The people also watched Jiang Yi leave, and a roar of anger rang, it was Jiang Ruying, who was beaten by Jiang Yi at the beginning.
  “Fast, fast! Ruhu brother!”
  “Go to the Family Court and report to the General Manager!”
  “To report to the general manager, to report to the punishment court, to execute Jiang Yi…”
  Everyone hurriedly lifted Jiang Ruhu and Jiang Ruying to go down the mountain. All of them were indignant and screaming, and they couldn’t wait to make Jiang Yi’s wicked madman get the punishment.
  “No… can’t… can’t tell… can’t tell the Clan!”
  Going to the middle of the mountain, Jiang Ruhu finally breathed a sigh of relief. He said with a difficult voice: “Jiang Yi… The strength is progressing so fast… Can’t… Wait for my brother to come back… I want him to die… All people give me a note, today’s business… just say that you are fighting with the Ma family…”
  Jiang Ruhu’s voice came on and off, and everyone was confused. Could this Jiang’s Ruhu hurt his head? He was beaten like a dog but also want to help Jiang Yi hide this crime?
  “Yes! That’s right! Can’t tell the Clan!”
  Jiang Ruying quickly woke up and shouted: “Jiang Yi’s strength has improved so much. If it was known to the Clan, they will not blame him but also start giving him importance! Maybe they will give the core young master identity. Then we will only wait to be bullied by him for lifetime, and this hatred can’t be reported. The Ruhu brother said correctly, we all have to hide it, and we say that we have a fight with the Ma family, and it is not the first time anyway. And when the other dragon brothers came back from Wu Dian, and then let Long Ge shot… done Jiang Yi!”
  “Dragon brother?”
  Everyone in the heart glimpsed, secretly nodded, this dragon brother is Jiang Ruhu’s pro-brother Jiang Rulong, his strength in the Clan’s younger generation ranked second, and has reached the top level of Qi Condensation, and recently gone with the young master Jiang Hanshui to the Wu Dian. If he went out and heard that Jiang Ruhu was beaten like this, he would definitely get angery and kill Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Ruying’s eyes turned around and quickly create a story to avoiding any flaws found after returning. The crowd whispered and quickly ran down to the Xishan Chao to jiang Family Courtyard.
  When everyone disappeared from Xishan, a weak figure walked out in the middle of the mountain. He vaguely heard Jiang Ruying’s words, his face was relaxed.
  Finally, Word in Jiang Ruhu’s ear, it really worked!
  Jiang Yi had never thought of making things big, and let all the clan members know that his strength has advanced by leaps and bounds. He deliberately “reminded” Jiang Ruhu, and this matter should not be spread out.
  In his mind, there is an inexplicable martial art in his mind, and he has cultivated a metamorphosis of black power. He is not so unaware of everything he knows. The most important thing is the death of Elder Liu, which gives him a faint worry. He is afraid that the family will impose heavy punishment on him. An alchemist is crucial to a small clan.
  “Jiang Rulong? Hey! The most short thing I have now is time. If Jiang Rulong is gone to the Wu Dian for one or two month then when he comes back to fight with me, it is not necessarily that he will win.!”
  He think that the black element can quickly crack the runes on the seal and improve the speed of cultivation. Jiang Yi’s eyes are bright and quickly going down from the mountain.
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