My fury will burn the heavens ch 20

Chapter 20 Talent
  Jiang Yi returned to his own small courtyard, let Jiang Xiaonu go to find Chunya to inquire about the news. After half an hour, Jiang Xiaonu came back and got news from Jiang Ruhu and others.
  Jiang Ruhu was beaten back by someone, causing the Jiang family to be in a state of utter disappointment. However, it was said that all are beaten by the hands of the Ma Clan children. Instead, they secretly squandered Jiang Ruhu and other people’s to be a waste and lost Jiang’s clan face.
  In Tianyu City, there are Ji Clan, Liu Clan, the Ma Clan, the Jiang Clan, and the cold Clan. The rest of are some small Clans, such as the home of Yan Lingxue, Yang clan, etc., but not comparable to the five major families.
  In Tianyu City, the Ji Clan is the emperor, and no family dares to provoke the Ji family. The children of Ji family are also very self-disciplined, and they rarely oppress the children of other family. The rest of the clan are different. For the sake of the interests of each clan, they often fight against each other. In the past few hundred years, the four clans have had a lot of grievances. It is common for different clan children to fight in Tianyu City.
  As long as they don’t kill people, they will ignore them. If they win outside, they will be rewarded.
  So when they heard that Jiang Ruhu was beaten by the Ma family, Jiang’s family ignored it. The general manager Jiang Yun’s snake was full of anger. Even though Jiang Ruhu was beaten, he couldn’t recognize it, and he still screamed. All the children who are beaten are put on house arrest because they lost the Jiang clan face in front of other clan.
  After hearing the news, Jiang Yi get relaxed. He knew that at least till Jiang Rulong came out of Wu Dian, he is safe. He can calmly cultivate, constantly crack the seal, and strive to improve the realm in a short time.
  Black Qi can increase the power twice, and he is 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage at the moment. After the combination of the black power, the power can reach upto four horses. With the enhancement of vision, his comprehensive combat power can definitely be more than the ordinary cultivator.
  Jiang Rulong is a 7th level of Qi Condensation stage. If he can raise the realm to the 3rd or 4th level of Qi Condensation before Jiang Rulong’s came, then he may be able to fight with him.
  “Cultivate, continue to crack the seal! After checking the medicine field tomorrow, go to the city to see how to make money and pay debts.”
  After Jiang Yi’s indulge for a while, he no longer thought about it, and began to quickly refine the black power and crack the seal. He can now crack ten seals and runes every day, and spend the rest of his time on cultivation. The speed of cultivation is gradually increasing. At this moment, he has reached 7-8 times his original speed, although this speed is still relatively slow, but Jiang Yi has been very satisfied.
  The next day, before dawn, Jiang Yi woke up to check the Xishan Mountain. Jiang Xiaonu was clamoring to go out to work, and she was reprimanded by him for not saying anything.
  After returning from Xishan and regaining his life, Jiang Yi slipped out of the Jiang Family Courtyard and began to wander around the city to find ways to make money.
  Turning one morning, Jiang Yi was sitting down on a stone pier in the center of the square. He didn’t know how to make money. Unless he gave people the hard work, there were only a few copper plates and a glass of water.
  The first month of the agreement with Fengyuelou has only 18 days left. Jiang Yi has only a dozen silver coins at the moment. He thought of many ways, but in the end he found that in addition to the confession of Jiang’s Clan, he only allowed the Jiang Clan to pay money for him. He also thought of looking for Ji Yanyu borrowed money.
  Jiang Clan will definately not give him the money. There is a arrogance in Jiang Yi’s bones and he does not want to rely on Jiang’s Clan. And because of the elder Liu, he really did not want Jiang clan to know that he had black power.
  “Lets try for Ji Tingyu?”
  In his mind, the beautiful and suffocating girl emerged, but he quickly shook his head. What kind of college enrollment is imminent, Ji Tingyu and Jiang Hanshui has gone to to the Wu Dian to cultivate, and certainly will not from.
  “Right… Wu Dian! Go to the Wu Dian to do the sparring! This will not only earn some money, but maybe you can meet Miss Ji!”
  Jiang Yi suddenly moved, suddenly stood up and looked at the Wu Dian. He remembered one thing, his strength reached the 2nd level of Qi Condensation, and the black power also condensed a lot. The ten strands of black power can support him for an hour if it runs to the eye. He is doing sparring in the martial arts hall, and it is not always sparring. Just a few fights a day, the black power is more than enough for that.
  Moreover, Jiang’s only Jiang Hanshui and Jiang Rulong entered the Wu Dian to practice. When he was wearing a mask, they could not recognize him. Then he said… The two are so strong, they must find a gold medal to accompany them. Will they find him, a bronze medal??
  Think of it!
  Jiang Yi’s put on a cloak and walked toward the Wu Dian.
  Outside the Wu Dian is still recruiting, but there are fewer people onlookers. Jiang Yi has just approached the side door. The tall black armor immediately greeted him with enthusiasm: “Hey, little brother, you can come, Yang Guanwu asked you. A few times.”
  Jiang Yi smiled and let this black armor guard lead the way. He went straight into the Wu Dian and went to the practice room.
  Jiang Yi just appeared in the hall of the practice room. A group of people immediately swept over, and Yang’s old face with a wrinkled face smiled and said, “The wolf, you came! How? Let’s stay every afternoon for one week? I will count you for one day’s work, how about the silver?”
  Jiang Yi touched his nose and nodded: “Ok!”
  Yang Guan quickly gave Jiang Yi the mask of the wolf he had worn before, and he glanced at the next person next to him. The man immediately hurried away.
  Jiang Yi just sat down in the hall, and there was a sudden rush of footsteps in the corridor. A red-hot figure appeared. A pair of big eyes locked on Jiang Yi at a glance. She said excitedly: “Yang Guan, I want to be with the wolf for Sparring.”
  Jiang Yi grabbed his head, this dark girl liked to abuse him. She attacked him for so long but she didn’t even touch his clothes. Is it really interesting to accompany him?
  “Wolf, Are you ready!” Yang Guan grinned and smiled at Jiang Yi, this Ling Xueben was his notice, otherwise how come so fast?
  Since some people want to spar with him, Jiang Yi can only laugh and follow her into a practice room, and soon the door was closed, the light on the wall of the room shone, and the strength of both of them was sealed.
  What makes Jiang Yi strange is that the hot Miss Yan did not immediately take the shot, but instead smiled at him and held a fist and said: “You call wolf right? Thank you for your sparring! I hope that you will do your best today.”
  Being respected and grateful is a very pleasant thing, especially by a pretty lady. Jiang Yi has never been treated like this in the Jiang clan. Instead, he was treated like this by only Miss Ji Tingyu and the Miss Yan. He was naturally in a good mood and waved: “Miss is polite, I will go all out.”
  This young lady’s strength is only 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. The day before, he only at a 1st level of Qi Condensation stage. With the black power, she can’t even touch his piece of clothing. Today, his strength is doubled, naturally result is needless to say.
  After Yan Lingxue launched an attack, Jiang Yi began to float in the practice room, no matter how the attack of Miss Yan, they could not touch Jiang Yi’s clothes. Every time she attack Jiang Yi, he seems that he have a hunch and easily avoid the attack. Even if Ling Xue has not made a move, he has already begun to evade. The two person’s strengths are sealed, and the attack speed is not much different. How can Lingxue able to attack Jiang Yi?
  “Torrential rain boxing, you are careful!”
  After fighting for a fragrant time, Yan Lingxue was sweating and the perfect curve was exposed again. She was unaware of it, and she screamed like a storm, and the fists were full of fists and shadows. There are ten.
  “Hey? This girl has made great progress. This rainstorm is obviously much stronger than before.”
  Jiang Yi secretly sighed, but the fist shadow was completely ineffective for him, because he could clearly see the opponent’s real fist, even if the other party had a hundred punches.
  Jiang Clan has a martial arts called phantom boxing. In essence, it is similar to this torrential rain boxing. The phantom boxing Jiang Yi has already realized the point of Dacheng. His boxing shadow is much more real than this ???. How can she hurt him at this moment?
  He stepped on the psychedelic step, and did not retreat. He rushed three feet to the front, his knees bent suddenly, his body leaned back, and the whole person slid toward the left front, easily avoiding the attack of Yan Lingxue.
  “Huh, Stop, you are too abnormal…”
  Without the support of the Qi, the full use of martial arts is very strength draining, and Ling Xue used multiple heavyrain skills, and she is immediately tired and panting. If it is not Jiang Yi, she will sit on the ground.
  Jiang Yi stood up and took a robes, and smiled faintly: “Miss is very powerful. At this age you are already 4th level of Qi Condensation stage. If it is not a seal, I will be easily beaten by you.”
  Her body gown is soaked with sweats, and at this moment, the mouth is wide and gasping, and the slightly raiseing chest up and down looks very attractive. When she heard Jiang Yi’s words, she showed a touch of faint blush on her pretty face and glanced at Jiang Yi’s smile. “You can talk like butter, OK! I am tired today, I will find you tomorrow. But… can you fight back tomorrow? Don’t always avoid it, it’s boring.”
  Jiang Yi touched his head. If he attack, this Miss Yan Qi was sealed. He is afraid that he would be beat her in a move, but what can he say at the moment? He can only nod his head: “Ok!”
  Miss Yan sorted out her clothes and strode out. Jiang Yi also went out. Sitting in the crowd, he swept around but did not find Yang Guan. No matter what, the start cultivating to restore the consumption of black power.
  Yang Guan is indeed not in the practice room, but in a small room nearby, he is not alone. There is also a white-haired old man with a robe in the small room. The two are concentrating on watching a picture on the wall.
  The picture is flowing. If Jiang Yi and Yan Lingxue see the picture, they will certainly be shocked and unparalleled. Because… the picture on the wall plays the scene of the battle between the two of them, but the picture is a bit fuzzy, it seems to be using some magical array to preserve the battle between the two.
  “It doesn’t make sense. Look at the speed. This kid is indeed a 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage. How can there be such a powerful reaction?”
  Yang’s old face is incomprehensible and confused. He looked at the picture for a long time and was still in doubt. Finally, he turned to the white-haired old man and said, “Fei Lao, what do you think?”
  The white-haired old man licked the white beard and said: “Don’t look at me, this kid is a 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage but the talent is different, his reaction ability is abnormal. Yang Guan cultivate him well and raise his strength to the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage or 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, he can definitely become an excellent gold medal trainer, and continue to earn money for Wu Dian!”
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