My fury will burn the heavens ch 21

Chapter 21 Transactions
  When the old man in white said this, Yang was very excited. He did not rush out. He paused and said: “That old man, do you want to recruit this kid into the martial arts hall?”
  “no need!”
  Fei Lao was indifferent and walked out to the outside. At the door, he explained: “He is currently 15-16 years old. This kid has already passed his prime time of cultivation. There will be no great achievements in his life. Although the reaction ability is abnormal, but the realm cannot be improved, he can only be a waste, Wu Dian… don’t recruit waste.”
  Yang Guan quickly turned his hand and leaned over. After the old man left, he quickly walked to the edge of the wall. One hand was pressed around a stone brick. The picture on the wall disappeared magically and turned the another side as Snowy stone wall.
  “Come, come and bring me the wolf!”
  Yang Guan told a guard at the door. The guards rushed toward the practice room and quickly brought in Jiang Yi.
  “Yang Guan, are you looking for me?”
  Jiang Yi was interrupted after just practicing for a while. At this moment, he was taken to such a small room. Fortunately, Yang Guan was sitting there, giving him a slight peace of mind.
  Yang Guanshi waved his hand to let the guard to retreat. He smiled and said: “Wolf, I don’t want you to talk about it with anyone else about this. I want to make a deal with you on behalf of Wu Dian.”
  The eyes under the mask of Jiang Yi’s wolf flashed, and Shen Sheng asked: “Transaction?”
  Yang Guan said: “Yes, the martial arts will train you to reach 4th level of Qi Condensation stage in two months. You must work for us for five years. Of course… Wu Dian will give you the corresponding salary according to your strength. For example, when your strength is silver medal trainer, 2 silver a day, when the strength reaches the gold medal trainer, 2 purple gold a day.”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes narrowed and the subconscious opening asked: “Just do sparring? No other thing?”
  “Naturally!” Yang Guanwu saw Jiang Yi’s worries and smiled: “We have the good reputation in the martial arts world, and we are absolutely fair and just in doing things.”
  Jiang Yi bowed his head, but his heart was still in doubt, and the meat pie will fell from the sky. The more difficult it is for the warrior to rise to the level in the future, the more power is needed. Unless the Wu Dian gives him enough high-grade medicinal herbs, he will never be able to ascend to the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage in two months. Spending so much money? Just to let him stay in this sparring? Paying for a salary when you are sparring? How can there be such a good thing in the world?
  If at this moment, he is not talking about Wu Dian management, Jiang Yi will definitely turn around and think that the other party is a madman. The problem is here. As the innocent king of the mainland merchants, Wu Dian has never heard of scandals for hundreds of thousands of years, and has never heard of Wu Dian’s evil deeds. Moreover…he is just a small person, how can the martial arts deliberately deal with him?
  He was silent for a long time and asked again: “Yang Guan, if I work with you, is it… I lost my freedom?”
  “how come?”
  Yang Guan was dumbfounded and explained: “Wolf, you are only employed by Wu Dian. You are not a part of Wu Dian. In other words, you are work for us and we pay for the work. The rest of the gold medals in Wu Dian are also with us. This is just a trade, wolf… Don’t think things are so complicated. Tell me the truth, I value your perverted combat instinct, speed of reaction, prepare to train you, and let you become the top gold medal. So you can make money for the martial temple, it’s that simple!”
  “This way…”
  Yang’s clearly said, and Jiang Yi became calm in his heart. He pondered for a while, and finally he showed a hint of twilight in his eyes. He said: “I can do this for five years, but I have two requirements.
”Yang Guan casually waved: “You can say it, as long as it is not too much, I will consider.”
  Jiang Yi nodded and said quickly: “First, I can’t spend all day at the Wu Dian. Of course, if I have time, I will try to come to Wu Dian. Second, I need the… advance salary.”
  The debt of Fengyue building was so suffocating that Jiangyi couldn’t breathe. At this moment, since this martial hall valued him, he naturally wanted to get 20 purple gold to pay off debts.
  It was the Yang’s turn to hesitate. After a while, he said quietly: “The first point is OK, but I will play for four sparring a day, only four games will be counted in one day. As for the second point. How much salary do you need to advance?”
  Jiang Yi’s spirit was shocked and he quickly said: “20 purple gold.”
  Yang piped up and smiled and nodded. “No problem, but you have to wait for ten days before I can give you advances. Is there any problem? If not, I wish you a happy cooperation!”
  Jiang Yi’s suspicious eyes blinked and asked: “No problem, just we don’t need to conclude a contract?”
  Yang laughed, proudly said: “We don’t need that thing, Wu Dian will not default, and never afraid… others will breach the contract! OK, you will take this bottle of medicinal herbs first, you go to the hall to practice. These days In the unlikely event that I will not let you spar, your main task now is to cultivate and as soon as possible to ascend to the top of the world.”
  Jiang Yi took the porcelain bottle that was thrown over by Yang Guan, and opened the cork to see it. It was actually three Ling Shen Dan. Wu Dian was really rich, and he quickly went outside. When he suddenly thought of something at the door, he asked: “If because of some reasons I have to leave temporarily, then what I have to pay?”
  Yang Guan smiled and said: “It’s very simple. You are a breach of contract. You have to pay a hundred times for the property according to the rules. I have calculated that you have to pay 10,000 Purple Gold. Of course… if you die, the contract will be automatically lifted.”
  Jiang Yi’s body has shrunk out, he has been sold to Wu Dian for five years. If I break the contract then wait for the endless pursuit of the Wu Dian, thinking that there is a Wu Dian branch in every city on the mainland, and Jiang Yi is somewhat frightened…
  Going back to the inner hall, Jiang Yi soon became secretly excited. He sold his body for at least a short period of time and his crisis was lifted. After ten days, he will get the 20 gold, and going to Fengyue to redeem the token would be all right. As for Jiang Rulong? Jiang Yi did not put him on the mind. At this moment, Wu Dian offering him medicinal Dan. He has strong confidence and will continue to improve the realm in a short period of time. As long as he reaches the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, Jiang Rulong is nothing.
  Quietly swallowed a Lingshen Dan, Jiang Yi immediately sat up and meditate, anyway, Yang Guan said that he would not let him spar in these days, he is not afraid of black energy consumption.
  In this martial hall, the speed of cultivation is almost twice as fast as outside, and after the 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage black Qi is more concentrated. The time for increasing the potency has also increased to around 2 minutes. Jiang Yi is very excited.
  Practice, practice!
  Jiang Yi didn’t lunch but he didn’t feel hungry at all. He fully concentrated in cultivation. In the afternoon, there was a young lady who was looking for a training match. Yang Guan did not call Jiang Yi again.
  After cultivating until dusk, Jiang Yi stopped, and looked inside his Dantian. His eyes were hot. It was only in one day of cultivation, he accumulated strength comparable to that of the previous month. The increase in the speed of cultivation in the Wu Dian, coupled with the black Qi, and the cracking of his own seal rune, made him a rocket-like speed.
  “It’s no wonder that the money can make anyone stronger!”
  Jiang Yi was also surprised before. Jiang Hanshui only three months older than him. Why is his speed of cultivation so fast? All the way to top level of Qi Condensation stage. Now he understands, Jiang Hanshui is a rich guy, he never lacking in the medicinal Dan, there are all kinds of resources to squander. After all this can his cultivation speed be slow?
  “It’s going to dark, let’s go home or else Ai will worry.”
  Through the ceiling above the main hall, he saw that the sky was gradually darkening, and Jiang Yi stoped his practice. Curiously began to look around. He saw the practice room around, and there was a young ladies are coming in and out of that room. He saw that occasional sparring was also played. Sparring trainer are vomiting blood but the ladies were leaving without even a screach…
  After watching it for a while, Jiang Yi almost understood some situations. There are only three types of people in the martial arts hall. There are 5 silver medals, and the other 30 people are all bronze medals.
  At the moment, there are at least twenty or thirty young ladies who are cultivating in the Wu Dian. Every day, most of the group will come here to play one or two sparring match, so the sparring in the Wu Dian will be so short. Of course, according to Jiang Yi’s guess, there should be more than just a lot of sparring in the Wu Dian. It is estimated that many sparring trainers have been seriously injured and healed back. This group of young ladies never see the sparring trainer as a person, they try to attack as much as they can…
  After waiting for a while, Jiang Yi was preparing to go home and suddenly a footstep sounded outside the corridor. Jiang Yi glanced at him and quickly sat back and leaned back.
  He met an acquaintance, and still two!
  Four people came up in the corridor, all the robes were luxurious, and the atmosphere was extraordinary. They were three boys and a pretty lady. The lady is dressed in a long skirt, and she is like a blooming yellow rose. It is the Miss Ji Tingyu, and the three boy next her. One of them is Hanshui.
  “Haha, Tingyu, your strength is the best, and it’s already 8th level of Qi Condensation stage. They are not your opponent. Are you going to fight with them?”
  “Yeah, how can this group of low-lying sparrers have the honor to fight against Miss? Ma recently realized a kind of martial art, just to accompany the young lady to practice!”
  Two handsome boy who accompanied Ji Tingyu,  chatting with her and Jiang Hanshui is also there but he is not saying anything, but his eyes had always locked up Miss Ji Tingyu and the eyes have the desire of possession.
  “Is this is the Miss of the Ji clan, who is in charge of Juzhen Pavilion? She is so beautiful! No wonder Jiang Hanshui and the two people stick her like flies.”
  Jiang Yi secretly thought that and his eyes would sneak towards Tingyu and look at her. Want to see how she reacted?
  Unexpectedly, at this moment, Ji Tingyu and is sweeping toward them. She just happened to look at Jiang Yi, and when Jiang Yi hurriedly bowed his head to hide his figure, Miss Ji suddenly extended a white finger towards Jiang Yi faintly said: “Yang Guan, I want to Sparring match with the wolf head mask.”
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