My fury will burn the heavens ch 22

Chapter 22: Try alchemy!!
  Jiang Yi a looked, he confirmed that in the Juzhen Pavilion that Miss Ji have not seen his face that day, then how she recognized him at a glance?
  Yang Guan is also surprised. The three boys see that Jiang Yi has a bronze mask. It’s a mistake. Why does Miss Ji’s wants to fight with a bronze medal sparring trainer? She can use a single finger to beat him easily.
  However, the three boys quickly woke up and thought that it was Ji Tingyu who was deliberately avoiding them.
  “Wolf, your turn!”
  Although the Wu Dian does not belong to the Royal family But still Ji clan is the emperor in Tianyu City. Yang Guan naturally does not dare to offend Ji Tingyu. Jiang Yi can only smile and follow Ji Tingyu into a practice room.
  The door was slammed shut, and the three Boys stood for a while and then turned around and walked away. They are pursueing Miss Ji for a long time and always failed. The three had long been used to it and did not dare to entangle too much.
  In the practice room, Jiang Yi looked at the beautifully suffocating Miss Ji, and her eyes blinked a little. He thought he was wearing a mask, so Ji Tingyu could not see his red hot face with embarrassment.
  In the eyes of Ji Tingyu who has a faint smile, she stared at Jiang Yi curiously, until she couldn’t help but said: “Yi Jian, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”
  Jiang Yi smiled bitterly, and on that day he was in the Juzhen Pavilion. However, he was recognized but his heart was not so awkward. He looked at Ji Tingyu calmly and asked: “Miss Ji, how did you recognize me? Didn’t you saw my face that day?” ”
  Ji Tingyu smiled. She explained: “When you look at me outside, you immediately hide your body shape. I am just a little surprised. After seeing you, I look at your body shape and make me feel vaguely familiar. Finally I see your shoes, I guessed it.”
  Jiang Yi looked down and saw the tattered shoes he wore. It was Jiang Xiaonu’s sewing for him. Because he hadn’t changed for half a year, the three patches above were very visible.
  After watching it for a while, he whispered a little self-deprecatingly: “Miss Ji is really intelligent. Sorry I let you see my this type of condition.”
  “You are wrong, Yi Jian!”
  Ji Tingyu shook his head and said: “No one can decide our origin, but our future can be ruled by ourselves. I honor you as a person, not because of your origin. The young man in the city are so many like flies, and I am too lazy to talk to them. Can you understand what I mean?”
  Jiang Yi’s eyes were bright and grateful, and his heart was provoked with arrogance. He smiled and said: “I must not forget the teachings of Miss.”
  Seeing the color of the eyebrows under the eye of Jiang Yi’s bronze mask, Ji Tingyu was surprised. She was just afraid of Jiang Yi’s start feeling low but she did not expect that Jiang Yi actually touched by her words so much. He gives her a inexplicable sense of familiarity, just like… her father.
  Jiang Yi sees Ji Tingyu stop talking and stares at him. A pair of beautiful eyes are all in the color of confusion. They pick up and say casually: “Miss Ji, since you are looking for me to train, then let’s start but still Look at the mercy.”
  “A fight?”
  Ji Tingyu once again surprised that Jiang Yi’s with the 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage strength was still ready to spar with her. Although the Qi were blocked, the gap was still too big. Could it be that she stood still and gave Jiang Yi a chance to attack? Give him a sparring?
   However, since Jiang Yi has spoken,
   She is also not good at wiping his face, and entering the practice room without casually practicing one will also cause others to doubt. Jiang Yi can bring the medicinal dans, Ji Tingyu does not want others to know, so she smiles and says: “Yi Jian please start!”
  Jiang Yi soon came to wake up, as if he was a sparring? How can I shoot myself, I can only laugh and say: “Miss, please take the shot and go all out.”
  Just now, during the practice, Jiang Yi stored two black power spares. At this moment, he can support a small fighting time atleast, just to try the gap between him and her.
  Ji Tingyu is not annoying, a single leg, like a flower like a butterfly floating over, a pair of hands as if playing in the air to play the strings, illusion of the road afterimage, let people dazzle, silver bell-like sound : “Yi Jian be careful, this is the martial arts magic hand of our clan.”
  Jiang Yi gave a dark voice, and his eyes flashed black. The speed of a pair of fast-swinging hands in front of him immediately slowed down. He stepped on a psychedelic step on his feet, and his body quickly shunned away.
  Ji Tingyu feared that Jiang Yi would fly, so she didn’t dare to use all her strength. She just used the martial arts at the human ranks. She expected that Jiang Yi could avoid it? But his action are as easy as he walking in park.
  Her inner arrogance was aroused, her legs increased the speed a few points, and once again, the magical hand went to Jiangyi.
  What made her stunned was that Jiang Yi, who was the only at the 1st level of Qi Condensation stage, could still avoid it. This time she still did not touch Jiang Yi’s corner of his cloak.
  “Bad Boy, is he hidden his cultivation level before?”
  Ji Tingyu secretly suspects, she no longer save her strength. Her legs pushed on the ground and her speed is like a gust of wind rushing toward Jiang Yi. The hands and fingers are playing in the void, and a ghost image is revealed. Jiang Yi’s body is covered.
  “8th level of Qi Condensation stage is really powerful! With the power of her flesh, Her speed can reach to the level of 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage.”
  Looking at the shadows of her hands, Jiang Yi secretly felt. At the bottom of my heart, he didn’t want to lose face in front of a big beautiful woman. He knows that his speed is definitely better than that of Ji Tianyu. He simply does not hide. His eyes are locked on the hands of Ji Tianyu, his mind is running fast and her attacking trajectory is all seen by him. His pair of hands work like a seaweed heads and went forward.
  Jiang Yi’s entangled silk hand has not caught Ji Tianyu palm but he was slashed by the other party’s knife. A burst of pain came and his hands were immediately shaken off, and the body was shaken back by a huge force. The figure of Ji Tingyu has already stood in the same place, with a smile on her face, looking at him.
  “Miss Ji is strong, I really admire.” Jiang Yi bitterly smiled, and the strength of the 8th level of Qi Condensation stage warrior was so sturdy. If it wasn’t for Qi blocker, it would be impossible for him to fight.
  Ji Tingyu smiled and shake her head, and sincerely praised him: “Yi Jian, you really surprised me. If I attack just like now to a gold medal trainer, even he can’t stop the attack, which you have stopped. Hehe… Unfortunately, your realm of cultivation is too low, otherwise fight have a different result.”
  Ji Tianyu heart sighed a pity. Jiang Yi’s at this age is only 2nd level of Qi Condensation stage. Unless the super-large family cultivates him with a lot of resources, he will still have limited achievements in this life. As the age increased, difficulty to increase in cultivation also increased, it is not impossible to build a strong person with the medicinal Dan but the general clan can not afford it. At least the clan in Tianyu City does not have this ability.
  Jiang Yi did not feel anything. It was low in its own realm. He not only did not feel depressed but looked forward to it. When his realm continued to improve, he was promoted to the 4th or 5th level of Qi Condensation stage. How strong is his comprehensive combat power?
  “Well, Yi Jian, I will go back first!”
  Ji Tianyu and walked up to the outside. When she walked to the door, she turned and said: “Yi Tian, I still think that you are still following the alchemy teacher’s alchemy. The alchemy teacher… is very powerful, and you future will be boundless. You followed him in this life, you will have lots of wealth…”
  Ji Tingyu opened the door and went out. Jiang Yi was full of confusion, let him learn alchemy with the alchemy teacher? Which alchemy teacher? Is it the elder Liu? But he is already dead, and he is just a strong in fighting where will he get the alchemy talent?
  After thinking for a while, Jiang Yi thought that he would not think more about it, and after informing Yang Guan, he had left the martial arts hall and returned to the Jiang clan.
  Although the matter of the Wu Dian has been confirmed, Jiang Yi was born with a steady mind, so till he get 20 purple gold and redeem the token,  he will not disclose the specific situation in the Wu Dian with Jiang Xiaonu. Just tell the Ai that he got some work and not let her worry.
  Jiang Xiaonu’s thoughts are always simple. She is happy for Jiang Yi. After all, Wu Dian is a big place. In her opinion, doing things in Wu Dian is definitely a big deal. She don’t know what Jiang Yi is doing at the lowest level Sparring…
  On the second day, Jiang Yi did a good job at medicinal field and went to the martial arts hall. Yang Guan once again gave him three Lingshen Dans. Full day, except for Ling Xue, who wanted to spar with Jiang Yi, Yang Guan did not call Jiang Yi once, let him concentrate on cultivation.
  This time she let Jiang Yi attack her but the result… ? ? ? is very tragic, Jiang Yi easily hit her every time. Jiang Yi doesnot use his full strength just pointed out, otherwise I am afraid that the body of Ling Xue is too ill-treated.
  Yan Lingxue was abused. Not only did she not get a little bit angry, but she was very excited. He agreed to leave the rounded hips after the second day of the war and watched the rest of the sparring.
  Jiang Yi had no idea about Yan Lingxue. He knew that he was in a different position from the second lady of this family, and he also understood that the lady had no idea about him in that way, she just liked to be with him and Practice. As for… Ji Tingyu, Jiang Yi did not even think about it.
  There is a free supply of Lingshen Dan, plus the rich aura of heaven and earth in the Wu Dian, as well as the support of the black power, Jiang Yi’s cultivation is so fast that he secretly screams.
  However, the Qi that need to break through the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage is doubled. At this moment, if you want to break through the 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage, even if there is such a horrible cultivation speed, it will take atleast 1 month.
  In the next few days, everything is calm, and Ji Tingyu never appeared again. Jiang Hanshui and Jiang Rulong did not show up. Jiang Yi circulated in the three places of Wu Dian and Xishan Jiang clan Courtyard every day, except for accompanying Ling Xue. Outside is cultivation, and the days are full and fulfilling.
  On the tenth day, Yang Guan gave Jiang Yi an advance of 20 gold according to the agreement. After Jiang Yi got gold coin, he couldn’t wait for a moment and the fiercely rushing towards Fangyue building.
  Because it was noon, there was no guest in the Fengyue Building. Jiang Yi went into the Fengyue Building and saw the guy of that day. In addition to this, he unexpectedly saw a person, a big family son who he had seen twice in the Wu Dian.
  He doesn’t know the name but he knows the surname Ma! At this moment, he whispered something, Jiang Yi just looked at the big forces behind the Fengyue Building, it is the Ma family.
  The Ma family and the Jiang family have feuding. This management knows that he is a child of Jiang’s family. Jiang Yi is not good, but he has seen that the guy has noticed him. He can only walk towards the inside with his numb scalp.
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