My fury will burn the heavens ch 23

Chapter 23 Exchanging lives!!
  After the Ji clan, Jiang clan was the most powerful, and the second in line was the Ma Clan. However, after the disappearance of the great elder Jiang Yunhai, the Jiang family lost a strong person, and its momentum immediately became weak. Three years ago, a young Ma family member married to a young master of the Ji family, Ji Nujian, the Ma family immediately have a great momentum. In the past two years, there has been a tendency to suppress the Jiang family.
  Over the years, Jiang’s family and Ma’s children have often collided. Jiang Yi had seen Jiang Rulong and Ma’s young masters with dozens of children in the past year, and they also turned the two sons of Ma family into waste. It is said that they are still lying in bed at the moment.
  So at this moment, Jiang Yi’s mood is very heavy. Is Fengyue building is actually the property of Ma’s family? Don’t make trouble today…
  The manager of Fengyue saw Jiang Yi coming to the door, and Ma Jiagong, who was sitting and drinking tea, smiled a few times and turned to look at Jiang Yi’s. He said, “Oh? Even at such a young age you come to play with girls?”
  Jiang Yi looked at the manager, and Jiang Yi secretly observed the reaction of the young master of the Ma family. He said indifferently: “I brought the money, give me the token.”
  The young masters of the Ma family didn’t look at Jiang Yi’s eyes. One person was drinking tea with a cup of tea. It seems that Jiang Yi and other small people are just like the girl in Fengyue building, and they are not worthy.
  It seems that he does not want to talk to Jiang Yi, and he confessed to a guard: “Go to take the token.”
  Said, the manager did not pay attention to Jiang Yi.
  The young master of the Ma family did not look the same. He lowered his head and took a sip of the tea ceremony: “Hey, you said, I came over to work, and do you think that I am type of a person who come to have a fun in this place…”
  The manager smiled and said: “That is, that is, but it is also a business matter to inspect the girl in the building. Are you saying yes?”
  The young Ma smiled and was very satisfied with the manager. He got up and walked upstairs.
  Jiang Yi’s tight heart immediately relaxed a large part. After a guard took out a token from the room, his heart was completely released. Ten purple gold leaves were taken from his arms and passed to the manager.
  The manager and a guard stunned and asked him to arrange for the young Ma to go upstairs. He took over the gold of Jiang Yi and slanted his eyes and said: “Kids! Don’t be so impulsive next time, this time I gave Jiang clan a face…”
  “Jiang clan?”
  The young Ma who had just walked upstairs suddenly stepped forward, and his eyes swept over like a power. He saw a word on the token held by a guard with a dragon and a phoenix dance. He immediately said: “Wait Wait!”
  “not good!”
  Jiang Yi’s dark passage is not good, but he dares not to take the token and seize the token. Because the guard was taken back by the Ma immediately, he took the token and he was not sure to take the token. He could only face the horse with a cold face. Look at the son.
  Ma’s young master’s eyes swept over Jiang Yi’s body and waved to the manager: “Liu Guan, what Jiang clan matter? What is this token?”
  Liu Guan immediately went to the Ma fei, and explained the things of the day to his ear. Finally, he whispered: “Master Ma Fei, our people did not hurt that day, I thought it was Jiang’s people, we are doing business, there is no big trouble, and we have not reported to the family…”
  Master Ma Fei soon sneered, staring at Jiang Yi and glanced at him. Suddenly, he said coldly: “The famous paintings of our town building were destroyed, and the people who injured us were so easily wanted to get things done?” If this is the case, Jiang Huishui can’t say it here?”
  Jiang Yi saw Ma Fei’s face and knew that it was going to be bad.
  Today my day is really bad, Just happened to meet the young master of the Ma family? This Ma family and the Jiang family are enemies. Any one of the Ma’s young masters will encounter this matter and will definitely shoot.
  How can such a good opportunity be lost?
  Despite his inner anger, Jiang Yi still forced himself to calm down as much as possible: “This son, I have already said this with the manager, and now your money is also collected, and the Fengyue building is so big. you have to stay true to your word, if this spread is detrimental to the reputation.”
  Liu Guan has a stiff face, and doing business is indeed based on credibility. As a manager of Fengyue building, he is also a person with a reputation. It is always bad, if this comes out. It’s just that the young Ma Fei is a direct young master. His father is very powerful in the Ma family. He does not dare to go against him and be silent.
  “Beat a fart!”
  Ma Fei sneered, slowly walked over, stood in front of Jiang Yi and extended a finger, and pointed him at the door: “What are you? Your maid is working in my house, not to say anything, you Dare to shoot and hurt people? Even if this matter is gone in front of Ji Clan our Ma clan is not afraid, 20 gold also want to send to settle this matter? You think that our Ma family is less on money? I will not return your tokens!”
  The guards of Fengyue Building quickly handed the token to Ma Fei. Ma Fei grabbed the rope on the token and swayed in front of Jiang Yi in the air. He said, “You want the token?!”
  Jiang Yi is angry, this is not just a token, but the life of a Ai! He gritted his head down and kept calmly calming down in his heart. He couldn’t fight today, otherwise things would be no good for the Ai.
  For a while, he calmed his inner impulses and gritted his teeth and said, “What do you want?”
  “It’s very simple!”
  Ma Fei smiled casually and said faintly: “Compensate money! That painting is 20 gold, you have already returned but you have hurt building guards, and the reputation of destroyed.”
  Jiang Yi’s face sank completely, and he pulled out a few words from his teeth: “How much?”
  Ma Fei stretched his hand to play the robe and smiled and said: “Not much, I counted it, you just give me 200 purple gold and I will not pursue it…”
  “There is no way to go…”
  Jiang Yi’s head was deep and the fists in the sleeves were tightly held. The strips of blue veins violently trembled and the body trembled slightly. A suffocating suffocation slowly emerged, like a lion irritated with erect hairs. .
  “Haha! How? Still want to do it? You can hit me! Come, I will never fight back.”
  When Ma Fei saw Jiang Yi like this, he not only did not fear but laughed aloud. In his opinion, Jiang Yi’s is a waste, if he dared to attack, he will break is both hands and legs, not to mention that there are seven or eight guard in the Fengyue Building. His personal Guard will be able to abolish him with a single stroke.
  Liu Guan knew that Jiang Yi was so powerful. On that day, he injured a 3rd level of Qi Condensation stage guard. Although he did not know how Jiang Yi hides his strength, he is very cautious. The guards glanced at the body and approached near Ma in two steps.
  Jiang Yi quickly raised his head, but it was a calm face. He looked at Ma Gongzi deeply and breathed a sigh of relief: “Ma Gongzi, can you have less? How about 52 purple gold? I only have fifty-two You have to agree that I will give it to my hands…”
  Speaking of Jiang Yi’s hastily rushing to the arms, his face is full of pleading, and the management and Ma Gongzi and the few guards’ eyes are bright, and they are subconsciously looking at the left hand of Jiang Yi’s money.
  Soon everyone was a glimpse, because Jiang Yi took out a dark piece of paper wrapped in his arms. It was not gold at all. Then Liu Guanwu immediately woke up and said: “be careful.”
  “Oh, it’s late… look at my hidden weapon, the poisonous heart-feeding powder!”
  Jiang Yi shouted, and his hands were filled with force. The black whispering thing was broken into powder in an instant. He raised his hand and suddenly slammed Liu Guan and Ma Gongzi and two guards in front.
  Liu Guan changed his face and hurriedly guarded the young Ma to retreat toward the back. The two guards also immediately retreated. The guards in the other direction burst their Qi, and even two guards took out a black dagger and prepared to let Jiang Yi bleed.
  “Want to escape?”
  Jiang Yi’s face was cold, and his body rushed toward Ma Gongzi and Liu Guanshi like a cheetah. He was not afraid of the powder of the sky. What kind of poison powder does he have? The black whisper was the dry meat that Jiang Xiaonu had prepared for him…
  Today, this Majiagongzi is noisy. He has no retreat. He is like a tiger who is on verge of death. He has no retreat. The only retreat now is open a bloody road!
  Under the black Qi, Jiang Yi’s body burst out like a wolf. A pair of fists were surrounded by Qi, and six fists were turned into a shadow. Liu Guan and Ma Gongzi were all covered.
  Phantom fist!
  This is the martial arts of the Jiang family. This martial art does not pursue the illusion of the fist shadow, but pursues the realism of each boxing shadow, so that the general low-powered warrior can not see the real boxing shadow, thus easily hurting the enemy. .
  Jiang Yi’s understanding is amazing. This phantom fist has already become a great success. At this moment, the blue power is combined with the black power to run out. The power is naturally amazing. The Liu Guanwu realm and Ma Fei are the same as the 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, which cannot be judged at all. Real boxing.
  Liu Guanshi sipped and his hands were tied with a quirky handprint. The two palms swelled out a five-pointed star-shaped shield. The two palms were shot in front of each other, covering all the space in front of him.
  He felt the danger on the six fists that Jiang Yi was whistling, and Ma Fei was behind him. He didn’t dare to mess with it and could only resist it first. When all the guards came up, Jiang Yi could no longer hurt Ma Gongzi. As long as the horse is safe, they can fully deal with Jiang Yi.
  The ideal is always beautiful, but the reality is cruel!
  Jiang Yi’s fist slammed into a palm of Liu’s manager. A huge force came, Liu’s body suddenly shook back and could not resist.
  Jiang Yi’s snake whip leg followed closely, and he continued to kick on Liu’s thigh, and once again took him back a few steps, while Jiang Yi’s body jumped up with the help of these legs, and his body was in the air. In the middle of the twist, a single fist to the side of the horrified Ma Gongzi.
  “The strength of this Jiang clan juvenile is even bigger than mine. It is not good for the young master!”
  Liu Guanshi has been retreat for seven or eight steps before he stood firm. He saw Jiang Yi’s fist with an unstoppable came Ma Fei’s head and he was frightened. He crazily  rushed toward Jiang Yi again. Big up: “Jiang Clan boy, if you dare to hurt young master, you will die today.”
  In all directions, the figure has already rushed, and Ling’s murder has locked him. Jiang Yi’s face is not changed. The nephew stares at Ma Fei, and his mouth is full of laughter. He laughs and says: “200 purple gold, right?? If you want your young master to die, come attack me, believe me I will kill him before you can kill me!”
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