My fury will burn the heavens ch 24

Chapter 24: Crushing Dantian
  “You want my life? Is it that you want my life?”
  At the crucial moment, Ma Fei finally realized that his hand shook a blue dagger and slipped from his sleeve. The blue light flowed above, which was obviously a high-level weapon.
  “Dragon Drill!”
  Qi came out from the palm of his hand. The blue short sword immediately became brilliant, and the chill was forced. He turned his palm into a claw. The short sword actually turned in his palm and turned to Jiang Yi’s fist.
  “It is a treasure! This person doesnot seems to be in a low position in the Ma family.”
  Jiang Yi secretly stunned, this treasure he once saw, Jiang Hanshui has revealed two years ago. He also read some books, knowing that the weapon treasures of this world are divided into human, earth, sky and heaven level treasure devices from low to high. Only the soldiers above the level of the treasure can infuse the power, and once the treasure is poured, the force will be cut iron, sharp! If he dares to kneel, the whole fist will definitely become broken meat…
  “Phantom Boxing!”
  At the moment, he immediately changed his strokes, his fists in the air, and turned into three-figure shadows.
  “Hey… this kid’s quick response speed, fucking hell?”
  Seeing Jiang Yi’s fist turned into three, Ma Fei was a little panicked, but how did he change his mind at this juncture? Can only bite the teeth to control the rotating cyan short sword to continue to stab the chest of Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi dare to continue the attack, his chest will certainly be twisted with a big hole!
  Jiang Yi’s fist did not stop, like a three meteor, and went to the front, but when he approached the palm of Ma Fei, his three fists suddenly disappeared, and one hand wrapped around his hand like a soft seaweed. .
  He had a black power in his eyes early, and Ma Fei’s speed and trajectory of the sword which comes to stab him clearly, and he would not stupidly jump to attack with his fist.
  Jiang Yi suddenly changed again, so close to Ma Fei naturally can not escape, easily grabbed his wrist. Jiang Yi’s hand was twisted, and Ma Fei’s wrist bone immediately hurt, and he couldn’t control the cyan short sword.
  Another fist of Jiang Yi was driven in. He punched a fist and slammed it on Ma Fei’s face. He beat his nose and blood, and almost make him faint. At this moment, Jiang Yi’s body also landed. One hand grabbed the landing dagger, and was placed on Ma Fei’s neck. He said coldly: “You don’t want your family’s young master to die, all of them stop!”
  Liu Guanshi’s body has been two feet away from Jiang Yi, and the two side guards are about to hit Jiang Yi, but at this moment everyone immediately paused and quickly stepped back. This Ma Fei has honored status in Ma clan, and if Ma Fei is dead then all of them are going to die. They naturally do not dare to gamble.
  Liu Guan with fierce eyes staring at Jiang Yi’s explosion: “Jiang’s little boy immediately released my young master, otherwise you will die today!”
  Jiang Yi turned around and turned to Ma Fei behind his back to hold his neck. The other hand held a blue short sword. Yuan Li poured tightly against Ma Fei’s chest. As long as he put a little force, the short sword will penetrate Ma Fei’s chest. His eyes are cold and swept on everyone, and he shouted: “All move back 10 feet!”
  Liu Guanshi gritted his teeth and began to slowly retreat. The rest of the guards also gloomy and retreat. Fortunately, the girls are still upstairs, and the Fengyue Building has not opened, otherwise it will cause a disturbance.
  “Okay, good!!”
  He was almost scared by Jiang Yi’s stab, and now he wake up and immediately turned his face from shy to anger.
  Being held in front of a group of people, Ma Fei didn’t say how angry he was.
  Jiang Yi did not pay attention to Ma Fei. The hand that took Ma Fei quickly flashed and turned into a palm knife. Everything in Ma Fei’s palm, and a token held by Ma Fei’s palm in his hand was caught by Jiang Yi.
  Jiang Yi quickly took back the token and continued to hold Ma Fei’s neck. This sneered: “Ma Shaoye, have not your old man told you that the person who insult someone will be insulted by someone else? You don’t move, otherwise by mistake you will have to die here.”
  “Ha ha ha!”
  Ma Fei suddenly burst into laughter, toughly twist his neck, staring at Jiang Yi in a haze: “Dead? You dare to kill the young master? Even if I give you 10,000 times the courage you have currently, try? My father is Ma Yong, you dare to kill me even if you Jiang clan’s owner wants to save you, he will not able to save you. Little dog, I tell you, you are finished! I swear that today insult will be repaid, if I will not make you a waste, I am not a man.”
  After listening to the words of Ma Fei, Jiang Yi was not afraid of half a trace. Instead, he sighed long and watched Ma Fei’s eyes look like a stupid pig. He shook his head and sighed: “Your young masters brains is not working properly or is he a fool from birth? Have you not threatened me so much? Are you still afraid to speak out? Well… since you have to abolish me sooner or later, then I should have scrapped you now! You will take the revenge but will you able to heal.”
  The short sword in the hands of Jiang Yi was raised, and then suddenly smashed toward Ma Fei’s lower abdomen. The target was his Dantian position…
  “no, no please!”
  “Jiang Clan boy, you dare…”
  Liu Guanshi and several guards shouted in horror, but they could only watch the cyan short sword fall into Ma Fei’s lower abdomen. Then everyone heard the sound of a ball bursting and leaking…
  “It’s over!”
  Liu Guanzhen legs became soft and his body almost fell to the ground. He never imagined that this Jiang clan boy was so daring that he abolish Ma Fei’s DanTian. Now in this life Ma Fei destined to be a waste, and he and all the guards present are also absolutely be punished!
  “Ah! Ah! Ah!”
  A terrible scream soon rang, and Ma Fei trembled all over the body, not because of the severe pain from the lower abdomen, but because of the panic, the Jiang family smashed him and dared to abolish him. Did he really abolish him?
  “Ai, your hatred… the young master helped you report it!”
  Jiang Yi closed his eyes and spit out a long breath. He put the dagger again at Ma Fei’s chest and tried to hold his neck to stop his screams. His eyes looked coldly at Liu Guan who bursting into tears: “My grievances with Fengyue Building are finished today. In the future, your Ma family will retaliate against me, even if I let him go! Manager… Return my gold to me, otherwise your young master will not be a waste person, but a dead person.”
  Liu Guanshi was even more panicked by Jiang Yi, and he quickly took out Jiang Yi’s gold from his arms and give to him. Jiang Yi quickly grasped his income in his arms, and then he took Ma Fei step by step toward the gate. At the gate, he ran away and also took Ma Fei’s treasured dagger and strode away in the distance.
  “Devil, where do you run!”
  The three guards suddenly furiously chased, and Liu Guanwu burst into tears: “What are you chasing, do you want to die?”
  The three of them retired, and the strongest of them was Liu Guanshi. He was not the opponent of Jiang Yi. They were also useless. A group of people immediately picked Ma Fei into the room to stop bleeding.
  “Come, inform the clan immediately, forget it… you are handle the young master, I personally go to inform!”
  Liu Guanshi’s face was like a dead man. When Ma Fei’s injury was temporarily suppressed, he immediately went out. He just heard a cold and chilly voice: “Wait!”
  “Young Master! What do you have to tell?” Liu Guanwu quickly turned his head and looked at Ma Fei, but saw a pair of cold and chilling scorpions.
  Ma Fei took a deep breath and closed his eyes and rested for a while before saying: “This is not to report to the Clan, people secretly give my father a letter, and… within ten days, I want my revenge. If anybody inform others about it, I will cut them all into pieces!”
  Liu Guanzhi sighed, but his heart was relieved. Since Ma Fei didn’t want the Clan to know, some of them would at least not be severely punished by the Clan. What about if Jiangyi’s inform someone? Although this is a little troublesome, Jiang’s clan has so many people. They are looking for people to draw portraits of Jiang Yi and Jiang Xiaonu, and they can still find out if they sprinkle a lot of money.
  “Jiang devil!”
  Ma Fei no longer cares about Liu Guanshi, eyes staring at the ceiling, gnawing his teeth: “Don’t make you a meat paste, I swear not to be a man…”
  Jiang Yi did not go to the Wu Dian, but ran all the way back to the Jiang clan. After entering the Jiang clan Courtyard, his tight heart relaxed.
  The children of Ma clan and Jiang clan often have conflicts. Last year, Jiang Rulong beat the two members of the Ma clan. The other party did not dare to come to their door for revenge. At this moment, since he returned to the Jiang Clan Courtyard, he is naturally safe.
  There are hidden rules among the big families. The conflict between the Clan and the children can be hurt. Can be abolished but if it does not lead to human life, it is all fine. The most important genius children of each family can never be scrapped! Otherwise, it will cause the two families to rip their skins. Therefore, Jiang Yi knows that if he kills Ma Fei today, Liu Guanshi and those guards will definitely be executed, but he still dare not do it.
  Ma Fei seems to be two or three years older than him, but he is still only 4th level of Qi Condensation stage, and his talent is obviously limited. Even if he was abolished, it would not make a big news. Mostly Ma Fei’s father will be furious and secretly sent people to assassinate him.
  So at this moment, Jiang Yi did not choose to go to the Wu Dian, but returned to the Jiang clan! During this time, if he dared to walk back and forth between Jiang Clan and Wu Dian, he believed that he would never live for ten days.
  He had already figured out on the way back. He had to arrange everything and then lurk for a few months. When he was strong and had the power of self-protection, he could walk around. The Jiang Family Courtyard is very safe, but he has agreed with Wu Dian that he must be engaged in training for five years. Once the contract is breached than the consequense will be more serious than offending the Ma clan…
  His only choice is to arrange the Jiang Clan’s affairs, and then go to the Wu Dian for a few months. Although there are also Ma clan children in the Wu Dian but he wore a mask, and he is still an inferior child of the Jiang family. Who can recognize him?
  “Three months! As long as the Ma family can’t find me within three months, my realm will at least reach the 4th or 5th level of Qi Condensation stage, and with the comprehensive strength of the black power, it should be equal to 8th level of Qi Condensation stage, so even if he send people for Assassination, Jiang Yi is not afraid!”
  Jiang Yi whispered as he ran wildly. He looked at his own small courtyard far away. His face was very dense and clouded. The martial arts hall must not bring people in. How can he rest assured that Jiang Xiaonu’s stupid head is safe alone at home for three months?
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